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  • Laugh to hide your tears.He's rude. He's unbelievably obnoxious and he likes showing his @$$. He's Shin, and he's the star of this train wreck. From superhero sell-outs, hotties and half-tards to bunny abuse and dirty old men, Shin chan's packed with sweet dead piggy goodness - So sweet it would make an anorexic eat!

This is a list of Crayon Shin-chan episodes that aired from 1992 to the present.

  • 4English dub episodes
  • 5Theme songs
    • 5.3Vitello and Phuuz dubs
    • 5.4Funimation dub
    • 5.5LUK Internacional dub

Episodes 1–422[edit]

Episodes 423–755[edit]

Episodes 756–[edit]

English dub episodes[edit]

Shin chan all episodes in tamil

Vitello dub[edit]

This is a list of episodes dubbed in English by Vitello Productions in 2002. 52 23-minute episodes (156 5 to 7-minute segments) were dubbed by Vitello. Episodes with segments out of their original Japanese order are indicated by an additional segment number.







Name in English

Japanese (Kanji)

195'Playing House'


'Mom Wants to Drive'


'Mom Takes Driving Lessons'


268'Mom's Getting Fat'


'I'm a Kiddie Commando'


'Dad Lost His Eyebrows'


361'P.J. Party with Miss Dori'


'I Meet a Hishi'


'Mom Wants an Air Conditioner'


481'I Go Skiing'


'Fun at the Ski Lodge'


'Dopes at the Slopes'


596'Me Want Cookie'


'My Date with Miss Uma'


'Mom Runs Away'


687c'We're Getting a Divorce?!'


87a'Play Ball Part One'

ソフトボール大会だゾ その1

87b'Play Ball Part Two'

ソフトボール大会だゾ その2

7140'I Get Recycled'


'Mom Killed the TV'


'Lucky Gets Lucky'


858'Fun with Balloons'


'I Found a Wallet'


'I Go to the City'


9185'We Go on Vacation'


'Vacation Fun'


'Dad Has a Breakdown'


10146'A Dad-Free Night'


'I Hit a Homer'


'I Clean Up'


11115'Let's Go Fishing'


'Smarty Pants Marti'


'Driving with Mom'


12153'I Make a Man Outta Max'


'Mom and Dad's Big Night'


'I Go to the Hospital'


13154'A Visit from Grandpa'


'I Go to Girl-Zoo'


'Grandpa Won't Leave'


14111'An Errand To The Post Office'


'Going To A Haunted House'


'Mom Goes on Strike'


15167c'Who's Eisenhower?'


167b'Dad's Secret Admirer'


167a'Leaf Me Alone'


16183'The Late Great Me'


'Mom's a Shopaholic'


'I Can't Sleep'


17229c'Me and the Comic Book Guy'


229b'Cosmo the Germinator'


229a'Dad Goes Jogging'


18102'Playing Around with Dad'


'I'm Going Hiking'


'Fun with Food'


19141c'Someone's Got a Boyfriend'


141b'I Get My Own Room'


141a'Dad Breaks a Promise'


20197'I Climb a Mountain'


'I'm Mountain Meat'


'Survival of the Fattest'


21121'Mom Has a New Dress'


'Bye Bye Cosmo'


'Mom Leaves Me on the Subway'


22193'Mom's Gotta Barf'


'My Cool Collection'


'I Love Nasty Books'


23139'I'm on Spring Break'


'Lucky Feels Yucky'


'Let's Have a Picnic'


24194'I Jump-Start the Baby'


'Cosmo's in Love'


'I'm a Love Doctor'


25196'I Want a New Mom'


'Playin' in the Pool'


'It's Pregnant Mom Month'


26168'Playing Tag'


'I Go on a Date'


'My Date with Ricky'


27202'The Story of Shinocchio'


'Gimme Back My Ball'


'I'm Mom's Bodyguard'


28122'Mom Takes a Nap'


'I Get Free Lunch'


'Dad's Close Shave'


29206'Check Out My Baby'


'A Picnic with Miss Bono'


'Fun with the Godfather'


30203'The Baby Comes Home'


'Hanging' Out with the New Baby'


'I'm Tired'


31124a'Miss Uma's Day Off'


124c'Mom Lost Her Key'


124b'I Swap Moms'


32131c'I Help Dad Shovel Snow'


131b'Lady Wrestlers Rock'


131a'I Get a Love Letter'


33199'Am I Getting a Brother or What'


'I Help Out the Comic Book Guy'


'Dad's Stuck with Me'


34200'Dad's Got a Girlfriend'


'Mom Finds Out'


'Debut in the Park'


35251'Daisy Gets Buzzed'


'The 3-eyed Dog'


'Who Needs Sleep?'


36231'Dad's Last Resort'


'Cosmo Trusts Me'


'Salesman Shin'


37249'Max Lost His Snack Money'


'A Trip to the River'


'I Get Lost Again'


38222c'The Godfather Glasses'


222b'Uma the Cat-Lover'


222a'Where's My Sister, Mister?'


39250'The Lovebirds Are Fighting'


'Home Alone'


'We Sleep in the Hallway'


40219'Early Valentine's Day'


'Little Bigboss Plays Golf'


'Miss Uma's Valentine'


41201'Aunt Minnie Comes to Visit'


'The Godfather Is a Cradle Snatcher'


'We Drill for the Baby'


42216c'I'm the Boss'


216a'Hey, Remember Me?'


216b'Nobody Loves Me'


43255'The Blowfish Bonus'


'Fugu Whogu?'


'Shin vs the Kung Fu Kid'


44230'Mom Gets Malled'


'Daisy Drives Me Crazy'


'Fun at Skunky's'


45243'I Make a Treasure Map'


'I Make Miss Dori Sick'


'We're Coolie-Oolie'


46198'I Get Some Class'


'The Tortoise and the Hare-Bags'


'The Kahzu Kamakazes Hit the Pool'


47218'We Ski for Free'


'Uma Whoma?'


'Fun at the Arcade'


48248'No Train in the Rain'


'There's a Stranger at the Door'


'The Lovebirds Move In'


49233'What's the Massager For?'


'Miss Dori Wants to Get Married'


'Ricky Makes the Pass'


50214c'Dori's Boyfriend Has a Girlfriend'


214a'Daisy Starts Crawling'


214b'I'm a Mentor Case'


51104b'Buttman Saves the Day'


217b'Hurricane Hannah'


217c'Escape from Planet Kindygarten'


52191'I'm a Ballerina'


'Quality Time with Dad'


'What's Up with Mom?'


Phuuz dub[edit]

Shin Chan All Episodes In Tamil Download

This is a list of episodes dubbed in English by phuuz entertainment in 2003. 78 23-minute episodes (234 5 to 7-minute segments)[1] were dubbed by Phuuz with a different voice cast than Vitello used. Episodes with segments out of their original Japanese order are indicated by an additional segment number. Most titles of Phuuz episodes are only in German because of only 26 segments the English title is known.







Name in English

Japanese (Kanji)


'Früh krümmt sich, was ein Häkchen wird'


'Hummeln im Herzen'


'Liebe vergeht - Hunger besteht!'


'Pinsel und Farbe gibt keine Narbe!'


'Voll von der Rolle'


'Ein Gläschen zuviel hat immer Stil'


'Pops pfeift aus dem letzten Loch'


'Porentief eingeseift'


'Mitsys süßes Geheimnis'


'Ein Samurai ist auch dabei'
大江戸ランド 火の巻だゾ


'Kein Knopf in der Hose'
大江戸ランド 水の巻だゾ


'Es bläst und bläst'


'Echt abgefahren!'


'Begegnung der dritten Art'


'Der Popel-Literat'


'Nicht lang schnacken, Kopf in’n Nacken'


'Chaos auf der Bowlingbahn'


'Mistkröte im Afrolook'


'Tierisch was los!'


'Ein Po geht auf Sendung'


'Nicht mehr ganz dicht'


'Ganz schön aufgeweckt!'


'Nach Shin die Sintflut'




'Zu heiß gebadet!'


'Der Comic-Clan'


'Muchacho macht’s!'


'Wer schreibt, sündigt nicht'


'Cool im Pool'


'Kindermund tut Wahrheit kund'


'Der grüne Horror aus dem Garten'


'Kampf den Kippen'


'Uma, der einsame Puma'


'Mit allen Wassern gewaschen'


'In Bad und WC ist alles okay!'


'Erst die Blamage - dann die Massage'


'Backzwangs Brechmittel'


'Ich bin ein Hund und?'


'Das Zickenrennen'


'Shin Chan schießt den Vogel ab'


'Der Kitzel-Kampf'


'Der Paprika-Kasper'


'Racker am Ruder!'


'Dumm gelaufen, Max!'


'Das Monster-Nudel-Menü'


'Doofe tragen keine Karos'


'Männer sind alle Verbrecher...'


'Au, Backe!'


'Spiel und Spaß mit Mausi'


'Kampf gegen die Grippe'


'Husten, Schnupfen, Heiterkeit'


'Shin Chan auf Tuchfühlung'


'Der Schlaf der Geächteten'


'Sternbild Wildsau ...'


'Volle Kanne Kalligraphie!'


'Bum-Bada-Bum mit Fanny'




'Alles frisch bei Tisch'


'Der Weg ist das Ziel'


'Außer Lesen nichts gewesen'


'Schrullen am Steuer'


'Auf alle Fälle Vollkasko'


'Mitten ins Herz'


'Die maskierte Muchacha'


'Das Anti-Brutalo-Kommando'


'Liebe macht blöd'


'Fetter Sumo-Fun!'


'Ein Schlückchen in Ehren'


'Alles schläft, einsam wacht'


'Alles kalter Kaffee'


'Das ist ’ne Brotzeit'


'Heimwerker des Horrors'


'Der Pate auf Reisen'


'Ein Mega-Missverständnis'


'Dubiose Direktoren'


'Kaufrausch vom Feinsten'


'Einfach zum Piepen!'


'Ein Video für Papa'

79117bWe All Run Away !

'Operation 'Nestflüchter'

117cI Can Talk to Babies !

'Die Stimme aus dem Bauch'

117aSharpie,the Tennis Menace !

'Bummbumm Shin Chan'

80133Shin-Chan, Graffiti Man !


Mitsy Gets a Freebie !

'Umsonst ist teuer'

Dotty the Drop-Out !

'Aus der Art geschlagen'

81128We Have a New Year's Party !

