How To Get Java Msi

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If you use a Debian based distribution (like Ubuntu), download the .deb package and install it. This should install all the required dependencies for you. If your environment doesn't have a graphical package installer, you can install the package from the terminal, like this:

I noticed that, as of Java 8 Update 111, you have to grab the.msi after it extracts but before the install completes. Once the install is done, the.msi is gone from that path. I did this and grabbed a 121 msi, which I have used to create an install package. Dec 19, 2008  You need to run the offline java download for the MSI to go in this location. To do so, on, click on downloads in the menu bar. Then click on more downloads link and select the offline version. Jan 24, 2017  'To get the msi file you either need to install the java on one of the computer or you just need to run the executable(do not install it). Also, send me the java version that you are using, I will test the same on my lab setup.

JavaHow To Get Java Msi

apt-get install Minecraft.deb


On Arch and Arch based distributions, the package is available as minecraft-launcher from the AUR. AUR is a repository of packages maintained by the community. You can read more about how to use it on the Arch wiki.


On other distributions, you can download just the raw launcher files as an archive, extract them somewhere and run them in any way that is convenient (from a terminal, creating a shortcut, etc.). You will need Java, and some dependencies, most of which should already be present on common linux desktops. This is definitely the 'some assembly required' option though.

How To Get Java Msi Installer

You'll need an internet connection the first time you launch the game, but after that you can play offline without any issues.