Centos Windows 10 Dual Boot

Posted By admin On 12/01/22

Centos 6 And Windows 10 Dual Boot

Dual booting Windows 10 and Linux used to be a precarious process that could wreck your Windows installation, your Linux installation or both. While the process isn’t quite a smooth as dual booting.

Install Centos Windows 10 Dual Boot

Hey guys,
I'm quite new to the process of setting up linux installations (especially configured as dual boot). I try to set it up on my Vaio Pro 13 via usb install medium.
Basically, I've tried two approaches so far:
1. http://www.tecmint.com/install-centos-7-dual-boot-with-windows-8-uefi-firmware/
Summation: run live usb-stick, create partitioning on my own, result in two efi-boot-partitions.
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QzbX8o7pSY
Summation: run live-usb-stick, create partitioning on my own, but select former windows efi-boot-partition and mount it under /boot/efi
The first try left me with a functioning CentOs, but it killed my windows boot entry. Trying to configure a custom boot entry for windows like in the link described or using grub2-probe failed.
The second version ran as smoothly, but after reboot it directly started windows again. I could not get CentOs to run by editing the boot-load with EasyBCD.
As I'm trying for a while, there are a few threads I read, and things that might be important: during installation of CentOs I were not able to decide where the bootloader should go to (at least I think so). Furthermore, although I was able to mount the windows partition in (1), I wasn't able to recreate the boot entry.
I hope for some new directions (or old ones, if you have an indicator what I might have done wrong), as I'd like to get the dual boot to run quite soon. If I missed any information, please ask, and I'll attach it!