'Frohes Neues!'

My Holiday Ski Trip !

'Knödelhuber junior'

Lost in the Frost !



'Ich bin ein Held'


'Ruhm verblasst'


'Wem’s schmeckt ...'


'Das Eis ist heiß!'


'Wer hat hier die Tollwut?'



8462I Go To The Gas Station!



'Schöne Melonung'

More Fun With Watermelons!

'Melone à la Muchacho'




'Der Pirouetten-König'




'Kuck mal, wer da gackert!'


'Ein Tag, der sich gewaschen hat'


'So eine schöne Aussicht!'

8798'New Summer Clothes !'

'Gebügelt, gefaltet und zerfetzt'

'Wanna Eat Meat !'

'Fleisch macht glücklich'

'A Day at the Races !'

'Feuer unterm Pferdehintern'


'Lang, lang ist’s her'




'Zum Nachtisch Shin'


'Der Teufel auf drei Rädern'


'Kaviar à Gogo'


'Steig in den Teig!'

9072'I Get a Babysitter !'

'Damit hat Shin nicht gerechnet!'

'A Picnic Barbecque !'

'Der um den Grill tanzt'

'Pop's Pooped !'

'Harry, das Stehaufmännchen'


'Der Sandkasten-Prinz'


'Sumo-Ringkampf zu Hause'


'Wirbelsturm Mitsy'

9265c'I Play Dodgeball !'

'Mit dem Po-Boogie-Woogie zum Steg'

69b'We Get Ready for the Fleamarket !'

'Die geheimnisvolle Kramkiste'

69c'We Go to the Fleamarket !'

'Tauschen statt verkaufen'

93123c'Mom's Part-Time Job !'

'Krawall bei Frau Krötich'

92b'Mom's Got a Girlfriend !'

'Mitsys neue Freundin'

92c'I Make Soup !'



'Mitsy auf Hochtouren'


'Reizend heizend'


'Pfannkuchen fatal'






'Zu gut versteckt!'


'Ein Piekser für Daisy'


'Mein Baby Mini-Mitz'


'Ein Klotz am Bein kommt selten allein'

9779a'I'm a Model !'

'Le Boogie Cul-nu'

208c'I Have My Own Bank Account !'

'Die Zinsen, sie grinsen'

79c'I Stay Up for New Year's Eve !'



'Mitsy hat eine Lobhudelattacke'


'Ein Lottoleben'


'Poppy dreht durch'

9984c'We Have a Snowball Fight !'

'Bandenkrieg im Schnee'

170a'We're All Sick !'


171a'Uma's Gonna Quit !'

'Uma-Puma auf Abwegen'

100163'The Crane, the Penguin, and the Little Brown-Nose !'

'Shinguin im Märchenland'

'Killer Noodles !'

'Explosive Nudeln'

'The Rain's a Pain !'

'Mit Schirm, Charme und Shin Chan'

101207'I Run Away with Lucky !'

'Shin-Chan-Klein, ging allein'


'Hohn in Ton'

'Mom Goes Bargain Card Cuckoo!'

'Hast du Stempel, kriegst du Krempel'


'Das Duell der Großväter'


'Das Duell der Großväter Teil Zwei'


'Shin, der Boss'


'Wir zelten zum Glück selten'


'Das große Gruseln'


'Melone ist nicht ohne'


'Shin macht Faxen!'


'Tubassos Kritzel-Periode'




'Die Abi-Karaoke-Party'


'Leben wie am Nordpol'


'Paps blitzt in der Herrenabteilung'

106228'I Missed the Bus Again !'

'Auf und ab'

'We're All Late !'

'Daisy hat die Zeit im Griff'

'Goin' Crazy with Daisy !'

'Tag mit Daisy'


'Ein Golfnaturtalent'


'Die Po-Brigade'




'Zum Nachtisch: Rache'


'Ein Antrag zum Dessert'


'Auf den Zahn gefühlt'


'Heißsporn kalt erwischt'


'Fiebermessen-Donuts essen'


'Teurer Sparversuch'






'Muchacho-Fans unter sich'




'Nächtliche Wanderung'


'Mega-Spaß im Muchacho-Land'


'Vollkommen von der Rolle'


'Super Shin und Roller Girl'


'Ein fettes Geschäft'

113242a'Tickets for the Train !'

'Teure Tickets!'

242b'We Take a Train Trip !'

'Bahnfahren macht Spaß!'

262c'We Give a Party !'

'Ohne Mitsy geht’s auch...'

114165c'Mitsy's Mis-steak !'

'Ohne Fleisch kein Preisch!'

166a'Shinny Baba and the Thieves !'

'Shinny Baba und die Räuber'

166c'Fixing Up Lucky's House !'

'Die Axt im Haus'

115169b'I Work at the Bookstore !'

'Kein guter Plan'

169c'Mom's Secret Cash Stash !'

'Mitsys Notgroschen'

178a'I'm Going to Miss Bono's !'

'Ein Rendezvous mit Fräulein Bono'


'Hundsgemein und Pudelwohl'


'Aus der Klapse in die Klapse'


'Denn zum küssen sind sie da'

117287a'Superstar Daisy !'

'Ein Traum fährt gegen den Baum'

288c'The Incredible Toenail Roller !'

'Shin Chan, kleb an!'

289c'Dad's Tape Trouble !'

'Ein Fall für den Techniker'


'Auf die Torte, Fertig, Los!!'


'Urlaub auf Balkonien'


'In der Hitze des Gefechts'


'Die Rückkehr des Doktor Zahnstein'


'Keine Gnade für Dirty Harry'


'Im Eiswahn'


'Ich wünsche mir...'


'Der Geist in der Thermoskanne'


'Der Katzensitter'


'Na dann: Guten Flug!'


'Kartoffelkopf gedeihe!'


'Nur für Mädchen?'


'Brüderchen und Schwesterchen'


'Der Stein der Weisen'


'Bis auf die Knochen blamiert'

123303b'Killer Angel vs. Babezilla !'

'Das tolle Ding im Ring'

304b'Cosmo's Best Buddies !'

'Kurzes Liebesglück'

304c'Assault and Batteries !'

'Kein Saft im Haus'

124305b'Breakin' the Ice !'

'Eiskalt erwischt'

306b'Girl Gang in Disguise !'

'Tierisch was los!'

310a'Daisy's Secret Stash !'

'Gesucht und gefunden'

125313a'Me and My Posse !'

'Die Pudding-Kriege'

314a'I Feel Pretty !'

'Streichelzart und pfirsichweich'

317b'The Cupid-Killer Curse !'

'Bo, der Liebesretter'


'Der alte Charmeur'


'Shin wird schön'


'Mit Harry im Weltall'


'Unschuldig schuldig'


'Neues Herrchen gesucht'


'Vertigo im Kindergarten'

128333a'I'm Dumpin' Daisy!'

'Geschiedene Geschwister'

333b'Superdog Lucky!'

'Superhund Lucky'

334b'Daisy Goes to Kindygarten!'

'Enzo wird das Kind schon schaukeln'


'Harry im Himmel'


'Das große Pennen'


'Cosmos Fernsehgöttin'


'Liebe macht blöd'


'Sallys neues Opfer'


'Der Preis der Liebe'

Korean-made dub[edit]

12 segments of episodes were dubbed in English in South Korea and released on learn English VCDs and DVDs.[2][3]




Name in English

Japanese (Kanji)

128c'The ski trip trouble'

스키장 대소동

129c'Rice cakes are yummy'

티슈로 장난하면안돼요

130c'Jjang gu has a cold'

짱구가 감기에 걸렸어요

131a'Girl friends are too hard'

여자친구는 어려워

131b'Women pro-wrestling match'

티슈로 장난하면안돼요

131c'Let's clean snow!'


133b'Let’s go buy a purse'

복주머니 사러가자

133c'Good luck on the test'

수험생에게 용기를

134a'Don’t use tissues for fun'

티슈로 장난하면안돼요

136a'Eating with manners!'

식사예절은 어려워

136b'Please sign the book'

아줌마 서명해 주세요

142a'Mom, the model driver!'

엄마는 모범운전사

Funimation dub[edit]

Shin Chan test run episodes
No. in
No. in
TitleScript writersOriginal air date[4]Production
21'Pee Strike!'Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin (punch-up writers)
Joel Bergen, John Burgmeier
August 21, 2006105

Shin's Allowance
Japanese original episode: 374b (おこづかいをもらいたいゾ) (Airdate: October 20, 2000)

A Very Wrong Engagement

Loopy in the Sky with Demons
32'To Be A Man...'
'Honor and a Penis'
Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin (punch up writers)
Joel Bergen, Jared Hedges
August 22, 2006106

The Brotherhood of the Groveling Allowance

Action Bastard Says, 'Put Your Mouth on a Sausage!'

Hima Nohara in 'Laundry Quandry!'

Ench-Man Episode 1: Ench-Man Begins

Japanese original episode: 377a (戦えエンチョーマン! ACT1) (Airdate: November 10, 2000)
13'Safe as a Dry Hump'Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin (punch-up writers)
Joel Bergen, Alex Muniz, Colleen Clinkenbeard
August 19, 2006103

Ench-Man Episode 2: Ench-Man Returns!
Japanese original episode: 378a (戦えエンチョーマン! ACT2) (Airdate: November 17, 2000)

Ai Needs a Hero!

Ench-Man Episode 3: Ench-Man Forever
Japanese original episode: 380a (戦えエンチョーマン! ACT3) (Airdate: November 24, 2000)

Hima Nohara in 'The Creeping Terror!'

Ench-Man Episode 4: Death to the Franchise!

Japanese original episode: 381a (戦えエンチョーマン! ACT4) (Airdate: December 1, 2000)
44'Get Your Hands Off My Happy Cake!'Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin (punch-up writers)
Joel Bergen, Colleen Clinkenbeard
August 24, 2006104

The Unbearable Sadness of Being (the Happiness Bunny)

A Fistful of Bunny!

Curious Georgie Goes to the Zoo

Action Bastard Busts a Move!
55'Gigantic One-Eyed Monster'Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin (punch-up writers)
Joel Bergen, Alex Muniz
August 28, 2006102

Needle Mania

Sister Pacty

A Bootyful Day in the Neighborhood
66'Gum is a Good Food to Eat'Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin (punch-up writers)
Joel Bergen, Alex Muniz
August 29, 2006101

Lactose Overdose! - Shin's school is making him bring in ten empty milk cartons, but what are they to do with the contents? When they can no longer drink it up or give it away, the Noharas decide to wallow in it! Relaxing in the unaccustomed decadence, Hima relaxes a bit too much... But you know what they say, there's no use crying over it! Why pee on Mitzi's parade?

