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This was posted on and contains a helpful roundup of the information we have on the codex. Re-posting here for your convenience.

<Hive Fleet> units automatically pass Morale tests if they are within 12' of any friendly <Hive Fleet> units with this ability.
Shadow in the Warp
Enemy PSYKERS must subtract 1 from any Psychic tests they make if they are within 18' of any units with this ability. TYRANID PSKYERS are not affected.
Instinctive Behaviour
Unless a <Hive Fleet> unit with this ability is within 24' of any friendly <Hive Fleet> Synapse unit, you must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made for it when shooting any target other than the nearest visible enemy unit, and you must subtract 2 its charge roll against any unit other than the nearest enemy unit.

Hive Fleet Adaptations (apply to all units)

  • Behemoth: You can re-roll failed charge rolls for units with this adaptation

  • Kraken: When a unit with this adaptation Advances, roll three dice instead of one and pick the highest to add to the Move characteristic of all models in the unit for that Movement phase. In addition, such units can Fall Back and charge in the same turn.

  • Gorgon: You can re-roll wound rolls of 1 in the Fight phase for units with this adaptation.

  • Jormungandr: A unit with this adaptation (other than units that can fly) always has the benefit of cover for the purpose of shooting attacks. If the unit advances or charges, however, it loses the benefits of this adaptation until the start of your movement phase.

  • Hydra: You can re-roll hit rolls in the Fight phase for units with this adaptation that target units containing fewer models than their own.

  • Kronos: You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for units with this adaptation in your Shooting phase if they did not move in the preceding Movement phase.

  • Leviathan: Roll a D6 each time a unit with the adaptation loses a wound whilst it is within 6' of a friendly Synapse unit from the same hive fleet. On a 6, the damage is ignored and the unit does not lose a wound. Ignore this adaptation on a unit that is currently affected by the Catalyst psychic power.

Psychic Powers
Catalyst, Onslaught, The Horror are unchanged.
Psychic Scream:

  • WC5

  • Targets nearest enemy within 18' and does D3 mortal wounds. If the target is a psyker, also roll 2d6. If the value is higher than the enemy psyker's leadership, the enemy psyker loses 1 spell at random.


  • WC5

  • Target enemy unit within 12' of the psyker fights last.


  • Target unit within 36' of the psyker essentially gains synapse.

Codex tyranids pdf free

Warlord Traits

  • Before battle begins, you can remove your warlord and set them up again.

  • Never suffer any hit roll penalties. Overwatch still on 6s.

  • Add 6' synapse

  • When the warlord kills a character in fight, you may select a friendly hive unit within 3', that unit gets an additional move phase.

  • Before battle begins, choose an opponent's unit. Your warlord can reroll all failed hit rolls against all units with the same dataslate. (eg. All obliterator squads)

  • After the end of any phase where your warlord takes a wound, for the remainder of the battle reduce all damage done to your warlord by 1 (to a minimum of 1)

  • Behemoth: For each roll of 6 to wound your warlord makes in the fight phase, that attack gains +1 damage

  • Kraken: You may select 1 friendly Kraken unit within 6' of your warlord ever fight phase, that unit can fight first.

  • Leviathan: Once per battle round you can reroll a single hit/wound/damage/advance/charge or saving throw for your warlord.

  • Gorgon: At the end of fight phase, roll D6 for every enemy within 1' of your warlord. On 4+, that unit suffers a mortal wound.

  • Jormungandr: Enemy units don't gain cover save bonuses from attacks by your warlord or any friendly Jormungandr units within 3' of your warlord.

  • Hydra: At the beginning of each of your turns, roll a dice for each wound your warlord has suffered and on a 6 heal a wound.

  • Kronos: If enemy psykers fail a psychic test within 18' of your warlord, they suffer D3 mortal wounds.


