Putty Cannot Open Serial Port

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Jul 14, 2012  When I use Putty for ssh, and I click on Open, a windows pops-up with a black background for the shell commands. No window pops up when I click on the Open button. It doesn't respond in any visible way. April 22, 2012 by jlaskowski I mean: no window pops up when I click on the Open button while trying to connect to the COM2 port. Solved: Greetings, I'm trying to connect via serial to rj-45 to a Cisco Switch. I'm using the following: -Windows 7 Professional computer that has a serial port -Putty software -serial to rj-45 cable -Cisco Catalyst 2900 series XL switch My Putty. Support Forum » Putty Won't Open Serial Port on Windows 7. 168, It absolutely will not open again. Yes, I set Serial 115200, one, none, none and used the same.

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I wanted to create a serial Connection in putty with my raspberry pi 3.I don't know what I have done wrong. But I get Always the same error message that my serial port can not be open.I'm sure that the Settings are Right. My PI has 2 usb ports. I tried both of them but None worked.Thanks!!

How to open serial port

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Putty Serial Port Download

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