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Does Windows Server 2008 R2 have similar limitations to maximum number of opened files like linux have?

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  1. Windows Server 2008 - User are occassionally unable to save files they open from the file share. It cant be a user y that open the file at the same time, you will.
  2. Unlocking shared files on Windows 2008 R2 Server In enterprise environments, documents and other file types are often located on central file server and users open their documents directly from there. Sometimes, server administrators need to update such files, but can’t because at least one user is using it and locking the file.
  3. To see what files are open on your system, from the Action pane of the tool, choose Manage Open Files. A screen opens up that provides you with a list of the files and folders that are open on.

Windows Server 2008 Open Files Mac

Management & MobilityWindows 8. The Share and Storage Management Microsoft Management Console snap-in has a handy Manage Open Files action to quickly see which files are opened and by whom. Just click this action to get the display shown here, which lists the information you're looking for.

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2 Answers

Windows Servers have limitations on maximum connected users and maximum open files per session.These are default settings:

  • Maximum Logged On Users: 16777216
  • Maximum open files per session: 16384

You can view them with net config server command.


Windows have limits on the number of Open File Handles.It will be around 16,711,680 on 64 bit machines and on 32 bit machines it will be 16,744,448.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Open Files

64 BIT

32 BIT

This is the reference Microsoft Blog Post Pushing the Limits of Windows by Mark Russinovich


Windows Server 2008 R2 Check Open Files

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