Meet the Parasites - When the neighbors decide to cut costs, Mitzi's in for a surprise as she learns that she's inherited a maid. But rather than money exchanging hands, Yoshirin and Micchi only want a few 'favors' in return. All their spendthrift alternatives soon have the entire household upset, as they prove far less help than hassle... Can the Noharas afford the added aggravation?

Race for your Life, Georgie Brown! - Frustrated by Shin's perpetual tardiness, his friends agree to stricter discipline: The next person late to a play date loses certain privileges with the fairer sex... For an entire 24 hours! But when both Shin and Georgie get distracted, it's a race for the action! Hoping to get lucky, the boy wonder proves to be a lousy cheat.
Shin Chan season 1 episodes
No. in
No. in
TitleOriginal air date[4]
71'A Mutha Bleeping Bunny!'
'A Mutha Fucking Bunny!'
April 18, 2007

Monkey See, Monkey Poo - After a hard week at work and an even harder night commiserating, Hiro dreams he's a monkey. But life sucks just as much even lower on the rung...

The Dart of War - Shin's got a blow dart. But when his parents get involved, things rapidly digress from coaching to competing. It's a Blow Off! The stakes settled, Hiro and Mitzi fall fast to foul play. It's down to the final shot, with Hiro only five points in the lead… Come on, Mitzi, don't blow it! Well, you have to blow it, but just don't… You know what I mean!

Happiness Bunny's Revenge - Cherished only in rage, the Happiness Bunny's back and he wants revenge! Having tried to be the cute, cuddly guy for so long, but always punished like he was a bastard… Well, Mr. Bunny has decided to go ahead and be the bastard! After a night full of shared terrors, Penny and her mother wake up with a new, terrified outlook on life. Come and play with me, Penny!
82'The Shin Must Poop On'
'The Shin Must Poop...'
April 19, 2007

Blinging Up Baby - Ai invites herself over to Shin's after school. While the Noharas try to play like there's nobody home, the heiress horror quickly sees through their charade and its Operation Trojan Box. Their defenses infiltrated, she sets to work on the littlest Nohara… But Hima doesn't sell out cheap! It's gonna take some quality bling to convince the minute milk-sucker to cross over to the dark side!

Hima Nohara in 'How Far Will You Go to Get Juice?' - The toddlin' tyke wants her juice, and her determination far outmatches her stature. But Hima's got little patience for Shin's monkey junk...

House of Whacks - Mitzi tries to stay optimistic as the house falls down around her, one chunk of drywall at a time. While Hiro's eager to display his patriarchal prowess, playing handyman just doesn't come naturally for either father or son. So it's no surprise that he can't even nail something! What's a family to do when it seems your very home's bound for holy hell… In more ways than one!

It's the End of the Show as We Know It - Patching a hole is one thing, but this… Well, there's only one thing the Noharas can do now. Wait, the show's not cancelled!
93'Shady Real Estate Office Ho!'April 20, 2007

Hiro of the Hunt - The hunt is on! Yoshirin and Micchi have tagged along, but their assistance proves questionable as they're evicted time and again… Before signing a lease! Just as Hiro starts to despair, he finds his moment of inspiration down fond (and not-so-fond) memory lane. His moment of over-clichéd, Emmy-nominated inspiration, that is! Hiro is reborn as he finds a fresh start for his family.

Movin' on Down - What's truly unbelievable is how much of the Nohara family's junk survived the explosion… Even more so considering how much less space they now have for it all! As their 'help' takes leave, the apartment gets less crowded. But it still feels cramped! And as space runs short, so do tempers. With nowhere to run, Shin's packing job may prove his undoing! And where is Mitzi's pot?

A Family that Sleeps Together... - Their spirits lift as the Nohara family adjusts to their new home. A transformable apartment does have some advantages… Not! This is the start of their new life. As they lay down together for their first night in the new environs, excitement runs a bit high for sleep. Hiro casts himself in a fantasy tale of not much adventure but plenty of action, as Hiro the hero of course!
104'Can't Abort Them When They're Not Yours'
'Can't Abort 'Em When They're Not Yours'
April 24, 2007

By Dawn's Early Fight - Their first morning in the Nohara apartment begins with considerably lower spirits. Shin can't find the new bathroom, Hiro's big meeting with the boss looks like it's going to have a few wrinkles and Mitzi doesn't know how she's going to get Shin to school. One sick call and… Shin's going to help with the unpacking? It's time to get their clean on!

Bug Thy Neighbors - Fearing the fate of Whitey, Shin insists on tagging along as Mitzi sets out to meet their new neighbors. But they soon discover more than a fair share of jerk-off's in the neighborhood! As Shin learns about the hard knocks of ghetto living, Mitzi fears he's picking a fight with the new landlady. After all, there's no pets allowed… And this little monkey comes dangerously close!

Spin Georgie - Shin's friends stop by to visit the new digs, being less than impressed by the majesty of 'Falling Apartments.' What they are impressed with is Georgie's ability to talk his way out of trouble. Shin decides to put his spin-doctor skills to the test, saving them all from his 'Shin-anigans.' Kids… Can't live with 'em, can't abort 'em when they're not yours!
115'Irregular Tampons on Sale!'April 25, 2007

Little Morphin' Tranny! - Hiro's spirits are lifted when his dreams of red-headed pornography take a twist with the new neighbor. She's all of his VHS tapes brought to life! As father and son glory in the greatness of all that is Yu, Mitzi's stumped… Their neighbor's a man! Wondering just what bad HBO series they've stumbled into, the apartment next door may be even more crowded than their own.

A Bicycle Built for Poo! - Shin slept in again, and it's left to Mitzi to get the bowel-moving brat to school. When Shin's called upon to navigate, four 'pants hands' and they've come full circle! Now there's no time for window shopping, but a pit stop and a cupful of lust later… The only thing standing between Shin and scholastic success is that evil frickin' hill! Wait, is that a sale?

The Young and the Eggless - In her quest to keep the family from starvation, Mitzi's off to an Avian Flu-free egg sale. But it's a cultural clash as the stylin' and the not-so-stylish grapple for the goods. Maternal powers are tapped as Mitzi finds herself faced with saving another's offspring from getting scrambled and throwing her own into the action… Will it be age before beauty? Oh, what's a mother to do?
126'Get Yours, or Die!'April 26, 2007

No Guts, No Glory Hole! - The war between apartments exposes a gaping hole in the battle front… As new lines of communication open wide, the Noharas develop an interest in the drop-out next door. It's full-on family therapy time for Yonro! But when budget concerns delay the fix, a vasectomy's even cheaper. Too bad you can't buy walls at Wal-Mart!
Japanese original episode: 402a (お隣とつつぬけだゾ) (Airdate: June 29, 2001)

Action Bastard Says, 'Put Your Hands on My Rod!' - It's time for more Bastardly Branding, and this time the Action Bastard Bastard Rod's at stake! But when Shin jumps into the action a bit premature, the susceptible stripling may have doomed himself to be a no-rod boy living a lonely no-rod life… Urged on to 'fess up for forgiveness, Shin's got to place the fate of his Bastard Rod in Mitzi's hands.

The Parasites are Back! - It's the return of the annoying freeloaders, and this time they come bearing emotional baggage! Determined to move in with the Noharas until their little lover's quarrel has been settled, Yoshirin and Micchi have brought the wrath of the 'Man Lady' down on them all. But when their hentai hassles draw unseemly interest, the half-tards just might rediscover young love...
137'Swimming, Diving, Scuba Team'
'Swimming, Diving, and Scuba Team'
April 30, 2007

Everybody, Get Naked! - On their way to the spa, Hiro and Shin run into Hottie Nanako! And she's going to the same spa! Inspired by wet, sudsy action, the little darling's determined to impress her hotness… And he'll drag Hiro down with him. Will Shin get to help Nanako with her hard-to-reach places? Or will he just be hard up, as reality wilts his young, wet dreams?

White Men Can't Dump - Something's brewing for Georgie and liberation can't wait for his Very Young Republican's meeting. Intending to drop by Shin's dump of an apartment to unwind and unload, the pressure's on as his fecal discretion kicks into overdrive! It seems relief's on the horizon for everyone except the little stinker… But hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

The Cucumber-Sucking Monster - Shin and crew are set to track down the local legend of the Kappa when Miss Ai decides to join the hunt… Only question now is, who's the real monster? Armed with a green gourd, their initial forays prove a disappointment and the slumming successor calls in 'The Team.' Kappa-Hunting Strike Force, Ho! The power of cucumber compels you!
148'More of a 'Snug' than a 'Magnum'May 15, 2007

Untrue Romance? - Word on the playground is that the teacher's found a new boy toy, and Miss Anderson gets a bit frazzled when the kids take an active interest. But when the fascination spreads to the staff, the infectious talk is of an entirely different nature… Ah, to be young and in love again! As the claws come out and the cat fight begins in earnest, it's duck and cover! To the shelter!

The Corpse Whisperer - It was a day like any other, except that it wasn't… When Shin decides to enact the dead, his schitzo neighbor really creeps Maso out! Convinced that he alone witnessed a murder, the young pants-pisser panics to find them all trapped with the culprit. And he may be the next victim! Don't you just want to strangle that silly bitch sometimes?

Concerto in the Key of Butt-Minor - When Ai's glowing box unsettles the Nohara household, Shin's determined not to go to her piano recital. And after a talk with Georgie's mother about Suotome etiquette, Mitzi has to agree with her son. But when a box of Choco-Bees outsmarts them both, it's a beeline to the florist… The opening act's really good! Little miss rich britches must be hot stuff!
159'In the Interest of Increased Ratings...'May 16, 2007

The Itzy Mitzi Spider - Mitzi loses it when she realizes just how crowded their apartment really is… With no support from her own family or the landlady, the 'no-rack-a-phobe' gathers her courage and her wits for a war against the eight-legged on a genocidal scale! Into every generation, a hero is born… But when Mitzi becomes truly unbalanced, who - or what - will come to her rescue?