  • 1CP The Enemy Below (Jormungandr): Use this Stratagem during deployment when setting up a Jormungandr Infantry unit. Instead of deploying normal set this unit up underground. When you set up a unit of tunnelers (Raveners, Trygon, Trygon Prime, or Mawloc) any number of units that have been set up underground may deploy with them. Place that unit within 3” of the tunneler and more than 9” away from any enemy units.

  • 1CP Brute Force (Behemoth): Use when a Benemoth unit completes a charge. Roll a D6 for each Behemoth charging model within 1' of enemy units. For each roll of 6, deal 1 mortal wound to the enemy unit. Do the same on a 2+ if the charging unit is a monstrous creature.

  • 1CP War On All Fronts (Leviathan): During the fight phase, select an enemy unit within 1' of 1 flying and 1 nonflying Leviathan unit. You may reroll hit & wound rolls of 1 for Leviathan attacks against the enemy unit.

  • 1CP Against Shadow (Kronos): When an enemy psyker attempts to cast a spell within 24' of a Kronos unit, that psyker can only use 1 dice for his psychic test.

  • 1CP Hypertoxicity (Gorgon): During the fight phase, choose Gorgon unit with toxin sac, that unit does 1 additional damage on wounds roll of 5+ instead of 6+.

  • 2CP Endless Swarm: Select a destroyed unit of Termagants, Hormagaunts, Gargoyls or any Hydra infantry unit that has been completely destroyed. Add an identical unit to your army and set it up as reinforcement wholly within 6' of any board edge, and more than 9' from enemy units.

  • 1CP Opportunistic Advance: Use in your Movement Phase. Choose a Kraken unit that does not have the Fly keyword. When Advancing you can double number you roll when determining how much to add to the unit's Movement characteristic.

  • 3CP Call the Brood: At the end of your movement phase, add a new unit of up to 5 Genestealers, wholly within 6 of a Broodlord or infestation node but more than 9' from enemy units.

  • 3CP Adrenaline Surge: At the end of fight phase, select a Tyranid unit from your army; that unit can immediately fight again.

  • 2CP Digestive Denial: After deployment but before the first turn begins, choose a piece of terrain other than fortification. Units fully within or on this piece of terrain do not gain any bonus to their saving throws for being in cover.

  • 2CP Single Minded Annihilation: At the end of your shooting phase, choose an infantry unit; that unit shoots again.

  • 1CP Grisly Feast: During morale phase, select Ripper Swarm or Harauspex unit. Enemy units within 6 ' must add 1 to their morale tests.

  • 2CP Pathogenic Slime: During your shooting, select a Monstrous Creature. Increase the damage of its attacks by for 1 for this phase.

  • 3CP Sporefield: After both armies deploy, add up 2 units of spore mines as reinforcements more than 12' from enemy units.

  • 1CP Invisible Hunter: During your movement phase, select a Lictor within 1' of an enemy unit. That model can fall back, shoot and charge.

  • 1CP Power of the Hive Mind: At the end of your psychic phase, choose a Tyranid psyker that manifested a power, that unit can cast 1 additional power.

  • 1CP Pheromone Trail: Use this stratagem when a Tyranid Infantry unit from your army is set up on the battlefield as reinforcements if there is already a Lictor from your army on the battlefield. You can set up the unit wholly within 6” of the Lictor and more than 9” from any enemy models, rather than following the normal rules for setting up the unit.

  • 2CP Death Frenzy: Use when a Tyranid character dies: it can shoot again as if it were shooting phase, or fight again as if fight phase before its removal.

  • 1CP Overrun: When a Tyranid unit destroys an enemy unit in the fight phase, and it is not within 3' of another enemy unit, that unit can forgo consolidation but move and advance as if movement phase (but cannot move within 1' of enemy models.)

  • 1CP Voracious Appetite: During the fight phase, a Tyranid Monstrous Creature or character can reroll all failed wounds until the end of the fight phase.

