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In previous versions of Windows when I right click on a shortcut and dived in to change the icon the initial list populated with a whole catalog of default icons.

Free icon changer windows 7

On Windows 7 (RTM) here is what I see:

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I found those icons useful when making shortcuts to web applications.

Any idea where I can find them?! I had a little 'Browse...' but couldn't find much.


You've all so far provided excellent answers, thanks - unfortunately I can't pick you all as the right one! :( Three of the files you mentioned have had equally useful sets of DLLs:

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9 Answers

In the box that says “Look for icons in this file:”, type or browse to: %SystemRoot%system32SHELL32.dll

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The can be all over the place. For example, browse to this location ...

But, they can be in any DLL, EXE or ICO file. You can also download cool ones.

JP AliotoJP Alioto

There are more than 1,000 icons in total in these files:

  • C:WindowsSystem32Shell32.Dll
  • C:WindowsExplorer.Exe
  • C:WindowsSystem32AccessibilityCpl.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32Ddores.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32GameUx.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32imageres.dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32MorIcons.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32mmcndmgr.dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32mmRes.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32NetCenter.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32netshell.dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32networkexplorer.dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32PifMgr.dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32PniDui.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32SensorsCpl.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32SetupApi.Dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32wmploc.DLL
  • C:WindowsSystem32wpdshext.dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32DDORes.dll
  • C:WindowsSystem32compstui.dll

Additionally, lots of device icons are stored here:

and high res stuff from devices and printers (potentially) here:

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The real decade-long legendary MS-DOS icons secretly reside in pifmgr.dll dynamic library file with the description of Windows NT PIF Manager Icon Resources Library in System32 folder of root of Windows contained in %windir% environment variable, that's C:WindowsSystem32 by default.


Free Icon For Windows 7 Windows 10

Looking for a new ICON for an application on your Windows 7 screen? Goto the bottom of your screen and click on 'Start'.

In the Search Programs and Files box, enter *.ico. Above it, you will see - 'see more results' -select it and then select 'Computer'. Your Windows 7 search engine will then find and show you EVERY ICON that's in your computer - sit back, this might take a minute or two (you've got Icons scattered all over your computer). To put them ALL in one place, after your search engine stops, copy them ALL into a single folder and they'll always be available for you. Have fun everyone...

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Several good answers but no one seems to have the capitalization quite right (to make copy-paste actually work).

This was my path:

Free Download Alienware Icon Pack For Windows 7


How To Change Icon Picture

the procedures are the same in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  1. Create a folder named Taskbar Shortcuts.
  2. Move it to c:Windows
  3. Create a shortcut for the desired item within this folder.
  4. Decide on the icon to be used for your Taskbar Shortcut(you may have to go to step 5)(do not try to apply the icon yet)
  5. Right-click and drag the shortcut without releasing.(This may give you an idea of the true icon)(do not do any more here)
  6. Icon Selection

    A. To apply a specific icon to your shortcut right-click propertieschange icon

    B. By default windows will offer you icons in the shell32.dll look through them to see if the desired icon is there. If it is then select it and click OK.

    C. If you can't locate your specific icon then follow these steps:

  7. Once the shorcut has the proper icon Select your shortcut and press ctrl-c

  8. Right-click in the Taskbar Shortcuts folder and selectNEWSHORTCUT
  9. When the New Shortcut Wizard opens key in the following:




    (example: explorer 'C:windowsTaskbar ShortcutsLocal Connection)click OK

  10. Give the new shorcut a similar but slightly different name from the original and click OK
  11. Drag and drop your new shorcut to the windows taskbar.
  12. If the new taskbar item needs right click functionality like Local Area Connection-DisableEnablethen do this:

Free Download Icon Files .ico For Windows 7


Best Free Icon Editor For Windows 7

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