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New/Latest Bollywood Movie/Film Songs, English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi HD Video Songs Download with Audio Mp3 & Lyrics in free. Download YouTube Videos & Watch. Download YouTube Videos, Facebook and many others! This is the best website to download videos from YouTube and Instagram. Copy link from YouTube or Instagram. There are lots of apps & websites to download any video. But now a days many have no time & they don't really wish to download videos on to their SD cards to watch them.

Internet drives the modern world and the next thing which drives all the generations of youth to old is entertainment. When there is a fusion between internet and entertainment, nothing can supersede this deadly combination. You can use the internet, the magic tool to bring every bit of entertainment to your living room. One way of doing so is to download music from various internet sources. Just a click can land you in the wonderful world of music.

New English Video Song Download


Part 1: Top 50 Sites To Download MP4 Songs

You can download music of all genres: music from Hollywood, Bollywood, private music albums, songs of specific artists and many more. To assist you in this there are many paid and free sites. These sites provide quality videos with various file formats like MP4, AVI, MP3, 3GP, etc. To make your search a smooth one, we have listed 50 sites that are sure to help you download MP4 songs. Just a click on the URL and you are ready to download your favorite songs on your computer, mobile, iPad and any gadget you are comfortable.

Here goes the list of top 50 websites to download MP4 songs:

