Best Free Slab Serif Fonts

Posted By admin On 12/01/22

Slab serif fonts can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from general body text to headlines, to display copy. It’s a typography variant that has been used widely for digital as well as print purposes, and devices such as Amazon Kindle even use a slab serif as their default font.

Free Slab Serif Fonts Corduroy Slab Regular (Free) Only includes Regular. Created by Ryan Welch. Munky Font (with Envato Elements Subscription) Munky is a simple beast with a slight retro twist. LUNA (with Envato Elements Subscription) Luna is a slab serif typeface that’s suitable.

In order to celebrate this amazing subtype, we have gathered 40+ amazing slab serif fonts that you can use for your next design project.

They’re bold, beautiful, and carry plenty of impact. All of the font packs included consist of different variants and weights that give you plenty of scope to experiment in your designs. Let’s take a look!

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What is a Slab Serif Font?

A serif font is quite easy to recognize. They are the fonts that have small extended lines at the edges of its characters, also known as serifs.

Slab serif is a type of a serif font. However, unlike serif fonts that feature smaller and thin serifs at the end of letters, slab serif fonts have larger and much thicker serifs. They also come in all shapes and sizes, including blocky serifs and serifs with rounded edges.

Slab serif fonts are used in all sorts of designs from poster titles to logos, signage, website headers, and much more.

Top Pick

Bw Glenn Slab Serif Font Family

Bw Glenn is a family of slab serif fonts featuring a modern and professional design, which makes it a suitable choice for all kinds of business, creative, and branding designs.

The font comes with 8 different weights ranging from hairline thin to black bold. Each weight also has its own italic version as well. This makes the total of typefaces to 16.

Why This Is A Top Pick

This font family comes from an experienced designer named Alberto Romanos. But what makes the font special is its multipurpose design. You’ll be able to use this font family with various types of design projects.

Kula – Modern Slab Serif Font

Kula is an elegant and modern slab serif font that features a thick and bold design. This font is ideal for making headings, poster titles, and even logos. The font includes 4 styles featuring bold, outline, shadow and blur.

Galvin – Slab Serif Font Family Pack

Galvin is a complete slab serif font family that comes with 8 different weights ranging from regular, outline, thin, and bold. The condensed design of the font makes it a great choice for designing greeting cards, posters, logos, and labels.

Controwell – Victorian Slab Serif Font

Controwell is an elegant slab serif font that features a design inspired by the Victorian era. According to the creator, the font comes with two layers that give it a metal-like look and feel.

Neue Stanley – Slab Serif Font

Neue Stanley is a modern-vintage font that’s been designed inspired by vintage signs, posters, and banners. The font supports multilingual characters, alternates, and swashes.

Xantheus – Slab Serif Font

Xantheus is a bold slab serif font you can use to create titles and headers for posters, website headers, and banners. The font comes in two weights, regular and rounded.

Rude – Free Slab Serif Font

Rude is a free slab serif font featuring a creative and elegant design. This font is perfect for logo and branding designs. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

Atletico – Free Slab Serif Font

Atletico is a modern free slab serif font that comes with 6 different weights. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. The free version of the font is only allowed for personal projects.

Rebute – Slab Serif Font

Rebute features a mixed design featuring elements of both modern and classic styles. The font is available in regular and italic versions and it’s ideal for all kinds of print and digital designs, including logo design.

Fable Bug – Slab Serif Font

Fable Bug comes with a fun and quirky design that makes it perfect for crafting book covers, posters, and greeting cards, especially related to children. The font includes all characters, numbers, and symbols.

Blade – Slab Serif Font

Blade is a horror-themed slab serif font that comes with a unique design that’s most suitable for horror-themed movie posters, book covers, greeting cards, and banner designs.

Ropstone – Slab Serif Font


Ropstone is a vintage slab serif font that comes in two styles featuring vintage borders and ornaments. This font is ideal for crafting badges, logos, posters, and labels.

Ace Serif – Slab Serif Font

Ace Serif is a modern slab serif font that features a professional design, making it a great choice for designing modern website headers, posters, titles, logos, and much more. The font comes to you in 8 different weights as well.

Wanderlust – Free Slab Serif Font

Wanderlust is another free slab serif font you can use with all kinds of personal and commercial projects. The font comes with a set of stylish character design, which will help make your designs stand out from the crowd.

Gosha Sans – Free Slab Serif Typeface

Another free and stylish slab font you can use to craft attractive titles and headings for posters, websites, banners, and more. This font features a design inspired by Russian design trends.

Brewski – Slab Serif Font

Brewski is a hand-drawn vintage-themed slab serif font that’s made for crafting designs for brewery business, But, you can use it to design other types of creative badges and posters as well.

Murmers – Slab Serif Font

Murmers slab serif font comes with a horror and suspense-filled design that makes it look more like a title from a vintage movie. In addition to the font, it also includes a bonus AI vector file you can use with your own projects.

VIDIZ PRO Typeface

Vidiz Pro is an elegant slab serif font that also features a luxurious design. This makes it the perfect choice for designing a logo, poster, website header, and print design projects related to fashion and luxury brands. The font also comes in several different styles as well.

Blacky Typeface – Rough

This is the rough version of the popular Blacky typeface. This slab serif font features the same design of the basic Blacky font but with a textured and roughened design. You can use it to design signage, badges, posters, and more.

Enyo Slab

Enyo Slab is a handwritten font with a slab serif design that you can also use as a decorative and a display font. The font supports OpenType features and supports 133 languages.

