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Doesn't adhere to the novels but a well-made series anyway.
This sequel of 'Anne of Green Gables' is beautifully made if one doesn't get indignant about the fact that Kevin Sullivan has not adhered to Montgomery as he did in the first Anne series. Yes, many characters are missed and I do think that each novel in the Anne series could have been taken separately and dealt with in a way to do justice to Montgomery's work. But, all said and done, I DID like this sequel. It was visually stunning, the story unfolded well and more ever the team spirit of the entire cast which showed so well in 'Anne of Green Gables', showed here too. Even the new actors who acted as the Harris clan and especially Rosemary Dunsmore as Katherine Brooke delivered their best. Megan Follows is as brilliant as she was in the prequel - with her perfect rendition of Anne, she has clinched a place for herself among contemporary actresses who have been so true to their literary characters example, Kellie Martin - Christy, Jennifer Ehle - Elizabeth Bennet etc. She's a truly gifted actress. Jonanthan Crombie gets a better chance in this sequel to establish himself as the one and only Gilbert Blythe. I would recommend this sequel as another example of Kevin Sullivan's directorial mastery. Irrespective of whether or not he adheres to Montgomery, he once again envelopes us with Anne Shirley's magic. A truly Inspiring Series. Don't miss it.

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One Of The Most Beautiful Movies Ever Made
halfkraut3 January 2000
I LOVE this movie. Meagan Follows is again wonderful as Anne Shirley - the red-headed orphan girl taken in by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. Pet Peeve: When the sequel originally aired on Canadian television (to my knowledge the first place it aired) it was titled 'Anne Of Green Gables:The Sequel'. Isn't that the way it should be listed instead of 'Anne Of Avonlea'? Yes, it is listed as such in the 'also known as' list of titles but it's just not the same thing. Okay, that aside, if you haven't seen this movie and you like classy, smart, beautiful movies - this is the one to watch!
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A great sequel
I have to say that this is one sequel that is just as terrific, if not more so, than the original! Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst and Jonathan Crombie are excellent again as Anne, Marilla, and Gilbert. The entire supporting cast is wonderful as well. The story is so romantic, exciting, and absorbing, and the scenery and costumes are breathtaking. There are plenty of laughs in this movie too. Every girl should see the 'Anne' movies. I can't wait for the next one!
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An EXCELLENT Sequel!Warning: Spoilers
I love 'Anne of Avonlea' and 'Anne of Green Gables.' They are heart warming and entertaining. 'Anne of Avonlea' is a good sequel because it reveals how Gilbert and Anne feel about each other. I felt bad she refused Gilbert too when he had been in love with her for so long. However, I am glad she refused Captain Harris. She realizes how she feels about Gilbert when she returns to Avonlea when and finds out he has scarlett fever. When she says 'What will I do without him?' she knows she loves Gilbert and can't live without him. I hope to see it again soon because it is a wonderful movie with good acting. Megan Follows did a superb job playing Anne and Jonathan Crombie does a very good job playing Gilbert. (I agree he is VERY cute!!!)
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Jonathan Crombie is very convincing!
spross327 July 2005
I have fallen in love with the entire Anne of Green Gables movies and books! All of the movies are my favorite in the world. My favorite actor in the movie was Jonathan Crombie. He is very talented and had the perfect qualifications to play Gilbert Blythe. Megan Follows made the perfect Anne as well. Every time I read the books, I visualize them as the real Anne and Gilbert. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes clean, wholesome movies with a little adventure mixed in with it. I would also recommend you to read the entire collection of Anne of Green Gables books. There not just for children. I'm 14 but I know adults that are obsessed with the story! This is a charming movie and I watch all of them again and again. So if you are a fan of mischief, adventure, and a little romance, watch this movie. You won't be disappointed!
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I have always liked this movie...
I've liked it and have always seen it as just a continuation of 'Green Gables'. After I read the books and then watched the movies again, I realized how much they changed it, leaving things out and making things all out of sequence.
I do like this movie, and without the books, it'd be a very good story on it's own. But it would've been nice if they'd stayed truer to the story and left a few more things in.
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a necessary evil -- well, not so evil!
fairygirl4113 July 2002
It's really tough to try to follow up a movie as spectacular and perfect as the first 'Anne of Green Gables.' However, as a purist, I must admit that the books were written as a series, and this is a necessary part of the story. And the film is well done. What's hard for real Anne fans to deal with in this movie is that it involves Anne moving past Avonlea. We all love Anne so much because, like her, we don't really want anything to change. We want to be Lost Children on our own island paradise forever, and once Anne grows up, we're forced to admit that we have too. This movie's actually pretty good -- and if I weren't complaining about my lost childhood, I'd be complaining that they never made a sequel. Overall I give this one a thumbs-up.
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Engaging sequel to ANNE OF GREEN GABLESWarning: Spoilers
Might be a few spoilers...