Best English Video Song Download App

No.Logo Website nameUpload songs (Y/N)Download songs (Y/N)Free/chargeWebsite profile
1. Torrentz YES YES FREE Torrentz is the most popular website to download MP4 music and movies. There are many links available which helps you to download MP4 songs. Once you place your search in Torrentz ,it will surely land you in different links and help you.
2. N/A YES FREE is an excellent way for downloading the music videos of your taste. Not only downloading, you can tag tracks, be a part of the discussions, and find out what is latest in the music world.
3 Video Ming N/A YES FREE Video Ming is a popular site to download MP4 songs. You can download your favourite songs from your mobile and PC.You just need to click a few options and the downloading will begin.
4. N/A YES FREE It is a very active video downloading site as one can find the latest videos. The site updates the database almost everyday to attract the users.
5. N/A YES FREE(copyrighted material is not allowed to be downloaded.) is an ideal place to download the you tube music and that too in MP4 format. The videos can be downloaded in all kinds of consoles.You just have to take care of the copyrighted materials as they are not meant for distribution.
6. WapNext N/A YES FREE WapNext is a very much admired site as you can enjoy watching your favourite videos anywhere you go. It is really handy and fast. You are sure to find the latest English videos.
7 FunMaza N/A YES FREE FunMaza is popular among the masses as they provide video/dvd-tv rip songs. You can easily download the songs for free. You can also see many ads when you log onto the website.
8 Fresh Maza N/A YES FREE Fresh Maza can help you to download the latest English songs along with hindi songs. It is sure to take your heart away as it has a great collection of music.
9. MP4english N/A YES FREE MP4english is a site which allows you to download English songs as well as lyrics on your any mobile including iPhone. The site also has a collection of Indian songs which you can easily download and enjoy.
10 Loaded song N/A YES FREE Loaded song is a well appreciated website from where you can download any song for free. You can also do many other things like watching live scores and calculating your accounts.
11. New HD IN N/A YES FREE New HD IN is a popular site to download songs. The navigation through the home page is very interesting. Even the colour scheme appears to be futuristic. You can search for the required song on the home page.
12. TNhd.In N/A YES FREE TNhd.In is self sustained website and has a good number of audience. This site has great collection of music. Latest updates are also available.
13. YumVideo N/A YES FREE YumVideo is comparatively a new site, but has a good collection of video songs that can be easily downloaded. It has English as well as Indian regional language songs in the library. It also shows the size of the video.
14. Tamilvids N/A YES FREE The site provides good collection of Tamil and other music video. There is good audience base of the site and you can visit their page to listen and enjoy music videos.
15. Video 09 N/A YES FREE Video 09 is popular because of its easy navigation system. You can download songs belonging to any era, genre, and language without much hassle.
16. Muskurahat N/A YES FREE Muskurahat is a favorite one with the music lovers. You can download any songs, including mp3 as well as MP4 videos. You can also have an access to wallpaper, recipes, jokes; etc.It gives you the opportunity to have Blue ray quality videos in your computer.
17. Wapwon N/A YES FREE Wapwon is a user friendly and easy to access website to download MP4 songs. The site give you access to the latest hit songs.
18. Waptrick N/A YES FREE The site has good collection of music videos, MP3 songs, games , ringtones and wallpapers. The site is simple and easy to use.
19. Hd Jumbo N/A YES FREE Hd Jumbo is a site from where you can download all English music and even Bollywood songs. You can avail the service without much effort. You can find the alphabetical list to choose from and select your favourite video.
20 Articles factory N/A YES FREE Articles factory is a very authentic site to download your MP4 videos as it provides convertor and many other options. You can get knowledge about many other things related to the music world.
21 Spotify N/A YES USD 9.99 per Month Spotify is an extraordinary music site. The music resource there is very colorful. But it charges for the users per month.
22. Alhea N/A YES FREE Alhea is an apt site to download MP4 English songs. It is very easy to navigate through the website as there is alphabetical option. The speed of the downloading is really good.
23 Music for All N/A YES FREE Music for All is good option for downloading the MP4 songs. You can have English as well as Hindi songs along with live TV channels. You are sure to enjoy this site. You can even send your suggestions as there is an option for that.
24 4 Shared N/A YES FREE 4 Shared is a website which has a good collection of all kinds of music. The site helps you to download your favorite songs without any hassle.
25 Endjaat N/A YES FREE Endjaat is for basically Punjabi song lovers. This site has a great collection of the latest albums of Punjabi music. Not only regional songs, the site also has the option of Hindi Bollywood songs.
26 Wapsow N/A YES FREE Wapsow is a well recognized site for song admirers. You can download MP4 songs form this music site with ease as the navigation through the site is very comfortable.
27 Oruweb N/A YES FREE Oru website has a very good collection of Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam songs. The home page has the options of the language. You can select your required language and then enjoy the music.
28 In Videomobi N/A YES FREE In Videomobi you can download MP4 songs very conveniently. It is very fast and safe. The songs are available in alphabetical order. You need to select the alphabet and you can see a list of songs.
29 Cell HD N/A YES FREE Cell HD is a well known site for downloading MP4 songs. The site has the latest collection of songs. A pointer guides you to the songs. You can also see watch live cricket and online TV.
30 Wap king N/A YES FREE Wap king has a great collection of new and old hindi songs. You can also find songs of all genre in this particular site. It is very easy to find out your favourite song and download it in MP4 format.
31 Mobighar N/A YES FREE To download the songs from Mobighar, you have to register and then you can easily download songs of your choice. The website boasts of a good collection of old and new songs.
32 Tomasha N/A YES FREE/
There are packages to buy . You have to pay 5$ to get unlimited download option.
Tomasha is a site for unlimited entertainment. It not only has a collection of MP4 songs but also has games, pictures, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. You can avail their free as well as paid services.
33. Bollycine blip N/A YES FREE Bollycine blip is an excellent site to get best MP4 songs of any language. Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, Bollycine is there at your service. You just need to write the name of the song and you are ready for download.
34 Free HD N/A YES FREE As the name suggests, this free HD .in is a popular destination for downloading MP4 songs. Here you can find all latest albums. From Hollywood to Bollywood: from Bhojpuri to other regional languages, everyone has an option to select.
35 Mobi 44 N/A YES FREE Mobi 44 is a great site to download MP4 Hindi songs. It is not just a simple music site but also has many other options of entertainment like live scores, mobile e-book, ringtones, wallpapers, etc.
36 Bhojpuri Mix N/A YES FREE The site has good collection of Bhojpuri music albums and songs. The interface is decent and easy to use.
37 Songslover N/A YES FREE This website known as is a user friendly website which helps you to download MP4 songs without much effort. The home page shows you the how to navigate through the site so that you can download your favourite songs.
38 Songs King N/A YES FREE Songs King is a well acclaimed site from where you can download MP4 songs at a faster speed and that too without any virus threat. All types of song are available for entertainment.
39 My MP4 N/A YES FREE My is a very convenient site for downloading MP4 songs. Opening the home page will land you with a search option where you have to write the name of the song and you are ready to download.
40 Zimbio N/A YES FREE Zimbio has all that you need to download MP4 songs. You can also have articles and other news related to the music world. It is a safe site to download your favourite songs.
41 RDXNET N/A YES FREE RDXNET is a site to download Punjabi songs. It can also be used for Hindi songs as well. The site offers all other services like free wallpaper, ringtones and many other things of entertainment.
42 Bollywood MP4 N/A YES FREE Bollywood MP4 is a well established site among the users and lovers of music.Once you register, you have all the access to download the MP4 songs from the huge collection.You can enjoy the trailors, TV serials and much more.
43 Wap Dap N/A YES FREE Wap Dap is a user friendly website that helps you to download MP4 videos along with mp3 songs. You can also have other preferred services like downloading applications, ringtones, etc.
44 Urs Telugu N/A YES FREE As the name suggests, Urs Telugu is a site to download MP4 songs from the Telegu music world. It has all kinds of Telegu music to satisfy the lovers of Telegu music.
45 All HD N/A YES FREE This All HD.IN is a destination where you can download your favorite song in MP4.The site give an option to select from various categories. If you are looking for Bengali songs, this is a perfect site along with other songs.
46 DJmazahot N/A YES FREE is popular among the users as the quality of the downloaded songs are really class apart. You can easily download your favourite songs and be rest assured of the audio and video quality of the MP4 songs.
47 Web HD N/A YES FREE Downloading from Web HD is very easy as the site is user friendly. The site has almost everything you need from a website which assist you to download MP4 songs
48 Music Tashan N/A YES FREE Music Tashan is an exclusive site for Punjabi song admirers. You can find anything related to the Punjabi movies and songs. Download your dance numbers and enjoy.
49 Save Media N/A YES FREE Save Media is designed to download songs and videos in MP4 format. It is free, fast and you do not need additional software. You need to type the required URL and then select the option ‘RUN’
50 Video Download X N/A YES FREE Video Download X has a play button option which enables you to feel the quality of the songs. The site has a great collection of MP4 songs and also allows YouTube download.

