Games With Upgrades

Posted By admin On 12/01/22
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Play Purchase equipment upgrades Games on Upgrade your players to the maximum capacity by gathering coins or points and going to the shop to bring your player to the finally level. Do that and crash the last few enemies and be crowned the ultimate boss.


I'm sure like many of you, I really enjoy games that provide the player with the opportunity to adjust each detail of the game to better fit their play style.

The ability to change my gun sight from a stock iron sight to a laser sight might seem trivial, but it's something I've always loved.

What I'm asking the gaming gurus of r/gaming is: what games have THE BEST upgrade systems for equipment and/or characters?

Free Online Games With Upgrades


What do I mean by the best? Well, I'm thinking along the lines of detailed, diverse, and not just limited purely to altering aspects of gameplay.

Games With Upgradeable Abilities

I'm thinking customization, but not just color changing.


Anything from the NES era to the current generation of consoles is welcome, I'm just looking to find the best of the best.