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Dance Dance Revolution Review. Dance Dance Revolution is a great introduction to a truly unique series with incredibly addictive gameplay and a soundtrack that will have you humming for days.

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The Dance Dance Revolution series started in 1998 and has grown to a large set of games in the franchise. This list of Dance Dance Revolution games documents games released, including systems, formats, and regions for which the games were released.

  • 4Unreleased games
  • The second one runs the game. Most of the time, you wont even have to do anything with the first folder to get more songs. Most places give you these handy little files, called SMZIP packages, that install the songs automatically. Seeing as Stepmania doesn't come with any songs, you'll have to download some.
  • Dance Dance Revolution Energy HD 1' Foam Deluxe Dance Pad for PS/ PS2/ Wii/ Xbox/ PC - DDR Game. Oct 30, 2008 by Dance Dance Revolution. 2.8 out of 5 stars 184.


Japanese release
Chinese release
Korean release
European release
Asian release
North American release
South American release
Oceanic release

These lists are sorted by platform of release, then region, then best-known release date, then regional or renamed version title, if any. Releases that have sold more than one million copies or have been re-issued as Greatest Hits are colored orange.

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Dance Dance Revolution[edit]

TitlePlatformCountry-regionReleaseRegional (or renamed) version title
Dance Dance Revolution (1st)Arcade1998-09-26
ArcadeMarch 1999
March 1999Dancing Stage
1999-03-05Dancing Stage (re-release)
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMixArcade1999-01-19
PlayStation1999-09-30Dance Dance Revolution 2ndRemix
Dreamcast2000-02-17Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix Dreamcast Edition
Dance Dance Revolution Best of Cool DancersArcade1999-02-11
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix with Beatmania IIDX Club Version[1]Arcade1999-04-21
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix Link VersionArcade1999-04-28
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix and Beatmania IIDX Substream Club Version 2Arcade1999-07-27
Dancing Stage featuring True Kiss DestinationArcade1999-07-27
Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMixPlayStation2000-06-01
October 2000Dance Dance Revolution USA
Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke MixArcadeNovember 1999
Dancing Stage featuring Dreams Come TrueArcade1999-12-25
Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix PlusArcade2000-06-21
Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke Mix 2ndArcadeJuly 2000
Dance Dance Revolution 4thMixArcade2000-08-24
Dancing Stage featuring Disney's RaveArcade2000-11-30
PlayStation2000-11-30Dance Dance Revolution Disney's Rave
2001-09-18Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix
2001-09-28Dancing Stage Disney Mix
Dance Dance Revolution KidsArcadeDecember 2000
Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix PlusArcade2000-12-28
Dance Dance Revolution 5thMixArcade2001-03-27
DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6thMixArcade2001-10-19
PlayStation 22002-05-16
DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution 7thMixArcade2002-03-27
PlayStation 22003-04-24
Dance Dance Revolution ExtremeArcade2002-12-25
PlayStation 22003-10-09
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova[2]Arcade2006-07-12
2006-06-15 (re-release)[2][2]
2006-04-28Dancing Stage SuperNova
2006-07-15Dancing Stage SuperNova (re-release)
PlayStation 22007-01-25
PlayStation 22006-09-26
PlayStation 22007-04-27Dancing Stage SuperNova
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2[3]Arcade2007-08-22
PlayStation 22008-02-21
PlayStation 22008-10-03Dancing Stage SuperNova 2
PlayStation 22007-09-26
Dance Dance Revolution XArcade2008-12-24
PlayStation 22009-01-29
PlayStation 22008-09-16
Dance Dance Revolution X2[3]Arcade2010-07-07
2010-12-31 [note 1]
Dance Dance Revolution X3 VS 2ndMixArcade2011-11-16
Dance Dance Revolution (2013 edition)Arcade2013-03-14
Dance Dance Revolution (2014 edition)Arcade2014-05-12
Dance Dance Revolution AArcade2016-03-30
Dance Dance Revolution A20Arcade2019-03-20
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndReMix Append Club Version Vol.1PlayStation1999-11-25
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndReMix Append Club Version Vol.1PlayStation1999-11-25
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndReMix Append Club Version Vol.2PlayStation1999-12-22
Dancing Stage featuring Dreams Come TruePlayStation2000-04-20
Oha Suta Dance Dance RevolutionPlayStation2000-09-14
Dance Dance Revolution Best HitsPlayStation2000-12-21
Dance Dance Revolution Extra MixPlayStation2001-06-07
Dance Dance Revolution Party CollectionPlayStation 22003-12-11
