Brunswick Computer Lane Monitor Software

Posted By admin On 12/01/22
Brunswick Computer Lane Monitor Software

The lane monitor system requires use of a lane conditioner containing USBC/WIBC specified UV additive The system includes: 61-100057-000 White Label Tape 11-900070-000 UV Pick-Up Tape 61-860162-000 Calibration Kit 61-860155-000 Lane Recorder 61-860225-600 Computer Lane Reader, 110V or 61-860225-620 Computer Lane Reader, 220V Part Number. The Activity Monitor by SoftActivity is a dedicated tool that can help you monitor computer activity on network pretty easily. Even though it is pretty costly than other tools, it comes with a free trial as well, letting you test it beforehand. Easy to install and deploy.

What is network monitoring?

A network monitoring is a complex term, which involves the overall administration and managing of a network. It is mostly done by network administrators to make sure the network stays in a good health. Besides protecting it with firewalls and maintaining restrictions, it also involves the tracking of various systems connected to the network. This allows us to track every computer individually to monitor the efficiency of employees and analyze their work.

What parameters are monitored?

If you are using a dedicated tool to monitor computer activity on network, then you can obtain a wide range of information. This can be used to analyze different parameters like:

Network traffic

One of the major reasons for using a network monitoring tool is to examine the overall traffic. This includes the incoming as well as the outgoing traffic, both within and outside the network. Administrators also deploy a firewall to make sure that no malware or malicious entity would enter the network.

Monitoring file sharing

We all know how important an organization’s content is. If you want to make sure that your employees won’t leak any confidential information outside, then you need to monitor computer activity on network. By analyzing the email attachments, prints, shared files, cloud sharing, etc. you can keep a strict eye on the network.

Brunswick Computer Lane Monitor Software

Monitoring Internet usage

Brunswick Computer Lane Monitor

Besides emails, you should also know what your employees are searching on the web and how they are spending the time on the internet. If they are spending too much time on social media or while playing online games, then you might need to take a necessary step.

Brunswick Lane Monitor

Apart from these parameters, you can monitor computer activity on network to track IM apps, take screenshots, maintain a work log, and do so much more.