Mechwarrior Rpg 3rd Edition Pdf

Posted By admin On 12/01/22
RpgThis is a Limited addition, hardbound copy of the third edition BattleTech role-playing game called Mechwarrior. If you're looking for a role-playing game to add to your BattleTech boardgame, this is not the book to get. Without question, the best BattleTech role-playing addition is Mechwarrior, second edition.
The only reason to buy this limited-edition book, and you will pay a good bit of money for it, is to complete your limited-edition BattleTech book set. Of all the limited-edition BattleTech books, this is the second ugliest. The only uglier limited-edition book is A Time of War limited-edition. Coincidentally, neither of these books will ever be used to play a game of BattleTech.
I would strongly encourage anyone to purchase a copy of the second edition Mechwarrior book for around $10.
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Mechwarrior 3rd Edition Character Sheet

MechWarrior 3rd Record Sheet PDF Very sweet Character playing and creation sheets taken from the MW3rd book that you can open in any PDF reader and print out for when you want to make a character. Note that the nice MechWarrior logo on top of each sheet has been colorized nicely.