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Free Operator Mono clone for Atom

  1. Vscode Operator Mono
  2. Operator Mono Ssm

A stylish way to code!

Operator is a typewriter-inspired typeface designed by Andy Clymer and released through Hoefler & Co. Although inspired by typewriter faces, Operator is actually a proportional design rather than fixed-width which allows it to function more as a serious text face. Pixel Operator Mono 8 Font www.ffonts.net - free fonts download - free fonts online.

  • Use ' Operator Mono' font as a Webfont You can create beautiful websites with great typography using the @font-face kit of Operator Mono font. Webfont and @font-face supported all up-to-date browsers can use comfortably. @font-face is very easy to use, click here to download Operator Mono webfont kit.
  • PT Mono - is a monospaced font of the PT Project series. First families PT Sans and PT Serif were released in 2009 and 2010. PT Mono was developed for the special needs - for use in forms, tables, work sheets etc. Equal widths of characters are very helpful in setting complex documents, with such font you may easily calculate size of entry fields, column widths in tables and so on.

Check out the screenshots.


Install fonts

Download and install Fira Code font into your system. Installation instructions

Download and install Script12 BT font into your system in the same manner. Thanks to @kencrocken for finding this font :)

The current version (last checked September 2017) of the fonts can also be found in this repository.

Configure Atom

Enable Ligatures

To use Fira Code properly you need to enable ligatures. There are two ways to do this, see below:

Ligatures - Quick install

Bring up Atom and go to Settings > Themes. Search for Operator Mono and install.

This syntax theme has been built to support this Fira Code, it is built from scratch using the Oceanic Next Italic palette and it will enable ligatures, and make certain attributes italic. It will also be your theme.

Ligatures - Manual install

If you prefer to use your own syntax theme, you have to edit your styles.less and insert these lines:

Enable 'Operator Mono' font

In order to enable the alternative font for italic, which is probably what you came for, you have to manually edit your styles.less file and merge the code snippet found in styles.less in this repository with your own.

If you have any personal preferences, such as applying 'Operator Mono' for comments as well, just add .syntax--comment in the css selector list.


Atom version

The instructions / code works for the latest versions of Atom (1.20.x) and Atom Beta (1.21.x). Please make sure your editor is updated.

Are your ligatures not being applied correctly?

  1. In Editor Settings, you might need to enter 'Fira Code' in 'Font Family'
  2. Hunt down and disable interfering packages that modifies fonts, such as 'fonts'


The screenshots below are taken with the Operator Mono theme.




Active5 months ago

I'm currently using operator mono font as my default font in vs code, now I want to add fira code font to it, but I don't know how to add it in order to make both of them work. I try to add the second font in font family settings but the second font seems to replace the current font.How should I do that?

My current sitting :

'editor.fontFamily': 'Operator Mono' ', 'editor.fontLigatures' : true

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3 Answers

You can also update your Operator Mono font to include ligatures. I wrote a project that merges custom ligatures into your existing font.

Check it out at https://github.com/kiliman/operator-mono-lig


Vscode Operator Mono

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The first font in the list of the editor.fontFamily setting will be the used font for all code. Only if this font does not exist on your computer it will fall back to the second font in that list and so forth. The editor.fontLigatures: true setting will only work if your chosen font supports font ligatures which I think 'Operator Mono' does not.

However there is a way to combine two different fonts in VSCode: https://medium.com/@zamamohammed/multiple-fonts-alternative-to-operator-mono-in-vscode-7745b52120a0

Max S.Max S.

Check out Kiliman's project on GitHub, which he referenced in his answer.

This will give you the most used Operator Mono styles together with FiraCode ligatures, all bundled nicely into one font.As of now, some styles are not supported yet. For these, you can merge two fonts, eg Operator Mono and FiraCode manually. This will add all elements that are present in FiraCode but not in Operator Mono – read: ligatures – to Operator Mono.

This approach should work with all monospaced fonts where one supports ligatures and the other doesn't.

Below is a screenshot of the 'thin' / 'extra light' version of Operator Mono with the 'light' FiraCode ligatures.


Operator Mono Ssm

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