Rainal Leakage - When Hiro wakes up from a wet dream to a cold shower, it looks like the Noharas are in for a good soaking! There's a typhoon in town… First their house gets blown up, and now their apartment's about to get blown away - So what's gonna get blown next? A fuse, of course! As the cup runneth over, it's a slumber party at the drop-out's tonight!

Shin Chan: The Page One Rewrite! - In the interest of increased ratings and capitalizing on current network television trends, Shin Chan has been reformatted as a cartoon about everyday people… Who happen to be superheroes! Join Shin and friends as they take on villains of marginal value, now including a remastered theme song with a smooth jazzy feel! (Brought to you by the marketing department.)
1610'Sticky's My Favorite Flavor'May 17, 2007

Pink Eye and the Red-Hot Doc - After tricking Hiro into letting him stay up late to watch TV, Shin wakes up with a nasty surprise. Or two, rather! His eyes didn't get punked, they got pinked! So it's the Nohara men off to the best free clinic money can buy. What are the symptoms? Let's see… Redness. Discharge. And a bad attitude! Can you check his brain for retardation while you're at it, Doc?

Door Jam - The damn door won't close and all of Mitzi's effort proves of little use… How hard can it be to yank a knob off? Hiro does it by himself all the time! A temporary fix is undone when the drop-out's door falls victim to the same foul play. And of all the days to have a postern problem, when there's a burglar-slash-rapist on the prowl! Yum, MILF and cookies!

The Adventures of Super Pooper - When Maso's ass becomes fair game for a couple of second-graders, Shin gets jealous. But when the bullying backfires with the diminutive dumpster, they inadvertently produce a schoolyard superhero! Super Pooper is on a never-ending quest… And today they march on the second grade bathrooms! Run for your lives! The kids, they're pooping everywhere!
1711'OK, But I'm a Power Bottom'May 18, 2007

Let's Get Slothed! - Nightmare becomes reality for Georgie, as his friends become lazy tree huggers… Literally! Mr. Sandman's a dick!

Let's Act Crazy! - Mitzi has some errands to run, so Yu's in charge of the baby. But the drama queen's attention span is a bit on the short side, and soon she's up to her usual… Not so usual antics. When Shin enters stage left, the neighbor's latest costume change has everyone up in arms! Even Mitzi's getting in on the act. Hands up, hot stuff! This jig's up!

Stakeout of the Closet - Something stinks about the newest tenants of 'Falling Apartments,' and Shin's determined to get to the bottom of things! What should have been the perfect story for a couple of men on police stakeout has turned into a homosexual hell as the neighbors prove nosier than a British tabloid. Afraid of being outed, one little slip-up could blow more than just their cover…
1812'The Girls of 34C'May 22, 2007

Break Yo Mama's Back - In her search for pleasure, Mitzi finds only pain! Throwing out her back before the chores are done, she's throwing in the towel… Or maybe not. Her apprentice Summer has come over to play house, now if only they can play nice! Incompetent even by teen mother standards, the young homemaker may just unmake Mitzi. It's a good thing sleeping pills work wonders!

Hellion Crawler Baby - Ignored as Mitzi settles in for her morning soaps, Hima turns hell cat and decides to redistribute the family funds. The toddling tyke's really been acting up lately! At wit's end trying to stay a step ahead, Mitzi's beginning to think it's hopeless. Shin's demon seems to have found a new home… Or replicated! This calls for drastic measures!

Guess Who's Slumming to Dinner - Aged beef and semi-fresh veggies - It's dinner à la eBay! And not just any dinner… The Noharas are escaping this hell hole at last! But they'll have to move quickly and tread soft, for if their 'friends' catch wind they'll want a taste of the action. Giving neighbors milk, sugar or tampons is one thing, but sharing the beef is going too far!
1913'The Herpes Effect'May 23, 2007

The House is Officially Unblown! - Picking up the story as the Noharas settle into their new, un-exploded home, it's another glorious day as the family oversleeps and not a thing is to be found! Sure, the toaster's in one of those brown, medium-sized and unmarked boxes… It's a crazy morning and Hiro could get canned, but at least their back in their old - new - digs!

The Gay Might Elope - An innocent day at the park and an innocent question later, and Penny's delusions take a new twist… Eloping with Maso? But even the little bunny beater's escapist dreams aren't safe as Ai steals the show and recreates fantasy island, working her butt-bouncing boy toy into the plot. Well, at least Maso's flight of fancy involves a girl for a change!

Whiteface Charcoalpants - Frustrated with his family, Shin meets up with a demon bearing the power to make his darkest desires come true. But when the bare-bottomed brat doesn't make the best of choices, things turn out far from what he had in mind! Weirder now than ever, Shin just might be stuck with his hastily re-imagined family… Can the little devil turn the demon's own bag of tricks against him?
2014'Gratuitous Child Nudity'May 24, 2007

Bed, Bath and Pooed On! - Hiro returns home from another ball-bustin' day of work, but the busting's far from over! Charged with overseeing the weekly bath night, he's gonna be hard pressed as Hima makes a break for it. The culprit caught and all three incarcerated, the family relaxes in Mitzi's absence and shares in a little potty humor… But some potty's not so funny!

Planet of the Dogs! - Unaware that he's drawn intergalactic interest, Shin's mistreatment of Whitey is about to turn against him! Abduction takes a twist as the misdemeanant minor finds himself in the custody of extraterrestrial curs, answerable for his crimes against dogkind. It's a weird feeling at first, being a pet… Threatened with euthanasia, Shin's four-legged friend proves his only comfort!
Japanese original episode: 475a (犬の惑星) (Airdate: July 5, 2003)

Planet of the Dogs 2: Holy Shih Tzu! - Shin and Whitey are set to escape when they learn of their new master's plan to take over the canine-infested planet… Snoop Doggy, Doggy style! Their freedom foiled by Shin's stomach, the big dogs are sicced on the ugly pink raisin and his British-breed cohort as they flee to the castle. But when the guards are overpowered, Shin's olfactory overload might be their last hope!

Japanese original episode: 475b (続・犬の惑星) (Airdate: July 5, 2003)
2115'At Least They Pay for the Ouchie'December 11, 2007

Penny's Mom's Great Escape - Penny's Mom has plans to escape her horrid home-life… and only a spastic five year old stands in her way.

Between A Rock and a Tard Face - What sort of retard asks Shin to baby-sit a pet rock? Why, the functional sort of course!

Happiness Bunny's Revenge's Revenge - One of Penny's favorite stuffed animals has gone missing. Never turn your back on the Happiness Bunny.
2216'Damn You, Telepathy!'December 12, 2007

Fatboy Shin! - Chicks don't dig fatties. Temptation is at every turn as porker Shin tries to slim down for his hot lady Nanako.

How I Went Down Under with my Kindergarten Teacher! - It's an international incident when Miss Anderson and her boyfriend head to Australia for a vacation. Unfortunately for them, Shin's butt knows no borders.

How I Went Down Under with my Kindergarten Teacher: Part 2! - Miss Anderson's vacation in Australia has turned into a desperate game of avoiding Shin's family. They're right across the hall… And one of them has no pants.

Ench's Angels - The imagination of a child is a dangerous thing which must be crushed at all costs. Thankfully, Ench's Angels and their action slacks are on the job.

Japanese original episode: 374a (フタバエンジェル) (Airdate: October 20, 2000)
2317'Your IQ's Like 5, Right?'December 13, 2007

Mom's Supervillain Super Crush! - While watching 'Action Bastard', Mitzi falls for The Deflowerer! A girl's first supervillain crush always hurts the worst.
Japanese original episode: Special 40 (アクション仮面対フラワー男爵) (Airdate: February 7, 2004)

Girls Just Wanna Have Husbands - Penny and Ai fighting for Shin's hand in marriage on the playground? That's a lot of pretend tampons to buy in the middle of the night.

Melvin's Coming to Dinner - A category 12 typhoon looms and the Nohara family is whipped into an emergency preparedness frenzy.
2418'Stop Referencing the Show!'December 14, 2007

The Ench Stroke - Ench encourages the kids to come up with a personal motto. Shin's words to live by? Well, it involves his junk.

Pupin the Turd - The Bad Pun Bandit nips the bountiful Booby Stone and Pupin the Turd will have to rack his melon to stay two big steps ahead of the villain. Breasts.

The Fifth Beetle - Maso's rare stag beetle is being held for ransom. The gang comes up with a plan to get the bug back that just happens to involve paint fumes.
2519'Condescending Spanish for Heiresses'December 15, 2007

The Miseducation of Maso's Will - Ai is treating Maso like a dog and Penny isn't having it. It's a crash course in manliness but the only tail Maso's chasing is his own.

The Horrible Secret of Count Ench the Magnificent - Principal Ench displays his skills in prestidigitation and nobody is safe. Look it up.

Ai Ya Yi! - Ai uses Maso to make Shin jealous… but it's hard to compete with snail poop.
2620'Gratuitous Grandparent Nudity'December 18, 2007

The Grandfathers Part I - It's a battle of wills between Shin's Grandpas. One is more zany. The other is more reserved. Both… smell like old people.

The Grandfathers Part II - Which of Shin's Grandpas can be more doting? The duel between the doddering duo continues. So does the old man nudity.

The Grandfathers Part.. Sofia Coppola Can't Act - Awkward moments continue between the dueling Grandpas. Only a life and death encounter with Shin's butt can finally bring them together.
Shin Chan season 2 episodes
No. in
No. in
TitleOriginal air date[4]
271'Shin Wars'April 13, 2008

Shin Wars - In a parody of Star Wars, Puke Skypooper (Shin) and Any-Wan Canblowme (Ginnosuke) must rescue Princess Labia (Mitzi) and defeat the evil Darth Bader (Hiro) who has been terrorizing the galaxy.

Japanese original episode: Special 18 (クレヨンウォーズ) (Airdate: October 17, 1997)
282'The Stalker Song'April 20, 2008

Kindergarten Pop - Hiro uses his day off from work (that he started by calling in a bomb threat) to go to Shin's Parents' Day at school, where they dance to a dubious song that's popular with the kids.

The Secret Life of Georgie - Georgie is desperate to win a prize for a cardboard cutout of Yaz Heiresshe tries to get help from Shin without him figuring out what he's doing.