  • 3CP Psychic Barrage: During your psychic phase, select 3 broods of Zoanthropes that contain at least 3 models each and have not yet manifested a psychic power this turn. Instead of manifesting powers normally, select a point within 24' and line-of-sight of all 3 units: roll a dice for all enemy units within 3 inch of that point, on a 4+ that unit suffers 3d3 mortal wounds. Add 1 to that roll for characters and minus 1 from that roll for units that have 10 models or more.

  • 1CP Caustic Blood: At the start of fight phase, select a Tyranid unit and roll D6 when a model in that unit dies. On 6, an enemy unit withing 1' suffers a mortal wound.

  • 2CP Rapid Regen: At the end of the movement phase select a Tyranid Monstrous Creature, roll a D3 and heal that many wounds from the model.

  • 1CP Scorching Bugs: During your shooting phase select a Tyranid unit. That unit gets +1 to wound for all fleshbourer or fleshbourer hive attacks.

  • 1CP Feeder Rendrils: When a Genestealer, Lictor, Toxicrene or Venomthrope unit kills a character in the fight phase, gain D3 CP.

  • 1CP Implant Attack: Use aft Tyranid unit fights in the fight phase. Roll D6 for each wounded enemy model that was not slain. On a 2+, that model suffers a mortal wound.

  • 1/3CP Bounty of the Hive Fleet: Before the beginning of the game, you may equip 1/2 additional relics to model(s) in your army.

  • 1CP Metabolic Movement: Use in your movement phase after a Tyranid unit has moved. You may move that unit again including advancing, however you must roll a D6 for each model in that unit and on a 6 that unit suffers a mortal wound. That unit cannot shoot or charge this turn.


  • Scythes of Tyran (Behemoth): Replaces massive scything talons. Adds +1S and generates extra attack on a to hit of 6+

  • Infrasonic Roar (Jorgmungandr): Monster only. Enemy units within 6' of this model must subtract 1 from their leadership.

  • Chameleonic Mutations (Kraken): -1 to hit from shooting attacks.

  • Hyperadaptive Biology (Gorgon): From the end of the first phase in which this model suffers any wounds, add 1 to its Toughness for the remainder of the battle

  • Balethorn Cannon (Kronos): Replaces Stranglethorn. Ignores invulnerable saves.

  • Slimer Maggot Infestatation (Hydra): Replaces pair of Sllimer Deathspitters. Re-rolls failed wound rolls.

  • Slayer Sabres (Leviathan): Replaces Monstrous Boneswords. If against infantry or biker model suffers damage from this weapon but is not slain at end of fight phase, roll a D3. If result is greater than wounds remaining on the model, that model is slain.

  • Maw Claws of Thyrax: Replaces Rending Claws (either size). When this model slays an enemy model in the fight phase, you can reroll hits in all subsequent fight phases for this model.

  • Miasma Cannon: Replaces Heavy Venom Cannon. Auto-hits within 8' and always wounds non-vehicles on a 2+.

  • Norn Crown: Ignore Instinctive Behaviour within 30'.

  • Ymgarl Factor: Roll a D3 at beginning of each fight phase: 1) +1 S, 2) +1 A, 3) +1 T

  • The Reaper of Obliterax: Replaces Bonesword & Lash Whip. Inflict double damage on a 6+.


  • Stinger Salvos: Now 24' range.

  • Heavy Venom Cannon: 36' Assault D3, S9, 2AP, 3 damage.

  • Venom Cannon: 36' Assault D3, S8, 2AP, D3 damage.

  • Stranglethorn: 25pts.

  • Devourer with Brainleech Worms: Assault 6, S6, 0AP, 1 damage, 7pts.

  • Deathspitter with Maggot Worms: Assault 3, S7, 1AP, 1 damage, 7pts.

  • Monstrous Boneswords: 20pts.

  • Monstrous Boneswords & Lash Whip: 15pts.