Part 2: Download Music Free with TunesGo

English Video Song Download

Wondershare TunesGo - Download,Transfer and manage your music for your iOS/Android Devices

  • YouTube as your Personal Music Source
  • Supports 1000+ Sites to download
  • Transfer Music between Any Devices
  • Use iTunes with Android
  • Complete Entire Music Library
  • Fix id3 Tags,Covers,Backup
  • Manage Music without iTunes Restrictions
  • Share Your iTunes Playlist

New Best English Video Song Download

Guide for TunesGo: 1.Download Music2.Record Music3.Transfer Music4.Manage iTunes Library 5.Tips for iTunes

If you are looking for free English mp3 download sites then this post is for you.Here we have provided top 20 free English music download sites. You can download all latest or old songs from any of these below websites.These sites are Direct mp3 music download sites. I have tried to compile best free sites where you don’t have to pay any thing for downloading mp3 musics.You can easily create the list of your favorite albums or songs on these free English music download sites.

There are more sites for download music but sometime we didn’t get the best result from those sites.So we are listed the top 20 English mp3 sites for you.It is true that it is very difficult to find the best music websites because today there are so many websites which are provided the music for download but most of them are not have a good quality of sound.So we are listing top most free English MP3 Download Sites for you. I hope you will enjoy.

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Top 20 Best Free English MP3 Download Sites

  1. Songs.PK.Guru: is one of the free music download sites. You can download or listen online, free musics from this site. This site is user friendly and fast for searches. You can easily search any music online and download that music. One of the good features in this site is it features top 20 songs and albums each week so you can find the best evergreen songs from there as well. It updates top 20 songs and albums every week on it’s homepage.The site has a neat and clean user interface where you can search any music by song name or by the artist name.

  2. EMP3world:

    Emp3world is is a unique service for download mp3 songs.In this site user can edit the site content. This facility is unique in this site.Visitor can edit the song before download.emp3world has a unique algorithm by which it can detect the visitor’s interest.It can understand the searches of the users.emp3world provide embed code to the visitors by which You can embed the song of this site download free music.


    Archive is another best free music download site. You can download the songs from this site. This site has some different facilities from other mp3 music download sites.You can download the songs by the artist of the country name. You can find the name of artist and song of any other country.This site shows top most downloaded songs ever. You can also see the most downloaded songs.