Action Bastard Says, 'Give Yourself the Shaft!' - Shin wins Action Bastard's latest product, a vibrating back massager, but Mitzi and Hiro find other uses for it.
293'Double Fried Flavor'April 27, 2008

The Drinky Hiro Show! – It's after hours and Hiro's home… Drunk! After amusing himself with his sleeping family, the wasted wastrel decides it's time for a midnight snack. Mmm! Steak pancakes! Alerted by the danger to his food supply, Shin is soon drafted in the cause. Gross quickly dissolves into disgusting. Hiro, that smear better be chocolate mashed potatoes!

Trading Faces! – Take one worn out mother and add one boy, desperately dashing for the potty, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster! Shin and Mitzi find their roles reversed… Literally! And their first problem: Plumbing! You’re sure you know how to use that thing, Mom? Hmm, it can’t be that hard! Uh oh, Shin, I need you to breastfeed your little sister!
Japanese original episode: Special 22 (母ちゃんといれかわちゃったゾ) (Airdate: October 2, 1998)

Trading Faces! Part 2! – Things only get weirder as Hiro comes home… This is not what was meant by role playing! Hima's not the only one freaked out as Mitzi/Shin cares for her/his daughter/sister at school, while back at the house Shin/Mitzi is getting busy stuffing face. Boy, this is getting confusing! And when Shin/Mitzi leaves the house against orders, embarrassment will be redefined for the neighborhood!

Japanese original episode: Special 22 (母ちゃんといれかわちゃったゾ2) (Airdate: October 2, 1998)
304'Miscarriage Return Policy'May 4, 2008

Tot for Teacher! - After Shin sees Miss Anderson shopping for baby clothes, the kids believe she is expecting and can't wait to tell everybody. They start off by congratulating Doyle on his pending fatherhood and things go downhill from there.

Nice Day for a Whitey Wedding - Shin decides Whitey should get married and pretty soon the entire gang is involved in throwing a dog wedding.

Little Kids Drinking Beer - Shin and Hima desperately want to taste Hiro's beer, and they go as far as to buy a make-your-own beer kit at the store.
315'Lucky Bastard Fever!'May 11, 2008

Mr. Penny Builds Her Dream House - Penny forces her friends to play her version of house but the boys keep messing it up.

Blowing Me Softly - It's the nightly traumatic ritual of washing and drying Hima's hair.

Action Bastard Extravaganza Special! Lucky Bastard Fever! Episode 1: Rise of the Pecker! - In this episode of Action Bastard, Action Bastard battles Flying Pecker and his mind controlling arachno-bots while Lollipop struggles with whether or not to reveal her dark secret.
326'It's Actually Better for Anal'May 18, 2008

Super Happy Fun Time American School Presents: Winter Blunderland! - Shin manages to turn the school's skiing excursion into a series of mini disasters for almost everyone.

Action Bastard Extravaganza Special! Lucky Bastard Fever! Episode 2: Inflatable of Doom! - In another episode of Action Bastard, Lollipop fails to make Flying Pecker remember who he really is and becomes his prisoner on his Inflatable of Doom. It's up to Action Bastard to save Lollipop and reverse Flying Pecker's brainwashing or be forced to destroy him.
337'Tummy Clock Says It's Three'May 25, 2008

It Puts the Lotion on the Baby - Believing that Mitzi is going to remove and wear Hima's face, Shin decides he must sacrifice his butt cheeks to save his sister from this terrible fate.

Dildor of Destiny - After witnessing Shin catch a fly with chop sticks, a deranged man believes Shin is in fact Dildor, an entity he has sworn to find, train and follow.

Action Bastard Extravaganza Special! Lucky Bastard Fever! Episode 3: Secret of the Bastard! - In this third episode of Action Bastard, the identity of who is behind brainwashing Felipe into becoming the Flying Pecker is revealed.
348'Green Like Good Boy Pills'June 1, 2008

Ass Got Breezy Being Green! - The kids are enjoying catching and then releasing frogs until a couple of mean second graders show up. It's up to Shin to save the day...and the frogs.

Summer Baby - Mitzi attempts to give Summer a lesson in parenting but it's Summer who ends up teaching Mitzi how to 'chillax'.

Action Bastard Extravaganza Special! Lucky Bastard Fever! Episode 4: Fear the Money Shot! - In this episode of Action Bastard, Bastard tries to stop Dr. Hitler Clone from unleashing his evil plan upon the world.
359'AIDS is Hilarious'June 8, 2008

Miss Katz Has the AIDS - Miss Katz is down after losing her money but, a rumor surfaces she has AIDS.

Hos Think They Can Dance - Penny forces the boys to take dance lessons under her.

Action Bastard Extravaganza Special! Lucky Bastard Fever! Episode 5: Gangbang, Victorious! - Action Bastard has his final battle with Dr. Hitler Clone.
3610'How to Bury a Smack-Addict Clown'June 15, 2008

Special Lost Episode! Flashback To Our Butthole Apartment! Crash, Test Dummy! - Yonrou prepares for his next college entrance exam.

Makeup, Little Penny - Penny practices her make-up skills on the boys.

Fairly Bad Things! - In this loose parody of the movie Very Bad Things, the Noharas must keep the drug overdose death of a party clown under wraps, but the constant visitors make it difficult for them.
3711'The Emperor's Love'June 22, 2008

The Boy Scouts of Japan - The kids join the Imperial Boy Scouts of Japan

The Not-So-Last Temptation of Hiro - Hiro develops a relationship with a younger woman.

Cupid's a Slut! - Penny develops a crush on Mr. K after he treats a cut on her leg. Penny orders Shin to give him gifts but, Mr. K and Ai misinterpret this.
3812'Her Little Gang-Bang Miracles'June 29, 2008

The Widow Breaker - Miss Katz meets Miss Anderson after hours to show her a stack of IM chats she's been saving with an old friend. Katz's old classmate Samantha just had her husband die, and now Miss Katz needs Miss Anderson's help, as well as her popcorn salesman boyfriend Doyle. Katz's plan is to pretend Doyle is her husband in front of Samantha, so she can bask in her old friend's jealousy.

Whitey's Man Burden - Shin's too lazy to feed Whitey, who hasn't eaten in days. Mitzi presents a scenario to Shin as to what it would be like if Shin was in Whitey's position, and this plays out in Whitey's head for most of the episode. It doesn't turn out too well.

Look Who's Stalking! - Yuka warns Mitzi that a creep has been stalking around the neighborhood. He hasn't appeared at the Nohara residence, assuming Mitzi is 'not rapeable.' Shin dons his Action Bastard gear to confront the stalker, who is first caught by the neighbors including Micchi and Yoshirin, at the Nohara's front door. It turns out the stalker is Yonrou, from the Falling Apartments.
3913'Childrens Were Our Future'July 6, 2008

Wrestlewomania! - The Nohara family watches a women's pro wrestling match. While there, Shin runs into Principal Ench who knew one of the contestants.

Wet Dreams May Come - Shin dreams about Nanako

Shin Chan: The High School Years! Episode One: Shin-derella-chan - Shin is a boxer on the high school boxing team but, Nanako doesn't like boxers. Then Shin meets his rival.

Japanese original episode: 458a (これが!青春らしいゾ 第一話) (Airdate: January 11, 2003)
4014'Shin Chan: The High School Years'July 13, 2008

Episode Two: Raging Bullshin - Shin retires from boxing but, he struggles with his decision.
Japanese original episode: 459a (これが!青春らしいゾ 第二話) (Airdate: January 18, 2003)

Episode Three: Million Dollar Boo-by - Sergei kills Boo in a fight forcing Shin out of retirement.
Japanese original episode: 460c (これが!青春らしいゾ 第三話) (Airdate: January 25, 2003)

Episode Four: The Grade Nine Hope - Shin has his fight with Sergei.

Japanese original episode: 461c (これが!青春らしいゾ 第四話) (Airdate: February 1, 2003)
4115'Tell the Cops She Looked Eighteen'July 20, 2008

Action Bastard Says 'I've Got You, Crabs!' - After Penny watches the latest installment of Action Bastard, in which Lollipop gains her own superpowers through a Sailor Moon style transformation, she's in awe at the idea that girls can have powers too. When Penny meets up with the other kindergartners, she wants to re-enact the episode with herself as Lollipop, complete with official green scarf. Just like any of Penny's torturous games, Shin and the others don't exactly act in character.

Whitey Flight - Hiro and Shin take Whitey to the vet but he escapes.

Fragile Rock - A dispute over the origin of pet rocks has Maso and Boo not speaking to each other ever again. Penny and Shin attempt to fix their friendship.
4216'I Can't Find Your %*#&ing Legs'July 27, 2008

Special Lost Episode II: Flashbackier To Our Butthole Apartment Admission: Impossible - Yonrou nervously awaits to find out if he got into college

Yu Like Me, Yu Really Like Me...Right? (A Play In Two Acts) - Yuu is nervous before an audition in front a big director so she seeks help from Shin.

Yu Like Me, Yu Really Like Me...Right? (Act Two) - Yuu has her big audition
4317'An Angel Gets Its Period'August 2, 2008

Along Came a Rider - Mitzi, once again, becomes obsessed with a character from Shin's favorite TV show. This time, it's Biker Bastard.

Sleepin' It Real - A school sleep-over is a delight for Shin. For Georgie however, it's misery.

Anything You Kendo, I Kendo Better - Mitzi and Hiro fight against each other to see who is more worthy of teaching Shin the martial art of Kendo.
4418'Unlicensed Therapy'August 10, 2008[5]

A Penny for Your Thoughts and Suicidal Tendencies - Penny has the gang play pretend therapists and attempt to diagnose Maso and Miss Katz.

It's Raining Shin - Shin has trouble getting home during a typhoon.

Dildor, Sword Receiveth! - Shin starts taking free kendo lessons from a mentally unstable man.
4519'A Total Jack Barnes Move'August 24, 2008

The Kiss of Debt - Mitzi catches Hiro with his hand in the boob job jar. She punishes him by reducing his already paltry allowance and won't restore it until he agrees to her demands.

Shinja Gaiden - Principal Ench offers to share some of his ninja arts knowledge to the gang.

Grandfather Knows Best - Mitzi's father drops by unannounced to visit. Finding only Shin at home, he soon regrets stopping by.
4620'Gonna Need More Fingers'August 31, 2008

In Case You Forgot: Grandfather Knows Best - Mitzi's father stays with the Noharas while her mother recovers from her latest misadventure.

Pooter Tutor! - Mitzi needs a tutor for Shin, so he asks Yonrou to tutor him. However, when his only option to help Shin requires using a porn magazine, things don't go smoothly.

