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  • Developer: Flying Lab Software
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Originally on: Windows (2008)
  • Runs on: PC, Windows
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Just As Not every football fan supports the same team, not every online gamer wants to exist in a persistent world populated by goblins and wizards. Statistical weight is added to the argument by the fact that of the many MMOGs that have been consigned to the scrap heap in recent months, the majority have been of a fantasy nature.

Pirates of the Burning Sea is an award-winning massively multiplayer game set in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy. Captains compete for the glory and wealth of their nation as pirates, naval officers, privateers, and freetraders.

With this in mind and with feelings of fantasy fatigue settling in the pits of our stomachs after a double Xmas helping of EQII and WOW, it's with some relief that we look forward to Flying Lab Software's first MMO effort; a swashbuckling simulation of 18th century seafaring, plundering and colonial flag-waving called Pirates Of The Burning Sea. And while comparisons with a certain other piracy-themed game are unavoidable, Flab (as we like to call the company) is going all out to ensure its own buccaneering spirit shines through.

'We really love Sid Meier's games,' admits executive producer Russell Williams, 'but his approach to the genre is very different from ours. He's going for a more arcade-like combat experience, whereas our approach is much moreauthentic and demanding. We're looking for players who relish a challenge, a real battle of wits with human opponents. If you found Master And Commander as thrilling as we did, you're going to be a very happy gamer.'

Prime Faction

Who you decide to ally yourself with is a cornerstone of the game. Whether you fight and trade for the English, Spanish or French (or indeed, all or none of the above), the fact that you can help defend and take over important ports and towns ensures that, away from all the usual NPC missions and guild skirmishes, a war is being constantly waged for the region's abundant resources. If you help one side take a settlement from another, you can expect to be handsomely rewarded.

Play The Game

'Instead of experience points, you earn faction points with the various groups you belong to,' explains Williams. 'Your career might be with the British Navy, but you could also belong to the king's spies, the Knights Templar conspiracy and the Anti-Pirate League. As you play, you earn points with each of your factions and they may supply you with ships, equipment, officers, skill training and more.' He adds: 'There's no whacking on dolphins with paddles for 12 hours before you can upgrade to a +1 Paddle. You can fight NPCs out in the world or in the course of missions, racking up faction points and improving your character and ship.'

As there will be no crafting of items, land exploration or settlement construction (not initially at least), the game will be set exclusively at sea or in port, with you in command of your ship at all times rather than in control of an avatar. Trading and combat are the only career options open to the new player, which is why the developer is aiming to get both aspects absolutely spot-on. One obviously welcome feature, considering the subject matter, is that the game will be unapologetically Player versus Player in nature.

Dastardly Doers

Pirates Of The Burning Sea Download Ita

'Pirates did not become the scourge of the seas by asking permission to attack. They took what they wanted or died trying,' says Williams, warming to his game's theme. 'No. the law of the sea is to be bloody, bold and resolute. In our game, England, France and Spain battle for control of Caribbean riches. Pirates slip through the fray, plucking the ripest fruit and duelling with the brave naval captains who oppose them. PvP is a major part of our gameplay.'

Williams mentions that the game is set to feature over two dozen varieties of ship, from sloops and brigantines to frigates and galleons - each varying in speed, firepower, turn rate, cannon capacity, reload time and cargo space. Other factors also come into play, like crew and the skills of your officers, modifications made to your ship and the skills you learn in the game as a ship's captain.

'You can buy paint to apply custom colour schemes to your ship or dye to change the colour of your sails, and you can create and upload your own original sail emblems for everyone to see. Your ship won't look like anyone else's, and it won't sail or fight like anyone else's either.

We Are Sailing

'Our combat system is not like most MMOGs,' continues Williams. 'You move and fire in real time, and angle and distance are critical. If you can 'cross the T by sailing perpendicular to the enemy, then when you fire your cannonballs, you can rip through multiple sails, masts, cannon and crew. Each shot can damage something and keep moving, blowing holes through both sides of the enemy or wreaking havoc on hull, cannons and crew alike. Your skills affect your chances to hit and how effective your shots are, but it's the moment-to-moment decisions that really win battles. Character skills and equipment are important, but so is player skill.'

56K No Way

We're reminded of EVE Online's model of ship-to-ship combat, but in POTBS, positioning, speed, heading and even the skills of your officers will be crucial factors. As Williams concludes: 'You always have to think a few steps ahead.' With the code having to take all these variables into account, it's little wonder the game is for broadband users only.

Currently, Pirates Of The Burning Sea is preparing to weigh anchor by the end of the year, with beta testing due to commence sometime in the autumn. With most of the big guns of the MMOG sector having fired already, it looks like Flying Lab Software will be unopposed in releasing one of the biggest and most unique MMO releases of the year - and with nary a goblin in sight, maybe one of the most popular too.

Sea Skills

You Are Your Crew And Your Crew Are You

Burning sea physx download

Pirates Of The Burning Sea takes an interesting approach to skills. There are two kinds: the skills of your officers, which affect the characteristics of your ship; and your skills as a captain, which are increased in the traditional manner by completing certain tasks.

'You use your personal skillset to train your crew,' explains executive producer Russell Williams. 'Each time you visit port, you can choose which of your skills to drill your crew in. If you're heading out to a major fleet battle, you can use your gunnery skills to optimise your crew's combat effectiveness. If you then do some trade missions, use your sailing skills to retrain your crew to optimise their ship handling abilities. You're the captain of the ship, but it's your crew who do the grunt work and you decide how best to focus them from mission to mission.'

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Windows 9x, Windows 2000 Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Single game mode

Pirates Of The Burning Sea Download

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