Colt Da 38 Revolver Serial Numbers

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The value can vary widely based on condition and age. A Colt DA38 can sell anywhere between $300-1,000.

How much is Colt DA 38 worth?

Does a 38 DA Colt use 38 short or 38 long?

Thanks to the advance of technology, now you are able to look up Colt serial number on the Internet. Simply go to the Colt homepage and hover your mouse to the “Customer Service” tab. In there is a useful function called “Serial Number Lookup”, click it then enter the serial numbers and characters on your Colt. . Any guns above serial number 40300 are considered to be modern under the 1968 Firearms Laws. Colt Model 1878 were manufactured in the following caliber's: 22, 32, 32-20, 38 COLT, 38-40, 44 Russian, 44-40 Frontier, 45 Colt, 450 Boxer, 455 Enfield, 476 Enfield.

  1. Caliber New Army.38 Colt caliber revolver. Serial number 222140. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. Gun has approximately 85% factory nickel, missing a patch above the grip on the left hand side of the.
  2. Jan 04, 2012  The gun is a Colt New Navy revolver, made in 1896. The caliber is what we call the.38 Long Colt (not to be confused with the.38 S&W or the.38 Special). The serial number is on the grip (73086); the others are assembly numbers to keep hand fitted parts together in the manufacturing and assembly process.

The Colt DA 38 Model # 1901, can only use a 38 short, not a long or special.

How much is a colt DA 38 serial number 1446?

How do you find info about Colt DA 38 Colt DA 32?

You could get a historical letter from Colt. Cost is about 100 USD or so.

What is your 1901 colt da 38 army model with a serial?

What is a 38 police positive?

What is the age and value of a colt DA 38 serial number 117513?

You can call Colt and they will tell you when it was made. Value can't be given since you don't describe the condition, finish, grips, barrel length, box, accessories, papers, etc.

How do you dissassemble a colt da 38?

Colt 38 Da Revolver


What is the manufacture date of a colt DA 38?

Colt Da 38 Revolver Serial Numbers

What is the value of a colt defender?

What is the value of a colt model 1901 army 38 cal DA?

i seen prices from 495 u.s. to 2500 u.s. it depends on condition of firearm.i hope this helps

What is the value of a Colt Officer Police 38?

value depends on overall condition...............

What is the age of a colt DA 38 with 94 and USMC on butt?

Colt 38 Revolver Models

How much is a Colt DA 38 long?

What is the age and value of a 38 special Colt Police Positive serial 166351?

Serial Numbers On Colt Revolvers

Don't know the value but according to, the Colt police positive .38 was made in 1926 & the Colt police positive special was made in 1919.