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Windows Themes also known as Windows Skins have been around for as long as Microsoft Windows has been around. It allows you to completely change the look and feel of your operating system. You can completely modify your desktop and give it a new look. Here you will find the top 9 best Windows 10 themes 2019 with free download links. These are software that will have to be installed in order to change the look of your desktop.

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What are Windows Themes/Skins?

Windows Theme/Skins are modifications that you apply to change the visual look of your desktop. There are many aspects of your Windows appearance that it can change.

You can change the visual looks of the following items in Windows 10:

  • Background image
  • Mouse cursor
  • Desktop icons
  • Menu bar
  • Folder icons
  • System buttons
  • Add transparency

There are themes available for all types of categories including:

  • Sports cars/automobiles I.e. Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, and many other car themes.
  • Nature themes.
  • Abstract themes.
  • Cartoons and Animes.
  • Themes based on celebrities.
  • Dark mode themes.
  • Full HD.
  • Custom themes.
  • 3D/4D themes.

9 Best Windows 10 Themes of 2019 (Free Download)

Microsoft Windows themes have been evolving since Windows 7 was released. Every year there are newer and much better themes released which can be downloaded for free.

Many have also been outdated now but you should only be looking for the latest skins/themes for your OS.

Silk – The Most Beautiful Theme

This is hands down one of the most eye-catching themes for Windows 10. It has a blue accent to it with an electronic feel. It turns your desktop into a minimalistic piece of art.

The Silk theme allows you to change nearly everything about your desktop. This includes the main colors, icons, background, and folders. You can change the look of the folders to give it a much more unique look.

Ubuntu Skin Pack – Make Windows Look Like Linux

Ubuntu is a totally different operating system. However, if you like the way Ubuntu looks you can give the same look to Windows. Ubuntu skin pack changes almost every detail on your PC. It will make it look like a computer running Linux. However, it will be Windows under the skin.

This is one of the best themes for Windows 10 you can get to give it a unique look. It also changes the taskbar and puts in on the left of the screen.

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Get Themes Windows 10 Free

Aero Glass – Transparent Theme

If you miss the transparency features from the old days of Windows 7 then don’t worry. Aero Glass has you covered. This theme will give your Windows 10 installation a transparent look.

It is very attractive and gives you a new stylish look that you never get bored off. Let’s be clear, no one wants to be looking at a boring UI. Aero Glass style transparent theme will give your desktop a new life.

Simplify 10 Dark Blue – Minimalistic Theme

A theme for dark mode lovers and square icon lovers. It minimizes the look of almost every detail on Windows. It has a very subtle and dull look to it which makes it very pleasing to the eyes. Simplify 10 comes with two different versions which are round and square.

It changes the following visuals when you apply this theme:

  • Windows Cursor.
  • Comes with 4 different HD wallpapers.
  • Firefox matching userChrome.css file.

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Mac OS X El Capitan – Make Windows 10 look like Macintosh

We know MACs are expensive and they have a pretty stealth and simple user-interface. If you are a MAC lover and would like to have the same theme on Windows 10 then MAC OS X El Capitan theme is the best choice for you. This theme turns your desktop into a Macintosh and changes the icons, folders, and background to give you the premium interface you want.

It also changes the taskbar and makes it look the same as the one found on MAC, impressive! You will not be able to tell the difference between an original MAC installation and this theme/skin when you look up close.

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Windows XP Theme – Transform Win 10 Into Win XP

The Windows XP theme for Windows 10 is the most favorite theme in the world. We have all seen this theme at least once in our lifetime. It brings back many memories of the previous versions of Windows.

Classic Shell XP Suite will be needed to apply this theme. This is a set of all the customization tools that you will need to change the look of Win 10 to XP. This theme gives you the original XP visuals with the blue taskbar and green start button.

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GreyEve Theme – Dark Theme For Windows 10

If you are a person that likes dark mode, or anything related to dark themes. GreyEve is the top dark mode theme for you. Dark themes have many benefits as they put less strain on your eyes. Also, if you are using a laptop with an Oled display it will save you battery life.

GreyEve will turn everything black on your desktop. This will include the background, accent, colors, and cursor. It will truly please you with its colors and stealth look.

Hover Dark Aero – Black Theme for Windows 10

This theme can be used as an alternative to the above GreyEve theme. This is the best true dark mode theme for Windows 10 available for download. It has everything in black when compared to GreyEve which has a shade of grey as well.

You will need UXThemePatcher to install most of the popular themes on Win 10. Hover Dark Aero will give you a true dark mode you wished on Windows. It will also help you focus better in the night while looking at the screen. It is still receiving updates and make sure to grab the latest version.

Desktop theme download for windows 7

Christmas Desktop Themes For Windows 7 Free Download

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3D HD Theme for Windows 10

3D Themes have been around for a quite a while now and have existed in many different categories. This 3D theme gives a holographic look and provides HD wallpapers. You get a collection of different images including sphere and cubes.

It is full of 3D graphics and icons and will give you a very pleasing visual look.

Desktop Themes For Windows 7 Free Download 2015

How to Apply/Change Your Windows 10 Desktop Theme?

Changing your desktop theme in Windows 10 can be challenging and a bit complicated. You must make sure you follow the correct steps in order to change your theme. Below we will be sharing techniques with you on how to change your skin easily.

Desktop Themes For Windows 10

Method 1:

  • Download and install UXThemePatcher.
  • Once you have the theme files, you will need to move them into the following location: ‘%windir%/Resources/Themes‘.
  • Now to change the theme you can just go into the desktop preferences of your PC.

Method 2:

  • Make sure you have all the ZIP files of the theme downloaded, extracted and ready.
  • Now you will have to place the file into ‘%USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsThemes‘.
  • Now to change your theme just go to Settings > Personalization > Themes.
  • All done.

Method 3:

  • Some themes have their own EXE installer file.
  • You will just have to simply run the installer file and it will apply the theme on your desktop.

Reminder: Always create a backup or system restore point before doing any customizations.

Update: Windows 10 Build 1903 now comes with a ‘New Light Theme‘. This is a white color based theme with a very stealth look and feel.

Which Windows 10 Theme Are You Using in 2019?

We all have our own choices when it comes to styling and customizing our desktops. There are different wallpapers that we may use or different icons. It’s your turn to tell us the theme you use on your current PC. In this article, you have read about 9 best Windows 10 themes of 2019 to free download and apply to your OS.

We highly hope you will love the collection shared with you today. These are the latest themes/skins which have been highly rated by their users and us.