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I am currently working with a developer who is experienced at Ms-SQL, but not much at MySQL. He has been cursing MySQL for having Bugs, and also being far harder to use.

DbForge Studio for MySQL is a free MySQL and MariaDB front-end client for database management, administration and development. Studio for MySQL is a free MySQL. Managing user privileges, MySQL service control, managing.

Is is because his experience has been so good with Management studio. It seems to me that his problems are with using phpMyAdmin.

For example, he cites not being able to cross join and compare between tables of different structures using MySQL. Is the problem actually our choice of management tool, or does MySQL have these flaws that my developer thinks. I hope not, as I have just been blown away how fast doing various data management tasks have been in Studio Manager.

Chris Barry

Sql Server Management Studio 2008 Free Download

Chris Barry
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You should really check SQLYog. It's great, and has a community version.

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Quest Toad is good and has pay and free versions for MySQL.

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Hate to rain on your parade of tools, but while some of the ones mentioned here are pretty cool, none of them have the mojo of SSMS.

In my MySQL work, I basically switched between SQLYog and MySQL GUI Tools, depending on what I did. SQLYog Enterprise Edition (e.g. the non-free one) also adds support for really basic schema code completion.

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More tools to try: EMS SQL Management Studio or MySQL GUI Tools (now called MySQL Workbench)


I would suggest Aqua Data Studio. I don't think that it has a free version, however it is pretty powerful and has a ton of great features that are similar to SQL Server Management Studio.

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Sql Management Studio

VSQL++ for MySQL is a powerful GUI database management tool for MySQL

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