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You have a Microsoft Excel file with point data X, Y, Z and you want to import this information into Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®.

At work I was tasked with surveying a pond, which I did using a trimble. The trimble gave me a.csv file with the names, coordinates, and elevation of all the points in separate columns. Is there a way to import these points into a CAD drawing of the pond with the elevations displayed on the drawing? The CAD software at work is AutoCad 2010. Import CSV into AutoCAD. As when importing point type features using any other data provider included in the application, you can choose between Point objects or Block references and many other interesting drawing options through the import process You can also perform a coordinate transformation “on the fly” when importing. Donnie 'The CAD Geek' Gladfelter takes a look at how to import a CSV file as points inside AutoCAD Civil 3D.


Import Csv Points Into Autocad File

Hi everyone, I'm loking for a code to import a serie of points in the xyz axis to a dwg file, i used the Lee Mac's program PtManagerV2-4 and it has solved my problem in part, each point in the.csv file has an information, this information should apear in autocad as a text close to the point it was linked in excel. Open the.csv file in Excel, and select the first 2 columns (point no. And code) and paste them into columns to the right of the coordinates. Delete the now empty first 2 columns and re-save the file. Use Import Coordinates in the Point Element import mode to place points at the active symbology.

Note: Procedure does not work in basic AutoCAD as AutoCAD does not support COGO points. Autodesk recommends opening point file in Notepad for quick review. Make sure that there are no unwanted characters in it, confirming delimiting sign (comma or space). The point file with formatting issues does not parse properly creating issues.
1. Create a .csv file from Excel file by saving file to CSV file format. From Excel click Save As and choose CSV file extension.
2. In Civil 3D, from Insert ribbon click 'Points from File'.
3. In Import Points dialog box, under 'Specify point file format' select format (using the Excel information in the correct order (that is, NEZ comma-delimited)) reading the .csv. See image for reference:
4. Click OK.

Csv To Autocad

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