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Posted By admin On 12/01/22
  1. Free Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Product Key

1. We can't help you 'crack' or otherwise get around passwords. Microsoft hosts these forums and that's Microsoft's rule.

2. If you don't want to pay for Visual Studio (not 'Visual Basic') Ultimate 2010, you might consider Visual Studio Community 2017 or Visual Studio Express 2017, both of which are free:

Microsoft visual studio 2010 product key free download

As near as I have been able to determine:


There are two main differences between Visual Studio Community Edition and the Express Editions

1) Visual Studio Express Editions do not allow users to use extensions (aka. plugins). There are over 5000 great plugins for Visual Studio in Visual Studio Gallery. Plugins such as Developer Assistant can boost developers’ productivity. Unfortunately, they are not available to Visual Studio Express users. With Visual Studio Community Edition, you can access and use All of them!

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Free Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Product Key

2) Visual Studio Express Editions are targeting specific platforms: Express for Web allows you to develop Web apps; Express for Windows allows you to develop Windows apps; Express for Windows Desktop allows you to develop desktop apps. But with Visual Studio Community Edition, you can develop projects targeting cross-platforms.