The Dildor Saga: Trials of Falsemother! - Mitzi decides to accompany Shin to his kendo lesson to see exactly what's being taught.
4721'Sexy-A$$ Wild Fartin' Cowboy'September 7, 2008[6]

S#!tty Kickers - The Noharas leave the city and take a trip to visit the country.

S#!tty Kickers 2: The Legend of Girlie Gold - Shin befriends a girl during their trip to the country.

The Rise and Fall of Georgie Preskott the Third's Reich - The gang plays house.
4822'Morning Vacuuming'November 8, 2008

Penny's Mom Abhors Shin - Mrs. Milfer has an abortion but, not before Shin finds out she was pregnant.

The Dildor Saga: Beelzedrop Returns! - Kenta finds a new student and tries to train him.
4923'Unfortunately for You, I Had Ribs'November 16, 2008

Gotta Gotta Hiccup to Get Down! - Maso gets hiccups
Japanese original episode: 462a 'The Hiccoughs Won't Stop' (シャックリが止まらないゾ) (Airdate: February 8, 2003)

Daddy's Day Scare - Hiro watches Shin and they play ninja

Running to Mate!: A Flashback to Our Butthole Apartment Story! - Shin takes up jogging to impress Nanako
5024'Domestic Abuse Isn't That Funny'November 30, 2008

The Joke Stops Here - Penny is more depressed than usual and nobody can snap her out of it.

Book 'Em, Shin-o! - Shin and Georgie go to the library

The Dildor Saga: Disciples for the Truthery - Shin's friends accompany him to kendo
5125'Box for Hire?'December 7, 2008

The Loser Can't Lose It 'Cause He Lost It So He Loses It - While Shin is skipping on the sidewalk he runs into Yonrou who asks Shin to help find his 'box for hire', but Shin mistakes it for a box someone stands on to look taller.

Lunch Flake! - Shin has his friends over for lunch, but when he tries making all sorts of food, they don't turn out well.

Bitey of Evidence - Before Mitzi can send Shin to a boot camp for problem kids, she must first provide some evidence of his behavioral issues. She decides that a simple injury would suffice, which she hopes to receive by playing with Shin.
5226'The Epicish Battle Commenceth!'December 14, 2008

The Epicish Battle Commenceth! - In the season 2 finale, Shin takes part in the kendo tournament.

Japanese original episode: 492 (対決!剣道大会ヘンなわざ大集合) (Airdate: January 31, 2004)

Note: Due to Adult Swim losing the broadcasting rights to Shin Chan, this season is only available on Hulu, FunimationNow and on DVD. The first 13 episodes were released on July 26, 2011, and the second half on September 27, 2011.

Shin Chan season 3 episodes
No. in
No. in
TitleOriginal air date[4]
531'The After-Breakfast Enema'May 27, 2011

How We Spent Our Two-Year Summer Vacation - 3 years since the last episode. Opening at the beach, where medical waste prevents people from enjoying the water. Consequently Shin and family run into a couple of porn stars, including Richard 'Dick' Coxley, Hiro competes in a volley ball tournament, he loses and eats male enhancement laxatives.

Anime Is For Children (And Loser Adults) - A Rock, Paper, Scissors game goes poorly for Mitzi. She then goes to the theater with Shin, which is playing Bowel's Moving Castle, a parody of a Hayao Miyazaki film - Howl's Moving Castle. Another Rock, Paper, Scissors game, this time played by the mothers, causes Mitzi to end up in charge of Shin, Maso, Penny, and Georgie, while the other mothers go see the movie Signs, an Ace of Base musical, at another theater.
Japanese original episode: 515a (お子様映画はつらいゾ) (Airdate: December 10, 2004)

Soaking Wet Country Club - Georgie's mother hosts Shin, Maso, Boo, and Georgie at her, extremely conservative, country club. The boys see or run into Ann Coulter, Fox News anchors, and men that have a John Boehner tan.
542'The Balls Have Left the Crotchy'May 27, 2011

The Secret Legacy of Ench-Man - Principal Ench is revealed to have leaked toxic chemicals from the Ench-Cave into the town's water supply, resulting in the school being closed for two years. Before it can be opened again, the teachers must take a final health test. However, they are forced to take Shin after he threatens to tell the police about Ench.

A Star is Burned - After Mrs. Prescott talks about her wealth on the news (which actually got wiped out during the recession), Mitzi wants to be interviewed also. Shin decides to help her, though things backfire.

Three of Tarts - Three Megan McCain Republicans (like regular Republicans, but much sluttier) invite Georgie and two of his friends on dates. When Shin tags along as a fourth wheel, Georgie must avoid embarrassment.
553'Hecilopter Hurts My Brain Part'May 27, 2011

Beater's Digest - Mitzi makes Hiro and Shin clean up their respective porn and toys.

Love Is Legally Blind - Shin thinks that Ench and Miss Polly are in love because they both have square-shaped glasses (that, and he saw them having sex). Shin tries to get glasses to become a chick magnet.

It's Snot Boo, It's Me - Shin gets 'cock flu' and has a runny nose as a result. When he goes to rig Georgie's student council meeting, Boo thinks he's trying to steal his shtick. Boo then tries to start a friendship with Shin, which is way less heartwarming than it sounds. Later, Shin goes to the doctor.
564'I Will Not Let You Hurt Hitler'May 27, 2011

Loose - Shin and friends find a stray cat then try to find it a home.

A brief satire of the Third Reich's occupation of France - After Shin watches Inglourious Basterds, he, Hima and Mitzi play WWII spy games.

Cupid for Stupid - Robert returns from Afghanistan and falls for Ms. Katz.
575'Mockery Is So Coastal Elitist'June 3, 2011

Mom's Cavi-Tease - Mitzi has a bad toothache and sees a handsome dentist.

Beat the New Guy - The school gets a new gym teacher who becomes submissive to Miss Polly.

Yaz-manian Devil - Shin dresses like Yaz Heiress and Georgie indulges his fandom.
586'Running Out of Adult Diapers'June 9, 2011

All the Boo that's fit to print - When Boo is featured in the paper, he becomes a school celebrity which he isn't comfortable with. Meanwhile, Miss Katz and Miss Anderson feud further due to Boo's stardom.

Bringing up man-baby - The Nohara men try to help Yoshirin break his unhealthy Paraphilic infantilism.

Hate Balls of Fire - The Flamer tries to get close to Shin.
597'Vaginoplasty and a Stepladder'July 26, 2011

Fibromyagical Myster Tour - Mitzi gets a Psilocybin mushroom, but Shin eats it.

Ai'll be back - Ai produces Penny's latest production and they clash.

The Katz in the Craddle Robbing - Katz walks Shin home and she is forced to watch him but, Shin thinks she's trying to seduce him.
608'Hold Still While I Glamour You'June 25, 2011

The Real Housewives of Kasukabe - Mitzi tries to look young to fit in with a group of young moms.

True Twilight Diaries, Part 1 - Shin goes on a skiing trip with Nanako, her roommate and a man Shin thinks is a vampire.

True Twilight Diaries, Part 2 - The vampire tries to convert Nanako.
619'Food Sex Is Not Your Friend'July 1, 2011

The Truth About Old People - Shin, Mitzi and Hima dine at a restaurant run by an elderly man.

Miss Polly Amorous - Miss Polly tries to get help for her hypersexuality.

Earn Nothing Norking From Home - Hiro tries to work at home.
6210'The Boring Kind of Wet'July 8, 2011

When The Whistlers Blow - The kids try whistling.

Trains, Trains and Trainomobiles - Shin, Mitzi and Hima ride a train.

Weeding Out The Undesirables - The Flamer becomes the new school gym teacher.
6311'The Upside of Prison Showers'July 15, 2011

Summershine Cleaning - Mitzi teaches Summer and Paris to clean.

Georgie Goes Rouge - Georgie tries to become a delinquent.

The Itzy Bitzy Sister - Mitzi's sister Bitzi arrives to town.

Japanese original episode: 561a (おばちゃんが来たゾ)(Airdate: March 17, 2006)
6412'One, Two, Bunny's Comin for You'July 22, 2011

An Itzy Bitzy Drug Problem - Bitzi watches the kids.

Flameator Day 3: The Elimination - The American school plays soccer against the Canadian school.

Happiness Bunny's Revenge Revenge Revenge with Revengeance - Penny tries to escape the vengeful happiness bunny.
6513'Losing Your Three-Card'July 29, 2011

Couples Three-reat - Hiro laments about his life to a co-worker who tries to convince Hiro to have a threesome with Mitzi and Bitzi. Bitzi tries to help Mitzi with her sex life.

Requiem for a Dream Job- The kids discuss their dream jobs.

Cult Fortified - Mitzi and Shin join a cult.
6614'If You Could Abort Obama, Would You?'September 27, 2011

In Test Anal Fartitude - Georgie tries to join the Young Republicans chapter in Koshigaya.

TV Guided Tour - Mitzi and Shin tour the television station.

Firey or a Wimpy Kid? - Penny clashes with Flamer.
6715'A Blend of Nylon and Panda'September 27, 2011

Opportunity Knockers - Ginnosuke comes over with hopes to start a Hooters style restaurant.

Pandemonium - Shin befriends a panda named JoJo while pandas try to kill Ench.
6816'Rubber Gutter Bumpers'September 27, 2011

Friendlationship Troubles - Ginnosuke and Bitzi spend time together.

Shin Chan Origins: Oral Hijix - Shin and his friends' first meeting is recalled.
Japanese original episode: 580a (初めての歯医者さんだゾ) (Airdate: September 15, 2006)

The Flaming of the Shrew - Flamer tries to convince Penny to return to school on Fridays.
6917'Bind, Torture, Make Into Apple Dumplings'September 27, 2011

It's Snot Boo, It's an Alien! - The kids believe Boo is an alien.

It's All Relatives - Ginnosuke and Bitzi have a talk about their relationship.

Kindergarten Chops - The school holds a school assembly about stranger danger.
7018'Tiny C*ck Ring (For Baby C*cks)'September 27, 2011

Mo Bunny Mo Problems - Flamer recruits Shin to overcome his fear of rabbits.

All Your Baseballs Are Belong To Us - Ench tries to watch a baseball game when Shin and friends come over.

