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The Intel® FLEXlm. License Manager is a collection of software components that helps you manage your license file in a multiple-user environment. The Intel FLEXlm. License Manager is included with your product purchase or can be downloaded separately. This document describes the installation and use of the Intel FLEXlm. License Manager for. The FlexLM License Manager Daemon (lmgrd) interprets the license file to dispatch license requests to different license vendor daemons. This document is a short account of the format and syntax of the license file, and its effect on licensed applications’ utilization.

on 28 Jan 2014

Windows License File

on 26 Feb 2014
on 6 Mar 2014
Hello, Thanks for your reply. Could you anyway be more precise, please? How should I use 'MLM_LICENSE_FILE' ? Currently, 'LM_LICENSE_FILE' is defined for another application, and I cannot change it. Matlab uses network licenses, so do you mean I have to define a variable named 'MLM_LICENSE_FILE', that points to the licenses' server ? regards,
on 8 May 2014
I just fixed this same problem (Windows with R2013b). Apparently MLM_LICENSE_FILE will not help, since Matlab checks the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable first. The workaround I found is a command-line switch which overrides checking the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable.

Flexlm License File Format Download

In Windows, this is conveniently done by editing the program shortcut.
'C:<path to matlab already in shortcut>matlab.exe' -c 'C:<path to your license file><licfile>.lic'
'C:<path to matlab already in shortcut>matlab.exe' -c <port#>@<licServerAddress>
Hope this helps!
on 15 May 2014
The variable LM_LICENSE_FILE will apply to any software on your machine which uses FlexNet for licensing. The variable MLM_LICENSE_FILE will only apply to MathWorks products. To separate MATLAB's licensing from another program on the machine which uses FlexNet for licensing, the MLM_LICENSE_FILE variable must be used.
on 4 Oct 2016
Is there any practical difference between using MLM_LICENSE_FILE, and using a semicolon-separated list of license files in LM_LICENSE_FILE?
If I already have other FlexNet software on my machine, I would think that manipulating the list of license files in LM_LICENSE_FILE would give me more flexibility to define the order that I 'hit' the license servers.
on 15 Nov 2016
It is good practice and recommended to use the vendor specific environment variables to keep programs and how they interact with license servers separate. It can also be helpful later on in troubleshooting situations to use the MLM instead of LM.
on 11 May 2017
This suggestion for me solve Matlab R2016a stuck in 'Initializing' mode after Win10 creators update

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