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Finally, we get Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter PC download on our site. It’s a mystery adventure title from the developer Frogwares. It was released for Windows PC and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by publisher Bigben Interactive, in June of 2016 for PC and October of the same year for the consoles. It belongs to the ‘Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ series of video games. We have the PC version of it available here on our safe and trusted website. Use the following link which gives you the full version of Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter free download.

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Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter PC download free. full Version

The predecessor, Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments download for PC is also available on our website here.

Even with improvements across the board Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter doesn’t do justice to the titular character. The changes to character models themselves throw off the wrong vide. The characters do not even resemble what they should. It feels like the developers tried hard to please the younger crowd so that the title becomes more accessible to the younger audience. But the developers failed to take a side and it feels like you are watching a story unfold on its own or sometimes you are interfering it. They failed to prioritize one action over the other. You can see that when you get Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter download for free for PC given above.

The above mentioned conflict makes for a really frustrating playing time even playing as one of the best detective heroes of all time. The developers are capable of telling a story that matches the wit of the detective himself but what they failed to do is let is play like him, the smartest person in the room, no matter who else is present there.

There are 5 missions that you will be solving your way through each of which will last about two hours giving you roughly ten hours or so of play time. But it hardly makes you feel proud of the achievements after solving any puzzles, which we think is a must for a title that is associated with the greatest detective ever. Get Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter download for PC and see what we are saying. It doesn’t make you feel better which any of the other similar titles can do.

Free Sherlock Holmes Movies Download

Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter PC Download Free

The Devils Daughter essentially belongs to the point-and-click genre. The design in itself limits the options of making your own playing style. You are set a number of rules without following those you cannot progress in the story. Even If you are a good detective and have solved a part of the puzzle already y looking at only one or two clues the game doesn’t allow you to go ahead to the next step. You are required to interact with all the items at a particular place for the story to move forward. This is a very limiting factor and the detective in you will not like it at all. See what you think of this mechanics when you get Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter PC download for free from our site.

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Looking more for clues all over the place for a puzzle that you have already solved is not very detective like. Scanning every photo for clues or even footprints that you know are not relevant because you know; you have already solved the puzzle, is a boring task. Instead of being entertaining it becomes a tedious affair. A character which is lauded for its creativity and out of the box thinking shouldn’t be restricted this way. Download Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter for free for PC which is now online on our trusted and safe website and see if you like it more than we did.

To keep things fresh, they have incorporated mini-games so that it doesn’t get that boring. These are good distractions from the actual puzzles but they are really short. There are good things as you might have guesses here. The actual starting of a mission is well laid out. The character actors have done a good job, they don’t feel out of place in any situation. These things don’t let the missions go to waste and compel you to finish the stories. Get Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter free download for PC and play to just experience this.


The good voice acting and decent acting of the characters is god enough to keep you playing. The visuals are stunning and should be expected like any other modern title. The items packed into rooms whether related to your mission or not, make it look good. The animations though are jerky and characters sometimes get stuck around corners for no apparent reason. These technical problems should not exist in a title which is about fluid movement of characters. Oh, the loading times are the worst. Sometimes you visit a place just for a minute or less but it takes more time than that to load it.

Crimes and Punishments was a high point in the series and with The Devils Daughter the developers have gone backwards. Couple of missions are good enough and almost reach the point of Crimes and Punishments level. You can get Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter free download and play and decide on your own what you feel.

You can also get Murdered Soul Suspect download for PC, it also features detective work, which is a little different. There you do the detective work to find out who killed you. Sounds different right? Then grab it from the link given.

Downloading and Installing

Install uTorrent and Daemon Tools first, get them from the links given in the sidebar. Then use one of the links and download Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter which gives you the ISO file. Daemon tools lets you use this ISO as virtual DVD. Which in turn you can use to start the installation. Read the complete install instructions below to play it.

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