Although it was based on at least 4 of L.M.Montgomery's novels compiled, ANNE OF AVONLEA aka ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, THE SEQUEL is a very engaging, entertaining story that proved (for me anyway) much more entertaining than having read the 4 books it came from. I'm more of a visual person and some of the 'older' novels are hard for me to get into. I'd rather a swift, colorful visual spanning 4 hours than a 4 month attempt to read.
Anne is growing up, teaching at the Avonlea school, taking care of Green Gables and Marilla (the beloved Colleen Dewhurst) while mourning that her 'bosom friend' Diana is engaged and trying to deny to herself that she loves her 'chum' Gilbert Blythe. For the first hour or so, we are treated to the good times of Anne, Diana and Gilbert as Diana prepares to get married. Then Anne's travels take her to New Brunswick, where she is given the position of a English teacher at an all girls school. The first time I watched this, I was disappointed that the story didn't revolve around Anne and Gilbert, but Anne's adventures in the Ladies' College are very entertaining. She makes fast friends with a girl who reminds her of herself as a child and fast enemies with the principal of the school, Miss Katherine with a K. Anne finds herself virtually battling a town full of gossip and feuding and ends up putting together a wonderful Christmas concert to benefit the school.
As far as plot goes, this, like the prequel, is the ongoing story of a wonderful young woman who lives in an era of horsedrawn buggies, Gibson-girl hairdoes, and picnics in parks with autumn leaves laying everywhere. There is no solid, formulaic plot, except that this young lady inspires love whereever she goes, even in the most grumpy people, such as Mrs. Harris, Katherine with a K. and the sly, troublesome Pringle girls.
Loved it!!!
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Just as good as the first movie!
Melissa Alice29 January 2000
This movie is superb: funny, romantic, adventurous and beautiful! It doesn't hold true to the books as much as the first movie (not very much, in fact), but it is still very enjoyable and delightful to watch!
Anne of Avonlea has a very touching ending as well.
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Anne & Gilbert at last...
No matter what people say, the movie did stick to the book most of the time. I couldn't believe that Anne, if for only 5 seconds, could even have thought of marrying Morgan Harris (Anne Harris???? Yuck!).I think it would have been nicer to have Roy Gardner instead of Morgan. Then it might have satisfied more people. If you watch it as 'Anne: The Sequel' and not 'Anne of Avonlea' it makes more sense, because Anne is hardly in Avonlea at all. It positively broke my heart when Gilbert told Anne he was engaged to Christine Boyfriend-Stealer Stuart, and gave her that letter that said 'congratulations on your success, Carrots'. When Anne went to see Gilbert when he was dying and she had her hair all tumbling down I thought it looked much nicer than that weird hairdo she wears elsewhere. I knew Gil would be OK because I've read the books, but it still made my heart melt like chocolate on a warm day. That is truly the mark of a great movie - even when you know what's going to happen it still touches you. (Another example is the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe film) It might have been nice to see more of Christine Boyfriend-Stealer Stuart because it didn't really seem like her and Gil were in love (unless it was Christine Boyfriend-Stealer Stuart that was helping Gil with his work in the first movie?). Gr8 movie, 10/10. Oh yeah - and I totally agree with Anne that a K is far nicer than a C in the name Katherine.
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A really great movie!Warning: Spoilers
Although the makers of this movie crammed 3 of L.M. Montgomery's novels into one television movie, it is still a delight to watch. The actors from the previous movie still shine on, especially the ones that played Anne and Gilbert.
My favorite part of this movie will always be the ending scene when Anne finally falls in love with Gilbert.
Watch it by yourself, with a friend, or with the family.
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Why did they have to differ so radically from L.M.M.'s work?
bethrose8 November 1998
Why do movie makers always go against the author's work? I mean, yes, things have to be condensed for the sake of viewer interest, but look at Anne of Green Gables. They did a wonderful job of combining important events into a cohesive whole that was simply delightful. I can't believe that they chose to combine three novels together for Anne of Avonlea into such a dreadful mess. Look at all they missed out on by doing that . . . Paul Irving, little Elizabeth, the widows, Windy Poplars . . . and Anne's college years, for heaven's sake!!! Wouldn't it have been delightful to meet Priscilla and all the rest of the Redmond gang? Kevin Sullivan should have taken things one movie at a time, instead of jumbling them all together and combining characters and events the way he did. This movie was good, if you leave the novels out of it!! But L.M. Montgomery's beautiful work is something that should not be denied. This movie was a let down after seeing the successful way he brough Anne of Green Gables to life.
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A continuation of an absolutely beautiful masterpiece!
Ballad8 November 1998
It is imperative that this sequel be seen in unison with the prequel!!They join together to form an absolutely astonishing experience. I'm in love with their whole world. Kevin Sullivan has helped create a wonderful place to escape to. Anne of Avonlea strengthens the blissful experience of the first film, not only with the maturation of Anne Shirley, but with new, lovable characters.
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Anne of avonlea movie 1987 free online to watch Nice, but wrong approach.
mariogomezg31 January 2004
I won´t come into the old debate 'book vs. movie'; They´re different mediums, and in the translation from one to the other a number of things have to be changed or left out. In the case of 'Anne of Green Gables: The sequel' the problem´s not as much things ommited as the strange mix we get. There are elements from 'Anne of Avonlea', 'Anne of the Island' and 'Anne of Windy Poplars' in here. Trying to be all of them to some extent, it ends up being none.
