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BEST RPGs of 2017. Berseria is a story of revenge, focusing on protagonist Velvet after she’s betrayed by someone close to her and turned into a powerful daemon. Berseria features many of the hallmarks of the Tales series like a well fleshed out ensemble cast, fast-paced action combat system, story skits, and more.


Update: We've added our November picks for the best games of this year.

2016 is done and dusted from a gaming perspective, but don’t fret - there are enough great titles coming out in 2017 to put your New Year’s resolution of getting outside more or spending less on games in some serious jeopardy.

Best Games Of 2017 Eurogamer

That being said, we've gone through and compiled the list of the best games coming next year as well as collected the best ones that have already come out (Gravity Rush 2 anyone?).

The reason for this list is two-fold: First and foremost we want to give you a look ahead at the new year of gorgeous games – powered in large part by powerful hardware like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. Then, once we start collecting more games that deserve to be called 'the best of 2017' we'll group them together by month for your perusing pleasure. Combined, this list should give you a pretty complete overview of where you should spend your free-time next year.

Oh, and in case you missed it, and are interested the best gaming moments of last year, be sure to check out our 2016 Game of the Year Awards.

Looking for the best of all-time lists? We have ones for the best Xbox One games, the best PS4 games, the best Nintendo 3DS games, the best PC games, the best indie games, the best iPhone games and the best Android games.

OK, we've spent time enough living in the past. Our first eagerly-anticipated release is less than a month away, so let's not waste any more time.

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The Best So Far

2017 is already almost over, and we have more fantastic games than we know what to do with (and more games on the way). Ahead are the games exemplary enough to be considered some of the best of this year so far. By the end of the year, a number of these games could become candidates for 2017's Game of the Year awards. Click ahead to see what we’ve chosen.

Which games do you think will be good enough to be included in our Game of the Year awards? Let us know in the comments below.

Gravity Rush 2

Author: Peter Brown Score: 9

'With a wealth of stories big and small to chew on, Gravity Rush 2 fulfills the needs of both a sequel and a prequel. The first Gravity Rush had enough going for it, but Gravity Rush 2 is stuffed with things to love. While its stealth missions are lame and it's disappointing to experience camera issues from time to time, Gravity Rush 2 excels in almost every other respect, making its predecessor seem quaint by comparison. This is easily one of the best video game sequels in recent memory, and an adventure truly worthy of its excellent lead character.' Read the full review.

Best Games Of 2017-18

Gravity Rush 2

Best Games Of 2017-18

You're Good to Go!

Best Games Of 2017 Pc

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