Knile – Free Slab Serif Font

Knile is a premium slab serif font family, but you can download its regular and italic typefaces free of charge to use with your personal and creative projects.

Napo – Free Slab Serif Font

Napo is another premium slab serif font featuring 3 free typefaces. This award-winning font is a great choice for your personal projects.

Luna Slab Serif Font

Luna is a professionally crafted slab serif font that features a tall narrow design. It’s most suitable for designing posters, logotypes, greeting cards, and website headers. It also comes with a stencil style version of the font as well.

Lawless Slab Serif Font

This font takes you back to the 1800s with its old-school design. Lawless is a slab serif font with a bold design. It’s best for designing signage, posters, badges, and more. The font also comes in 4 different styles, including Regular, Grunge, Spur, and Shadow.

Luxe Slab Font

Yet another slab serif font with a high-end design. This font can be used with your designs related to luxury brands as well as with logotype, business cards, and website designs.

Erora Slab Font

Erora is a slab serif font that supports both print and web design works. The font is suitable for website headers, social media covers, logo design, greeting cards, and more.

Munky Slab Font

This font comes with both retro and a playful design that also features a touch of letterpress in its design. Munky font seems perfect for designing book covers, posters, and social media posts.

SLABBO – Free Creative Slab Font

If you’re looking for a fun and quirky slab serif font to use with your creative and kid-friendly projects, this font is for you. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

Euphoria Font Family

Euphoria is a slab serif font family that comes with 11 different versions of the font, including versions with shadows, gradients, outlines, and more. The vintage design of the font will go along perfectly with your modern retro design projects.

Troupe Slab Font

This unique font features slab serifs with a fun and quirky design. The font is most suitable for T-shirt designs, greeting cards, and other print and digital design work. It also comes in 6 different font weights from ultra light to ultra bold.

Decurion Typeface

Best Free Slab Serif Fonts

Decurion is a modern slab display font that you can use to craft posters, website headers, and logotypes. The font features a unique design that will add a mixed vintage and modern look to your design projects.

Newslab Family

Newslab is a slab serif font – designed by Daniel Hernández – which is the result of the combination of three different typefaces: Andes, Sánchez and Roble. Harmony among every feature of the typefaces makes Newslab a neutral but imposing font. The Newslab font family consists of 16 variants and 8 weights, with italics. Well-suited for editorial projects, logotypes, posters, etc. Regular and italic variants are available for free.

Bebop Slab Face

Bebop Slab Face is a unique display typeface that is tailor-made for use in impactful headlines and iconic wordmarks. The typeface gets it’s name from the Bebop jazz movement of the mid-1940’s and like this movement it aims to present a new take on slab serif typefaces. Bebop Slab Face comes in regular and inline with a vintage letterpress textured version of each.

Airbag typeface

Airbag is a trendy display typeface aimed at achieving a stylish, clean, slab look and feel. Stylish lines and textures give it a thorough unique look-and-feel.

Modern Outdoor Slab Font

Modern Outdoor is best used for signage, posters, wall graphics, or any project that requires large type to command your audience’s attention.

Burton Slab Typeface

Burton slab typeface is new font from Heybing Supply Co, the new slab serif typeface with the strong and unique shapes, that can handle a range of design styles. The font has a simple, retro and vintage feel character set. It comes with 2 styles, clean and rough, to create two options for your next design.

Winchester Condensed Font

This font is designed to recreate old typography and is best for logos and insignia designs. This font contains 4 sets of glyphs to help you add some flair to a logo or graphic.

Sanchez Slab Family

Sánchez, designed by Daniel Hernández, is a serif typeface belonging to the classification slab serif, or Egyptian, that bears a strong resemblance to the iconic Rockwell — offering contrast and balance to the square structure.

National Champion – Line Series

National Champion is the overly confident geometric slab that comes in four weights. It’s an all-American design that wouldn’t look out of place on the back of a football shirt.

Odudo Slab

This slab serif typeface is a new addition to the Odudo family. The big and bold serifs will give this addition a more 20th century slab serif tone, without losing the geometric intention and boldness of the original Odudo design. The overall boldness and very low contrast will make this member of the family a reliable display typeface as well.

Maritime Champion

Make no mistake, Maritime Champion is not simply seaworthy. This peacoat grubbing, all hands on decking, accordion serenading font is not for the faint of heart. He’s all caps all the time. Even the lightest of his six weights is enough to anchor a Man-o-War in any Caribbean maelstrom.

Bark Slab

Bark Slab is the 8th font release from the Esquivel Type Foundry. This font was created with usability and clarity in mind. Each character was carefully created around a vertical 8×12 grid and is guaranteed to make your headlines stand out.

Violina Typeface

Violina Typeface is new font from Rvq type foundry, the font with simple, minimalistic, retro and vintage feel character set. Come with 2 styles, a clean and rough to create an option for the designs. To create the beautiful combination, just mix the uppercase and lowercase then mix with the alternative glyphs. The Violina typeface includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & some extra glyphs.

Blacky Typeface

Blacky typeface is a modern slab serif font for display in a bigger size, OpenType features with stylistic alternates that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design, and also a shadow this font look stylist.

Goodway Slab

Created after researching different styles of slab serifs, this one includes only uppercase, numbers, and special characters.

Round Slab Serif Font

Grazioso Font

Best Free Slab Serif Fonts Free

A retro, vintage-style custom font with regular and shadow version. It’s bundled with two shadow alternatives to give you a little more variation!

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