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Play FOOTSIES Fighting Skill With Your Friends Anywhere With Local Arcade Style Battle!
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FOOTSIES Fighting Is A 2D Fighting Game Where Players Can Control Character Movement Horizontally And Use One Attack Button To Perform Normal And Special Moves To Defeat Their Opponent. While The Controls (And Graphics) Are Super Simple, FOOTSIES Fighting Retains The Fundamental Feeling Of Fighting Game Genre Where Spacing, Hit Confirm And Whiff Punish Are Keys To Achieve Victory.

The reason Wong can succeed with Falke is due to his expert defensive play, particularly when it comes to engaging in the back-and-forth duet that fighting game players call “footsies.” Fighting game players use footsies to close the distance between one another, usually by tossing out normal attacks with a quick pullback time. Aug 02, 2019  'Footsies' is archaic slang for the mid-range ground-based aspect of fighting game strategy. It refers to a situation where both players are outside of combo range and attack each other with mid- or long-range, generally safe attacks ( pokes ). FOOTSIES is a 2D fighting game where players can control character movement horizontally and use one attack button to perform normal and special moves to defeat their opponent. Footsies Is A Stripped-Down Fighting Game That Focuses On The Art Of Timing As most mainstream fighting games aim to complexify their systems while making the basics accessible. Enter Footsies, a fighting game that will show the power of proper timing and spacing the hard way.

# There Is No Health Bar. The Round Is Lost After Being Hit By Special Moves.
# There Is, However, Guard Bar. You Can Block Opponent Attack Up To Three Times. After That, Every Attack Will Cause Guard Break.Fighting
# There Are Two Type Of Normal Moves, Neutral Attack And Forward/Backward Attack.

Fighting Game Footsies Guide

# There Are Two Type Of Special Moves Which Can Be Performed By Holding And Then Release Attack Button. One Can Be Performed By Neutral Release, And Forward/Backward Release For The Other One.

Fighting Games 2 Player

# If Normal Moves Connect With The Opponent, Whether On Hit Or Block, It Can Be Canceled Into Neutral Special Move By Pressing An Attack Button Again.
# Forward And Backward Dashes Can Be Performed By Pressing Forward/Backward Twice.

Two buttons, two kicks, and two banditos. Luke Esquivel explains how his indie fighter Senor Footsies is reimagining fighting games with minimalist design.

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Footsies Hi Fight

Under the blazing sun of a nameless desert, two poncho-wearing banditos square off in mortal combat. They do not fight with guns or knives, only kicks. One kick, one kill. Two men enter, one man--well, you get the idea. This is the simplicity of Senor Footsies.

Described as an 'instantly learnable fighting game' by its creator, Luke 'A-Rival' Esquivel, this game distills the conventional fighting formula down to one of its fundamentals: spacing. It's a simple, fast-paced game that bucks the trend of an increasingly mechanics-heavy genre.