DDR Festival Dance Dance RevolutionPlayStation 22004-11-18
Dance Dance Revolution StrikePlayStation 22006-02-16
Dance Dance Revolution Club Version Dreamcast EditionDreamcast2000-04-27
Dance Dance Revolution GBGame Boy Color2000-08-03
Dance Dance Revolution GB2Game Boy Color2000-11-16
Oha Suta Dance Dance Revolution GBGame Boy Color2001-02-08
Dance Dance Revolution GB3Game Boy Color2001-03-15
Dance Dance Revolution GB Disney MixGame Boy Color2001-03-29
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Dancing Museum[5]Nintendo 642000-11-30
Dance Dance Revolution with MarioGameCube2005-07-14
2005-10-24Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
2005-10-28Dancing Stage Mario Mix
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest PartyWii2007-10-25[6]
2008-03-28[6]Dancing Stage Hottest Party
Dance Dance Revolution Full Full PartyWii2008-12-18
Dance Dance Revolution Music FitWii2010-01-28
Dancing Karaoke DKaraWindows2001-01-16
Dance Dance Revolution Finger Step[8]Bemani Pocket1999-09-09
Dance Dance Revolution Hello Kitty[9]Bemani Pocket1999-12-23
Dance Dance Revolution Dear Daniel[10]Bemani Pocket2000-02-02
Dance Dance Revolution Winnie the Pooh[11]Bemani Pocket2000-10-26
Dance Dance RevolutionMobile game2001-02-19
Dance Dance Revolution (re-release)Mobile game2004-01-21
Dance Dance Revolution SiOS2009-02-05
Dance Dance Revolution S+iOS2009-10-05
Dance Dance Revolution Family Mat[citation needed]TV game2001-08-09
My First Dance Dance RevolutionTV game2001-11-09
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 Chinese Music Special EditionXbox 3602009-05-12[12]
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix[4]Xbox2003-11-19
Dance Dance Revolution SiOS2009-03-05
Dance Dance RevolutionPlayStation2001-03-20
Dance Dance Revolution KonamixPlayStation2002-04-24
DDRMAX Dance Dance RevolutionPlayStation 22002-10-29
DDRMAX2 Dance Dance RevolutionPlayStation 22003-09-23
Dance Dance Revolution ExtremePlayStation 22004-09-21
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2PlayStation 22005-09-28
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Channel EditionPlayStation 22008-01-08
Dance Dance Revolution X2PlayStation 22009-10-27
DanceDanceRevolutionPlayStation 32010-11-16
2011-03-18DanceDanceRevolution New Moves
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix (re-release)Xbox2004
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2Xbox2004-11-18
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3Xbox2005-11-15
Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4Xbox2006-11-14
Dance Dance Revolution Universe[13]Xbox 3602007-02-27
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2Xbox 3602007-12-05
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3Xbox 3602008-10-21
DanceDanceRevolutionXbox 3602011-04-12
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2Wii2008-09-16
2009-06-26[citation needed]Dancing Stage Hottest Party 2
Dance Dance Revolution Disney GroovesWii2009-04-02[14]
Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3Wii2009-10-27
2011-05-06DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 4
Dance Dance Revolution IIWii2011-10-11
2011-11-25[16]DanceDanceRevolution Hottest Party 5[17]
Dance Dance RevolutionWindows2002-05-24
Dance Dance Revolution Strawberry ShortcakeTV game2006-11-14
Dance Dance Revolution Disney MixTV game2006-12-05
My First Dance Dance RevolutionTV game2006-12-07
Dance Dance Revolution DVD GameDVD game2006
Dance Dance Revolution Mobile 3D[18]Mobile game2005
Dance Dance Revolution[19]Mobile game2006-05-02
Dancing Stage EuroMixArcade2000-07-31
Dancing Stage EuroMix (re-release)Arcade2000
Dancing Stage EuroMix 2Arcade2002-08-06
Dancing Stage FusionArcadeApril 2005
Dancing Stage EuroMixPlayStation2000-02-16
Dancing Stage Party EditionPlayStation2002-11-15
Dancing Stage FeverPlayStation2003-10-24
Dancing Stage FusionPlayStation2004-11-05
Dancing Stage MegaMixPlayStation 22003-05-30
Dancing Stage FeverPlayStation 22003-10-24
Dancing Stage FusionPlayStation 22004-11-05
Dancing Stage MaxPlayStation 22005-11-25
Dancing Stage UnleashedXbox2004-03-12
Dancing Stage Unleashed 2Xbox2005-05-13
Dancing Stage Unleashed 3Xbox2006-03-17
Dancing Stage UniverseXbox 3602007-12-07
Dancing Stage Universe 2Xbox 3602008-10-03
Dance Dance Revolution Winx ClubWii2009-03-26[citation needed]
Dancing StageMobile game2005
Dancing Stage DVD GameDVD game2007
Dancing Stage EuroMixPlayStation2000-02-16
Dancing Stage FeverPlayStation2003-10-24
Dancing Stage MegaMix[20]PlayStation 22003-09-26
Dancing Stage Fusion[21]PlayStation 22004-10-01
Dancing Stage Universe[22]Xbox 3602007-12-21
Dance Dance Revolution DVD Game[23]DVD game2007
Dancing Stage Hottest Party[24]Wii2008-04-11[6][24]
Dance Dance Revolution Classroom EditionWindowsSeptember 2012
Dance Dance Revolution Dance WarsiOS2013-02-14[25]
Dance Dance Revolution Pocket EditioniOS2013-10-05
Dance Dance Revolution Ultimate MobileiOSSpring 2020
AndroidSpring 2020
WindowsSpring 2020

