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Submitted on9/12/2016

Produce up to 50 images (25 pages) per minute1 with two-sided scanning. Reliably scan 3000 sheets per day. Define scan profiles for common document types and scan to multiple destinations with HP Scan software. Cannto find 'manage scan to computer' in HP software for Photosmart 5510 e all-in-one series ‎ 12:08 PM My printer was not a 5510, but I finally found the right one and was able to solve my problem, at least for the moment.

Hp Printer Software Manage Scanner


Review title of SeanWaste my time

Manage Scan To Printer Software

I downloaded this program as a replacement for 'HP Scan' after I upgraded to windows 10. I use the program to scan multi-page documents for work. The scans look ok, but if you accidentally click on a single page before the scan is complete, then it deletes all previous pages, while the scanner keeps going. I really can't recommend this program with issues with this. *edit* One week later - This program continues to make my life harder than with the old HP scan app I used on Win7. Now, if I rotate any of the pages in my multi-document scan, it duplicates those pages at the top of the document, causing the pages to be out of order. This is quite a poor quality app. It's exactly the kind of thing I expect from HP. *edit2* I have managed to get this program to work in this way: After I make changes to the scanned pages, I press the 'Deselect all' button, and then the 'select all' button. It will save the document properly this way. *edit3* This program is still unreliable.