Everybody Get Naked! (Volume Ten) - The Noharas have family bath night.
7119'Don't Mind the Damp Spot'September 27, 2011

Kids, Stroke Hard At Your Meet - Ai must master swimming to take part in the school swim meet.

Swat Shop 'Til You Drop! - The Noharas goes shopping at a boutique.

The Audacity of Rope - The American School has a school Olympics against the Australian school.
7220'Nork Humor'September 27, 2011

Fight Fire With Firing - Ench plans to fire Flamer but, the kids protest.

Dolphinfindelity- Mitzi and the kids follow Hiro on a business trip but, think he's cheating.
7321'Tell the Stork to Give Me a Fetus'September 27, 2011

So Long, Fire Well! - Penny tries to woo Flamer before he leaves.

Shin Chan Origins: Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dad's Dad! - Ginnosuke watches baby Shin when Hiro and Mitzi go on a date.

Girls Don't Melt - A rare July snowfall hits the city.
7422'Monumental Douchebag'September 27, 2011

Kasukabewatch - A neighborhood watch is set up due to the serial killer.

Hobby Whores - Maso, Shin and Miss Polly explore new hobbies.

Relapse (Don't Do It) - Yoshiji comes over so Mitzi and Shin have to cover for Bitzi.
7523'Hardcore Flirting'September 27, 2011

Shintervention - The family holds an intervention for Bitzi.

Dog Day Laughternoon - Shin is forced to walk Whitey but, Whitey is pawned off on person after person.

Donut Resuscitate - Miss Polly tries to use a doughnut to fight her sexual urges.
7624'Meanwhile, on the Planet Niptune...'September 27, 2011

First, Do No Farming - The kids have a contest digging up potatoes.

Lust In Space - Shin dreams of being an astronaut to see space babes.

The Jackson Vibe - Miss Katz is trapped in a sensual encounter by Shin and Mitzi.
7725'Two Corn Dogs at Once'September 27, 2011

Jim Hanson Present The Puppets! - Shin gets lost an amusement park and finds an eccentric boy.

Little Miss Muff Dive - Bitzi meets a famous lesbian photographer and tries to get a job working for her.
7826'This Show Just Jumped the Kappa'September 27, 2011

The Bitzi Saga: Alternate Ending! - Bitzi has returned to Japan.

Cancel A Shin - Shin befriends a kappa and brings it home in an attempt to save the show.

The Final Chapter - The show ends.

LUK Internacional dub[edit]









Name in English

Japanese (Kanji) (Rōmaji)

18SPECIAL 18c'Hey, Himawari Is a Princess!'

パフィーも出るの?ひまわりのかぐや姫だゾ (Pafī mo deru no? Himawari no kaguyahime dazo)

SPECIAL 18d'Hey, It’s Mommy's First Gray Hair!'

母ちゃんにシラガ発見だゾ (Kāchan ni shiraga hakken dazo)

SPECIAL 18f'Hey, Michi and Yoshirin Are Moving!'

ミッチーヨシリンの引越しだゾ (Mitchīyoshirin no hikkoshi dazo)

110SPECIAL 19a'Hey, We’re Off to Hawaii! (part 1)'

家族みんなでハワイ旅行だゾ 第一章 大当たり (Kazoku min'nade Hawai ryokō dazo daiisshō ōatari)

SPECIAL 19b'Hey, We’re Off to Hawaii! (part 2)'

家族みんなでハワイ旅行だゾ 第二章 出発 (Kazoku min'nade Hawai ryokō dazo dainishō shuppatsu)

SPECIAL 19c'Hey, We’re Off to Hawaii! (part 3)'

家族みんなでハワイ旅行だゾ 第三章 巡り合い (Kazoku min'nade Hawai ryokō dazo daisanshō meguriai)

21SPECIAL 14c'Hey, the Baby is Coming!'

赤ちゃんが生まれそうだゾ (Akachan ga umare-sō dazo)

SPECIAL 14d'Hey, the Baby’s Here!'

赤ちゃんが生まれるゾ (Akachan ga umareru zo)

SPECIAL 14e'Hey, the Baby Girl is Born!'

赤ちゃんが生まれたゾ (Akachan ga umareta zo)

22SPECIAL 15b'Hey, I Know a Cooking Genius!'

少年鉄人と料理対決だゾ (Shōnen tetsujin to ryōri taiketsu dazo)

SPECIAL 15d'Hey, It’s Time for a Major Cleanup!'

みんなで大そうじだゾ (Min'na de ōsōji dazo)

SPECIAL 15f'Hey, Looking Back at the Past Year!'

今年一年のふりかえりだゾ (Kotoshiichinen no furikaeri dazo)

23SPECIAL 15a'Hey, Detective Nohara Comes into Action!'

野原刑事の事件簿だゾ (Nohara keijinojikenbo dazo)

SPECIAL 15c'Hey, Detective Nohara Comes into Action! 2'

野原刑事の事件簿2だゾ (Nohara keijinojikenbo 2 dazo)

SPECIAL 15e'Hey, Detective Nohara Comes into Action! 3'

野原刑事の事件簿3だゾ (Nohara keijinojikenbo 3 dazo)

24SPECIAL 16a'Hey, Meet the Shinchan-Terminator!'

SF殺人サイボーグだゾ (SF satsujin saibōgu dazo)

SPECIAL 16e'Hey, It’s New Year With the Matsuzaka Sisters!'

まつざか3姉妹のお正月だゾ (Matsu zaka 3 shimai no oshōgatsu dazo)

25SPECIAL 16b'Hey, It’s Time for New Year’s Holidays With the Family!'

全員集合のお正月だゾ (Zen'in shūgō no oshōgatsu dazo)

SPECIAL 16c'Hey, This Game... Is True To Life!'

すごろく勝負で盛り上がるゾ (Sugo ro ku shōbu de moriagaru zo)

SPECIAL 16d'Hey, I’m Going Shopping with My Grandpas!'

福袋を買いに行くゾ (Fukubukuro o kai ni iku zo)

26SPECIAL 17a'Hey, Here Are the Happy Prince and Shinnosuke, the Swallow!'

幸せ王子とツバメのしんちゃんだゾ (Shiawase ōji to tsubame no Shin-chan dazo)

SPECIAL 17c'Hey, My Sister is a Little Rascal!'

いたずらヒマリンだゾ (Itazura himarin dazo)

SPECIAL 17d'Hey, A Husband for Nene!'

ネネちゃんのおムコ選びだゾ (Nene-chan no o Muko erabi dazo)

37SPECIAL 9d'Hey, Whitey Gets Drunk!'

酔っぱらいシロだゾ (Yopparai shiro dazo)

SPECIAL 17b'Hey, We’re Going on a Picnic!'

お花見に出かけるゾ (O hanami ni dekakeru zo)

SPECIAL 18-7'Hey, This is the Friendship Relay!'

友情のリレーだゾ (Yūjō no rirē dazo)

'Shin chan Wars!'

クレヨンウォーズ (Kureyon'u~ōzu)
クレヨンウォーズ2 (Kureyon'u~ōzu 2)
クレヨンウォーズ3 (Kureyon'u~ōzu 3)

311SPECIAL 19d'Hey, We’re Off to Hawaii! (part 4)'

家族みんなでハワイ旅行だゾ 第四章 フラダンス (Kazoku min'nade Hawai ryokō dazo daiyonshō furadansu)

SPECIAL 19e'Hey, We’re Off to Hawaii! (part 5)'

家族みんなでハワイ旅行だゾ 第五章 恋心 (Kazoku min'nade Hawai ryokō dazo daigoshō koigokoro)

SPECIAL 19f'Hey, We’re Off to Hawaii! (part 6)'

家族みんなでハワイ旅行だゾ 第六章 さ・よ・な・ら (Kazoku min'nade Hawai ryokō dazo dairokushō-sa yona-ra)

312SPECIAL 20b'Hey, Mom and Dad Were Once Teenagers Too!'

青春時代の父ちゃん母ちゃんだゾ (Seishun jidai no tōchan kāchan dazo)

SPECIAL 23b'Hey, Statues are Grateful!'

石像の恩返しだゾ (Sekizō no ongaeshi dazo)

313SPECIAL 20a'Hey, We’re the Three Little Pigs! 1'

オラたち三匹の子豚だゾ (Ora-tachi sanbikinokobuta dazo)

SPECIAL 20b'Hey, We’re the Three Little Pigs! 2'

オラたち三匹の子豚だゾ (Ora-tachi sanbikinokobuta dazo)

SPECIAL 21b'Going to a Piano Recital'

ピアノ発表会に行くゾ (Piano happyōkai ni iku zo)

314SPECIAL 21d'Hey, We’re Going to a Summer House!'

別荘に行くゾ (Bessō ni iku zo)

SPECIAL 22a'Hey, I’m Swapping Places With Mommy!'

母ちゃんといれかわちゃったゾ (Haha chi ~yantoirekawachatta zo)

SPECIAL 22a'Hey, I’m Swapping Places With Mommy! 2'

母ちゃんといれかわちゃったゾ (Haha chi ~yantoirekawachatta zo)

415SPECIAL 22c'Hey, It’s the Kasukabe Kids Detective Agency!'

カスカベ少年探偵社だゾ (Kasukabe shōnen tantei-sha dazo)

SPECIAL 22c'Hey, It’s the Kasukabe Kids Detective Agency! 2'

カスカベ少年探偵社だゾ (Kasukabe shōnen tantei-sha dazo)

SPECIAL 23b'Hey, Beer is for Adults!'

ビールは大人の味だゾ (Bīru wa otona no aji dazo)

416SPECIAL 22b'Hey, I’m Helping a Foreigner!'

外国人をお助けするゾ (Gaikoku hito o o tasuke suru zo)

SPECIAL 22b'Hey, I’m Helping a Foreigner! 2'

外国人をお助けするゾ (Gaikoku hito o o tasuke suru zo)

SPECIAL 23c'Hey, We’re Stuck in Traffic!'

交通渋滞にまきこまれたゾ (Kōtsū jūtai ni makikoma reta zo)

417SPECIAL 23d'Hey, We Are the Chushingura! 1'

クレヨン大忠臣蔵(桜の巻)(Kureyon dai Chūshingura (sakura no maki))

SPECIAL 23e'Hey, We Are the Chushingura! 2'

クレヨン大忠臣蔵(雪の巻 (Kureyon dai Chūshingura (yuki no maki))

418SPECIAL 24a'Hey, Here’s our story of Grandfather Cherry Blossom!'