Dance Dance Revolution Solo[edit]

TitlePlatformRegionRelease date
Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass MixArcade1999-08-19
Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000Arcade1999-12-16
Dance Dance Revolution 4thMixArcade2000-08-24
Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix PlusArcade2000-12-28

Unreleased games[edit]

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix[edit]

The gameplay screen of the preview version of Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix (top) and the gameplay screen of the released version (bottom).
Released as Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix.

Originally Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix was going to be a Windows title, sequeling Dance Dance Revolution which had been released a couple of years before.[26] Screenshots of the game under development were released to video game news sites showing an interface that closely resembled the previous Windows game.[27] Later in development the game was completely changed visually and released on the Microsoft Xbox.[28]

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Dancing Stage SuperNova 2[edit]

This game was never released. Reason: PlayStation 2 and arcade board blacklist issues.

The European arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2, titled Dancing Stage SuperNova 2, was never shipped due to importation issues surrounding the PlayStation 2-based engine. The arcade release of DDR SuperNova 2 uses an imported Japanese PlayStation 2 to power the game.[29] The import ban came after the release of Dancing Stage SuperNova, the second Dance Dance Revolution arcade released in Europe to use a PlayStation 2 engine.[29]

A Dancing Stage SuperNova 2 was released for the European PlayStation 2 directly, but is based on the North American PlayStation 2 release of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 instead of the arcade.

Dance Dance Revolution Solo (International)[edit]

Only a test build existed in North America; this game never saw a full release outside of Asia.

Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix had a public test build in early 2000 in the United States at Konami's former test location Diversions in Chicago, IL. It was later replaced with Dance Dance Revolution USA.

