Kotor 2 Patch Windows 10

Posted By admin On 12/01/22
  1. Kotor Full Screen Windows 10

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 PC Download. Also play Kotor 1 by clicking here. Other games you should play if you enjoyed the Star Wars series are Dragon Ball Xenoverse, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and definitely Fable! If you wanna play Star Wars with “multiplayer” gameplay then get Starwars: The Old Republic! Aug 05, 2016  The troubleshooter proved useless. The only solution online I don't think I've tried is the graphics card one, and I have no idea how to check. How do you check what graphics you have, and which one does KOTOR need to work on Windows 10? If that isn't the problem either, would uninstalling and reinstalling help at all? Well i just updated my laptop to Windows 10 and just bought KotOR2 from Steam. After the install i try to start it up in different ways. Through the desktop shourtcut 2. Through Steam 3. Through the actual File They all come up with the same problem. Windows has a problem with running KotOR 2 and closes the program I tried everythinng i could think of though im not a huge PC gamer so i dont.

Kotor Full Screen Windows 10

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Submitted on9/6/2018

Review title of xTIZZELxAmazing game would give 5 stars but...9/6/18

I love this game, but this game has a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed. Some of the issues are that the game freezes on the loading screens to cut seens that are apart of the story which u will have to start a new game bc reloading ur game will not get u past it unfortunately. As well as u will need to make two separate saves when u save the game bc the game will somtimes crash and when u load up the game it will say that ur save has been corupted and if u dont have 2 saves u will have to start a new game again. This also occurres when u exit the game, what i mean is that the game is from the original xbox not the 360 so when u hit the home button on ur controler and start up another game and when u decied to finely come back to Kotor 2 it will crash the game and ur save will become corupted as well. The way i have found to avoid crashing the game is to do the 2 file saves of the same game then go to options quit to main menu them hit home then press start button and quit game.