  4. is the next free english mp3 download site has another new facilities you can listen the live music provide different collections of artists,albums and song tracks.This website also provide the pop, classic rock, rock, instrumental and many more type of songs.You can also get Lyrics, Free Image Free Ringtones of any song.

  5. Gaana:

    Gaana is a english mp3 download site. You can download any english movie songs or album songs from this site. This site has lots of collections of songs. You can search according to your interest.You can easy download the songs from this site.

  6. is the best free mp3 music download site.This site has the full details of the song like name of the singer, artist, album and other details about the song. You can play the song online by the your interest. Jamendo provide the online radio facility by which you can listen the random songs online and you can download any song from the radio.

  7. BeeMP3:

    Beemp3 is the best free music download sites where we can download all types of songs.Beemp3 provide the top 20 artists and top 20 songs of the week. So you can easily find the top songs and artist of the week.This site is best free english mp3 music download site.

  8. Amazon MP3:

    Amazon mp3 is the is the best music download site ever. You can download free musics form this site this site has also a facility of paid services you can download paid songs also.Amazon is one of the top 10 trusted site.You must be satisfy with this site by download free mp3 music. Amazon mp3 also provide the best seller and the best song ever.

  9. Mp3Viper:

    Mp3Viper is the best free mp3 music download site. This site is Probably great site from beemp3 and MaxAlbums.You must love this free mp3 song download site.You myst enjoy the songs of this site. Mp3viper has a huge collection for old and all new songs.You can find the song by it’s year of release. You can get all type of songs from this free mp3 music site.

  10. is the largest and oldest site for donload music.You can download the best quality of music and videos form the djmaza site. There are different quality of all mp3 songs in this site you can download any quality according to your use.Djmaza is awesome website to download songs anytime anywhere.

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  11. DilanDau: is the new site for free mp3 music download site but we all enjoy the song and it’s quality. This site provide the best song quality so that you must enjoy the songs.You can listen all new songs in this site.

  12. AirMP3:

    Airmp3 is another the mp3 music download site. This site provide the song share facility. You can share the song to your friend or your family members. You can also download the song from this site. It allows you to search the song by the name of the song or by the name of the artist of any song for download.

  13. Mp3skull:

    Mp3skull is also one of the best english mp3 download sites.It also updates the trailer and ringtone of the song for mobile. You can also edit the song online on this site. If you want to download songs from then click on download button it will redirect you to listen online So. before clicking on download button Right click on download button and click on save link as.. or use prefer to use UC browser for Android mobile.

  14. MP3box:

    MP3box is the largest english mp3 download sites.The site provide the best song quality and the right songs to the visitors. It provides to stream music online and download free MP3 music and full albums.This site provides the registration process so that you can create your own playlist online.It has all songs up-to-date. If you love music, then MP3box is the right place for you!

  15. Legalmusiconline:

    Legalmusiconline is the best site for the free music download. You must find all music which you want because it has a lots of collections of the musics. This site is very easy to use.Musicforyou provides best quality of songs to us. So that we can enjoy the songs.

  16. SongsLover:

    Songslover is a good english mp3 download sites, songs and music. This website has latest musics, albums, track.Songslover site has all type of songs for almost all artists.This is the best site for you to download any songs of any artist.

  17. MP3raid:

    Mp3Raid has the best new english mp3 download sites .This has the collection of all type of musics. You can enjoy any music online or you can download the song. You can legally listen to any mp3 file before you download it and you can post your mp3 on your page/profile for free.

  18. mp3fusion

    Mp3fusion is another better website to download English mp3. It has good collection of free English music. You can easily download any of your favorite music. One of the best feature of this website is its search bar. It allows you to search any of your favorite song to download it easily on your device.

  19. Saavn

    Saavn is another better website to download English mp3 music. It has a huge collection of free mp3 song. You can easily search any of your favorite song and easily download it on your PC, laptop or on your smartphone. It has an amazing search option which let you to search any of your favorite song to download.

  20. Mr-johal

    Mr-johal is a good website which let you to download any of your favorite English mp3 song. It let you to search the latest English song, top 20 songs, albums and others to download. Along with the mp3 song you can also download videos of any of your favorite song.