Major differences from the Japanese build is the absence of 3 songs: 'That's The Way '98,' 'Together and Forever', and 'Get Off.' The Nonstop Megamix course including these songs were also not present. All other functions and hidden modes were available for play including Maniac mode, Ultimate Maniac mode, Nonstop Megamix, and machine link play.

Dancing Stage Solo is a cancelled video game for Europe. Konami filed to trademark the name on July 9, 1999. It was registered on July 25, 2000, but expired ten years after filing.[30] This game's Caution screen, high score background and title screen were present as unused game data in the Asian versions of Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000.[31]

DDRMAX3 Dance Dance Revolution 8thMix[edit]

Released as Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. However, many images on the Internet represent a long-standing hoax.

Dance Dance Revolution (2014) (North America)[edit]

Dance Dance Revolution (2014) had a location test in USA.
Only a test build exists, this game never saw a full release in North America.

The test build was available to the public on mid 2015 in select Round 1 and Dave & Buster's shops in the United States. e-Amusement functionality was available. The game was later replaced with Dance Dance Revolution A in the United States and Canada, making it the first Dance Dance Revolution release in USA since Dance Dance Revolution X2 and the first in Canada since Dance Dance Revolution X.

The USA location test of Dance Dance Revolution (2014) removed 22 songs found in the Japanese release:

  • DDR (2014): 2 Konami originals
  • DDR (2013): 6 licenses
  • DDR X3: all licenses
  • DDR 2ndMix: all Dancemania licenses:
    • 'Bad Girls' by Juliet Roberts
    • 'Boom Boom Dollar (Red Monster Mix)' by King Kong & D. Jungle Girls
    • 'Stomp to My Beat' by JS16
  • DDR (1998): 'Kung Fu Fighting' by Bus Stop featuring Carl Douglas

Unofficial releases[edit]

Dance Dance Revolution Megamix and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Plus are commercial bootlegs of Dance Dance Revolution Extreme.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Pro and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Clarity are fan-made unofficial patches for Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. Pro enables the Marvelous timing window in all play modes,[32] a feature that debuted in Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2, while also unlocking all songs automatically and using Oni scoring in all modes. It also adds support for BrightWhite, a fan-made alternative to the memory card reader. DDR Extreme Clarity improves upon Pro by adding Slow and Fast timing indicators,[32] a feature only available in some circumstances beginning with Dance Dance Revolution X2.

Fan-made releases, designed to run on the StepMania software, include:

  • DDRMAX3 Dance Dance Revolution 8thMix
  • DDRMAX4 Dance Dance Revolution New Collection
  • EXTRAMAX Dance Dance Revolution New Collection 2
  • DDRMAX5 Dance Dance Revolution 10thMix
  • Dance Dance Revolution Xtreme 2 (not to be confused with Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2)
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 3
  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 6


  1. ^As of 2017, two Canadian arcades imported Dance Dance Revolution X2 from the United States. One is an upgraded Dance Dance Revolution X cabinet, while another is a dedicated X2 cabinet.
  • ^Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix was updated after its initial release with a few new songs and the ability to connect to and play alongside Konami's DJ simulator games, Beatmania IIDX. While the official name of that version of DDR when alone was Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix Link Version,[33] when connected to the two Beatmania IIDX cabinets it was compatible with it was referred to by two other unique names.[34]
  • ^ Along with the 'International Versions' of Japan's DDR series, Korea specific versions of Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix were released with a partly exclusive song list. Some of the Korean songs were later featured in the Japanese and international Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix, as well as the Plus and Solo versions. They have not been used in the DDR series since.[35]
  • ^ Due to a licensing mishap during the launch of Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix, the game was temporarily unavailable to Canadian players,[36] forcing them to wait for Konami to secure the rights to certain songs and rerelease the game for all of North America.[37]
  • ^ The 'second release' versions of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova and Dancing Stage SuperNova in North America and Europe were a game disc replacement to fix audio syncing issues with the initial release of the game. Along with bug fixes, the discs added new songs to both versions.[38]
  • ^ As of 2017, two Canadian arcades imported Dance Dance Revolution X2 and one imported Dance Dance Revolution A from the United States.


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