オラ的な花さかじいさんだゾ (Ora-tekina hanasakajīsan dazo)

SPECIAL 24c'Hey, We Want to Go to a Hot Spring!'

福引きで温泉に行きたいゾ (Fukubiki de onsen ni ikitai zo)

SPECIAL 24d'Hey, Daddy is Real Fussy About his Bath!'

温泉にこだわる父ちゃんだゾ (Onsen ni kodawaru tōchan dazo)

419SPECIAL 24b'Hey, Life Doesn’t Always Go As Planned!'

人生は計画どおりにいかないゾ (Jinsei wa keikaku-dōri ni ikanai zo)

'Mary, the Mysterious Magician'

ふしぎ魔女っ子マリーちゃん☆ (Fushigi majo-kko marī-chan ☆)

'Hey, We Watch “Mary, the Magician” on TV!'
ふしぎ魔女っ子マリーちゃんだゾ (Fushigi majo-kko marī-chan dazo)

420SPECIAL 25d'Detective Nohara’s Cases: A Star Under Threat'

野原刑事の事件簿 アイドル暗殺計画 (Nohara keijinojikenbo aidoru ansatsu keikaku)

SPECIAL 25e'Detective Nohara’s Cases: Looking for the Murderers'

野原刑事の事件簿 暗殺団潜入捜査 (Nohara keijinojikenbo ansatsu-dan sen'nyū sōsa)

521SPECIAL 25c'Hey, I want a Gold Medal!'

金メダルをもらうゾ (Kinmedaru o morau zo)

SPECIAL 27a'Treasure Hunter Misae'

トレジャーハンターみさえ (Torejāhantā Misae)

SPECIAL 27a'Treasure Hunter Misae'

トレジャーハンターみさえ (Torejāhantā Misae)

522SPECIAL 10a'(Shin Chan Special) Hey, I Play Taxi Driver'

タクシーごっこするゾ (Takushī-gokko suru zo)

SPECIAL 26a'(The Adventures of Brave Pig) Gin Goldfinger'

ぶりぶりざえもんの冒険 ゴールドフィンガー銀ちゃん (Buriburi zaemon no bōken gōrudofingā gin-chan)

SPECIAL 26a'(The Adventures of Brave Pig) Gin Goldfinger 2'

ぶりぶりざえもんの冒険 ゴールドフィンガー銀ちゃん (Buriburi zaemon no bōken gōrudofingā gin-chan)

523372'Hey, We’re Having fun in Australia! 1'

オーストラリアは盛り上がるゾ (Ōsutoraria wa moriagaru zo)

372'Hey, We’re Having fun in Australia! 2'

オーストラリアは盛り上がるゾ (Ōsutoraria wa moriagaru zo)

372'Hey, We’re Having fun in Australia! 3'

オーストラリアは盛り上がるゾ (Ōsutoraria wa moriagaru zo)

391b'Hey, Himawari Has a Crush On Kazama!'

風間くんはひまわりにモテモテだゾ (Kazama-kun wa himawari ni motemote dazo)

524373'Hey, We’re Still in Australia! 1'

オラ達もオーストラリアだゾ (Ora-tachi mo ōsutoraria dazo)

373'Hey, We’re Still in Australia! 2'

オラ達もオーストラリアだゾ (Ora-tachi mo ōsutoraria dazo)

373'Hey, We’re Still in Australia! 3'

オラ達もオーストラリアだゾ (Ora-tachi mo ōsutoraria dazo)

374a'Futaba’s Angels'

フタバエンジェル (Futabaenjeru)

525374b'Hey, I Want an Allowance!'

おこづかいをもらいたいゾ (O kodzukai o moraitai zo)

374c'Hey, Daddy Wants an Allowance Too!'

父ちゃんもおこづかいが欲しいゾ (Tōchan mo o kodzukai ga hoshī zo)

376b'Hey, Mommy Wants an Electric Bicycle!'

電動自転車が欲しいゾ (Dendō jitensha ga hoshī zo)

526375'Hey, We’re Going on a Picnic! 1'

素敵なピクニックにお出かけだゾ (Sutekina pikunikku ni odekake dazo)

375'Hey, We're Going on a Picnic! 2'

素敵なピクニックにお出かけだゾ (Sutekina pikunikku ni odekake dazo)

375'Hey, We’re Going on a Picnic! 3'

素敵なピクニックにお出かけだゾ (Sutekina pikunikku ni odekake dazo)

376a'Hey, We’re a Lazy Bunch!'

オラ達ナマケモノだゾ (Ora-tachi namakemono dazo)

Theme songs[edit]


  1. 'Dōbutsuen wa Taihen da' (動物園は大変だ, 'The Zoo is a Nightmare')
    Lyricist: Yoshito Usui / Composer: Tetsurō Oda / Arranger: Masao Akashi / Singers: TUNE'S
    Episode Range: 1–21
  2. 'Yume no END wa Itsumo Mezamashi!' (夢のENDはいつも目覚まし!, 'The End of a Dream is Always an Eye-Opener!')
    Lyricist: Daiko Nagato / Composer: Tetsurō Oda / Arranger: Takeshi Hayama / Singers: B.B.Queens
    Episode Range: 22–57
  3. 'Ora wa Ninki Mono' (オラはにんきもの, 'I am Super Popular')
    Lyricist: Reo Rinozuka / Composer: Yasuo Kosugi / Arranger: Michiaki Kato / Singer: Shinnosuke Nohara (Akiko Yajima) and Misae Nohara (Miki Narahashi)
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  4. 'Pakappo de GO!' (パカッポでGO!, 'Let's Go With Pakappo!')
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    Lyricist: C's / Composer/Arranger: Satoru Sugawara / Singer: Puppy
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  3. 'DO-shite' (DO-して, 'Why?')
    Lyricist: Yui Nishiwaki / Composer: Hideo Saito / Arranger: Hiroshi Shinkawa / Singers: Sakurakko Club Sakura Gumi
    Episode Range: SPECIAL 3–99
  4. 'Shin-chan Ondo' (しんちゃん音頭Shinchan Ondo)
    Lyricist: Moichi Kato / Composers/Arrangers: Ozutairiku and Yasuhiko Hoshino / Singers: Yuko and Shinnosuke Nohara (Akiko Yajima)
    Episode Range: 100–112
  5. 'Parijona Daisakusen' (パリジョナ大作戦, 'Party Join Us Daisakusen')
    Lyricist: Marron Koshaku / Composer/Arranger: Takashi Kimura / Singers: Marron Koshaku and Shinnosuke Nohara (Akiko Yajima)
    Episode Range: 113–161
  6. 'REGGAE'
    Lyricist/Singer: KOTONE / Composers: KEISUKE and Yoichi Yamazaki / Arranger: Yuzo Hayashi
    Episode Range: 162–192
  7. 'Shinchan Ondo ~Ora to Issho ni Odorou yo!~' (しんちゃん音頭~オラといっしょにおどろうよ!~, 'Shin-chan Ondo ~Dance With Me!~')
    Lyricist: Moichi Kato / Composers: Ozutairiku and Yasuhiko Hoshino / Arrangers: Daisaku Kume and Kiyohiko Semba / Singers: Haruo Minami and Shinnosuke Nohara (Akiko Yajima)
    Episode Range: 193–SPECIAL 13
  8. 'BOYS BE BRAVE ~Shōnen yo Yūki o Mote~' (BOYS BE BRAVE~少年よ勇気を持て~, 'Boys Be Brave')
    Lyricists: Aki Okui and Lemon Saito / Composer/Singer: Aki Okui / Arranger: Akitoshi Onodera
    Episode Range: 203–SPECIAL 17
  9. 'Tsukiakari Funwari Ochitekuru Yoru' (月灯りふんわり落ちてくる夜, 'The Night of Gently Falling Moonlight')
    Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: RYUZI / Singer: Nanase Ogawa
    Episode Range: 249–297
  10. 'Sukisuki My Girl' (スキスキ♡マイガールSukisuki ♡ Mai Gāru, 'I Love My Girl')
    Lyricist/Composer: KAORU / Arrangers: Tsuyoshi Yamanaka and L'luvia / Singers: L'luvia
    Episode Range: 298–352
  11. 'Kyō wa Date' (今日はデートKyō wa Dēto, 'Today I've Got a Date')
    Lyricist/Composer: Ke-chan / Singer: Kamaboko
    Episode Range: 353–397
  12. 'Zentaiteki ni Daisuki desu.' (全体的に大好きです。, 'I Love All of You.')
    Lyricist/Composer: Tsunku / Arrangers: Yuichi Takahashi and Tsunku / Singers: Sheki-Dol
    Episode Range: 398–SPECIAL 33
  13. 'Mama to no Oyakusoku Jōkō no Uta' (ママとのお約束条項の歌, 'The Song of My Contract with My Mother')
    Lyricists: Yoshito Usui and Yuri Asada / Composer: Yasuo Kosugi / Arranger: Hideo Saito / Singers: Shinnosuke Nohara (Akiko Yajima) and Misae Nohara (Miki Narahashi)
    Episode Range: 452–SPECIAL 38・SPECIAL 43
  14. 'Ari no Uta' (ありの歌, 'The Ant Song')
    Lyricist/Composer: Rio / Arranger: Papa Daisuke / Singers: Yanawarabaa
    Episode Range: 509–SPECIAL 46
  15. (ぶりぶりざえもんのえかきうた, 'Buriburizaemon's Drawing Song')
    Episode Range: 938–942

Vitello and Phuuz dubs[edit]


  1. 'Say hey! HEY! Shin-chan'


  1. Say hey! HEY! Shin-chan' Instrumental

Shin Chan Full Episodes English Dub

Funimation dub[edit]


  1. 'Shin-chan Theme'
    Shortened version of the third opening theme.


  1. 'Party Join Us'
    Singer: Brina Palencia
    Originally the fifth ending theme.

LUK Internacional dub[edit]


  1. Footage from Japanese opening 8 ('PLEASURE') and at the end Japanese opening 9 ('Yuruyuru de DE-O!') but with completely different lyrics.
    Musical Director, Producer and English Director: World Worm Studios composer Gary Gibbons


  1. Footage from Japanese ending 3 ('DO-shite') but with completely different lyrics.
    Musical Director, Producer and English Director: World Worm Studios composer Gary Gibbons


Shin chan full episodes in telugu


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