Point Changes

  • Carnifex -5

  • Exocrine -10

  • Haruspex -80

  • Hive Crone +10

  • Harpy +5

  • Hive Tyrant -20

  • Hive Tyrant (w/Wings) -15

  • Pyrovore -5

  • Trygon -10

  • Trygon Prime -15

  • Tyrannocyte -15

  • Tyrannofex -10


Hive Tyrant:

  • T7, 12W, 4A, 3+/4++ SV

  • Wings now allow deepstrike

  • Tail is a bonus attack


  • T7, 12W, 3+/4++ SV

  • Still has hive commander.

  • On 6's to wound he does one additional mortal wound.

  • Blade Parry brings 4++ to 3++ in melee

  • Has Leviathan warlord trait if used as your warlord.

  • 300 pts.

Old One Eye

  • T7, 9W, 3+ WS, 3+ SV

  • 200 pts.

  • Hits of 6 generate 1 additional attack.

  • Gives Carnifexes within 6' +1 to hit in melee (including himself).

  • Gains +1 to hit during the turn he charges.

  • When charging, roll a D6. On a 4+ he deals D3 mortal wounds to an enemy unit within 3'.

  • Uses Behemoth warlord trait if taken as your warlord.

  • Has Crushing Claws and Monstrous Scything Talons


  • HQ, choice and a character.

  • Zoanthropes within 6' of a Neurothrope reroll 1's for psychic tests (including himself).

  • Spirit Leech heals 1 wound to a Zoanthrope unit within 6' if you slay a model.

  • 70 pts.


  • T7, 12W, 4++ SV

  • Deal 3 mortal wounds on a roll of 6 with his AoE ability.

  • Knows 2 spells and can cast and deny 2 spells.

  • 172 pts.


  • Units of 3-6

  • If the unit consists of 3 or more models, also gives -1 to hit to Monsters within 3'.

  • If the unit has 6 models, range becomes 6' instead of 3'.


  • 4+ BS

  • Can gain +1 armour but lose Swift and Deadly

  • For every 4 models in the unit, 1 may take Fleshhooks or Acid Maw

  • New ability (Infestion): Can put 4 nodes in your own deployment area, and if an enemy moves withing 9' of a node then destroy it. During your movement phase, you may destroy a node and put your Genestealer unit within 6' of that node.


Codex Tyranids Pdf Download

  • Gain Deepstrike


  • Don't exist

Hive Crone

  • -1 A

  • Tail attack is a bonus attack

  • Tentaclids are 4 shots

Red Terror

  • -1 WS

  • -1 A


  • Toxic lash are AP-2


  • 100 pts


  • 210 pts.


  • 185 pts.

  • Rupture Cannon is 47 or 49 pts.

  • Rupture Cannon profile is heavy 3, S10, 3AP D6 damage.

  • Acid spray is 18' 2D6 hits


Codex Tyranids Pdf Download

  • 83 pts (with 2x Monstrous Scything Talons)

Screamer Killer

  • +1 WS on the charge

  • Come with Bio Plasmic Scream: 0 points, 12' R, Assault D6, S7, 1AP, 1 damage.

  • Come with 2x Monstrous Scything Talons.

  • 90 pts.

Codex Tyranids 5th Edition


  • 70 pts.

  • Upgrades: Chitin & Extra Sensory.

  • Vicious Hunter: Enemy infantry don't get any form cover bonus to their saves and when they charge against infantry deal D3 mortal wounds instead of 1.

  • Starts with 2x Devourers with Brainleech worms and a pair of Monstrous Scything Talons.

  • Can swap the Devourers with Deathspitters with Maggots.

  • Can swap the Monstrous Scything Talons with a Stranglethorn Cannon only.

Tyranid 8th Edition Codex Pdf

Carnifex Biomorphs:

  • -1 to hit from enemy shooting biomorph is 10 pts and does not stack with shrouding spores.

  • +1 attack on the charge is 8 pts.

  • Extra Sensory Biomorph: +1 BS, 10 pts.

  • Chitin Biomorph: at the end of combat roll a D6 for each enemy unit in combat with it. On a 6 deal 1 mortal wound to that unit.

Codex Tyranids Pdf 8th