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Posted By admin On 12/01/22
  1. Free Glyph Download
Do you know that the every font installed in your Windows PC can help you get stylish and elegant text for writing and designing purpose? Yes, it is true and is possible because every font has glyphs. Each glyph of a font represents a character that can be used for the purpose of writing & expressing thoughts and designing ideas in a much appealing way than a normal font.

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When you look at Fonts panel, then you most often see Regular, Bold, Italics, Semi-Bold, and other such options that can be used to add styles to the text. In addition to these, you have abundance of glyphs available for fonts installed in your Windows PC. These font glyphs are not hidden but depending upon the application, the process of accessing and using font glyphs can be different, which is generally not known to everyone.
Understanding this common problem of every computer user who wants to use font glyphs but do not know how to access them on a Windows PC using a particular software like MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Cameo Design Software, etc – has developed this tutorial that will help them use font glyphs easily. Yes, with this tutorial on hand, you will be able to access and use font glyphs with any application in Windows PC.
We have divided this tutorial in below parts:

  • Part 1 – How to Install Fonts in Windows PC?

  • Part 2 – How to Access and Use Font Glyphs with any application in Windows PC?

Free Glyph Download

Part 1 – How to Install Fonts in Windows PC?

If you want to use glyphs of an already installed font then skip this Part and continue with the next Part. However, if you want to install a font that you have downloaded from or downloaded from anywhere else then perform the below steps:

  1. Go to the location where you have saved the downloaded font file. If you have downloaded font from then it should be a .zip file.

  2. Extract .zip file.

  3. Open the folder and there you will see many sub-folders.

  4. Open each folder one by one and double-click the font. It should be in .OTF or .TTF format.

  5. Now, click the Install button at the top.

  6. Font will be installed.

  7. Repeat the process for every font you want to install.

Note: Before you start installing a font, close all open applications otherwise you will have to restart them after the font is installed because the newly installed font and its glyphs may not reflect without restarting the application.

Part 2 – How to Access and Use Font Glyphs with any application in Windows PC?

Perform the below steps to access and use font glyphs with any application in your Windows PC:

  1. Open the application in which you want to use the Font Glyphs and activate the text mode. For example, if you want to use Font glyphs in Adobe Photoshop then create a New Photoshop document by going to File > New and then click on the Text

  2. Now, click the Start button and go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. You will see the Character Map

  3. In the Character Map window, you can select the font whose glyphs you want to access and use. To do this, click the Font: drop-down list and select a font. You will see its Glyphs.

  4. Now, click the glyph you want to use and click the Select

  5. Repeat Step 4 to get all Glyphs you want to use.

  6. Once you have selected all Glyphs, click the Copy

  7. Now, go to the application in which you want to use these Glyphs, click in the Text area, and press CTRL + V on the keyboard. All the Glyphs that you have copied in the Character Map window will be available here for your use.

  8. Now, you can use them in the same way as you use a font. For example, you can increase font size, apply color, and so on.

Glyph trion worlds We hope that this tutorial has helped you to understand How to access and use font glyphs on a Windows PC in an easy manner while not relying on the application specific Glyphs Panel, which may be hard to find and use. Glyph Download For Windows 10
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