The producers got themselves into unnecesary problems, and ended up making too many wrong decisions. Firstly, there´s no sense in mixing three novels when almost all of the actions belongs to 'Windy Poplars'. This way, what we get is a kind of twisted version of this novel. It´s Windy Poplars without Windy Poplars! Why do you adapt this lovely book removing the main element in it, the titular boarding house? The delicious widow sisters and the wacky lady who lives with them are a no-show. Instead, characters which were almost anecdotical, like Katherine Brooke and the Harris come to the forefront. I could barely remember them from the book! Introducing Captain Harris as Anne´s love interest, this seems done in order to fit a wrapped up story in four hours, which seemed by far the biggest worry of Mr. Sullivan.
Anne and Mr. Harris´ romance is very objectionable. I don´t think she would ever in the world be interested by a 20-years older than her businessman. It´s absolutely against her character! If they wanted to introduce a love rival for Gilbert, it should´ve been some young guy with the romantic appeal Anne´s always been craving for. There´s not even real competition: Gilbert´s absent from the scene, studying in Halifax!
Anyway, not everything´s bad, by a long shot. Virtues from the first part are still there, such as very adequate production values and performers. Megan Follows is a good Anne no doubt, though she´s very tiny, and in some scenes she seems all hair. We get a good rendering of the Avonlea universe, and some parts are well reflected, as her handling of the Pringle clan. Along with the defects we get a reasonable amount of 'Anneish' moments.
I believe they could have avoided most of the problems adapting 'Anne of the Island': It tells far more transcendental events in the life of Anne, and it´s got a far more coherent and satisfying love story. I have a hard time understanding why they went with this strange compendium.
All in all, a nice if somewhat flawed rendition of L. M. Montgomery´s world. I think Mr. Sullivan does not despise the story, but he doesn´t care enough for it either. I wouldn´t say his is the definitive version of the Anne universe at all. This should be made not into a mini series, but a long one, that delivers all the little details in the novels, which are the real joy of them. Check out the japanese animated series, an absolute masterpiece. Meanwhile, we´ll wait for a more comprehensive treatment of this most exceptional story.
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It's my favorite out of all 3 Anne movies!
tylerlover12 July 2003
The Sequel, to me, was probably my favorite out of all the Anne movies. This one just had more laughs, more fun, more...Gilbert! The Sequel is mainly, Anne leaving Green Gables to forgo her teaching career, saying fairwell to her 'bosom friend,' and having mixed feelings for Gilbert and Morgan Harris(one of her student's father). This movie also has a great sense of humor and heartwarming romance. I just love this movie to death. And Megan Follows, Jonathan Crombie, and Colleen Dewhurst, do a FANTASTIC job on playing their characters, and playing them so well. I don't think Sullivan could of asked for anyone better than to ask these amazing performers to take on such wonderful roles. I would truly LOVE to see an Anne 5!
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What classics are made of
daystarcs8 December 2002
Awesome and Inspiring!! A classic!! The fullness of each character is incredible and each actor played the part. The scenes are rich and full. A movie you can watch over and over. Meagan Fellows in each episode from the first to the last; she made Anne come to life and made you come to love the character
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Why isn't it like it was written??
Why isn't the movie like it was written by L.M. Montgomery? It is really well done- great acting etc, but it actually gets boring in parts. I was quite disappointed after reading the books- I expected them to be a little alike. Why couldn't we meet the girls from her college years?
This movie is good, but has been changed too much for my liking.
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enchanting and romantic
shantaar-14 July 2004
This is one of those rare sequels that actually surpasses the original. As wonderful as 'anne of green gables' was, this production from kevin sullivan, et al, is even sweeter and more expertly done. In combining not just Anne of Avonlea but also the 3rd and 4th books in L. M. Montgomery's series Sullivan has pulled off a masterwork. it is unliklely to me that Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst and Jonathan Crombie will ever do finer work, and I mean that as the highest compliment.
Not only the performances but the look of this film! Prince Edward island is gorgeous and the producers were smart enough to take full advantage of it and the surrounding provinces. Anne Shirley is a very beloved heroine, I loved her from the first moment Megan Follows embodied her and recited 'the lady of shallot' in part 1, its always risk to let heroines grow up, yet here it feels so achingly bittersweet, even at 4 hours you simply wish it would never end. The return of Gilbert and Diana and all of them feels like being reunited with old friends. Never, ever has a deep, true friendship been better portrayed on screen. These Wonderworks presentations are simply beautiful. Perfect entertainment ( and that word does not do these mini-series justice) for the whole family. Highest recommendation.
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kromar3 January 2001
I don't really understand the unsatisfaction. You had better blame him because of Anne 3. Poor Megan not even looks older than Anne could have been in 1915 and in 1919, but looks older than herSELF, also. She misses proper make-up first of all, proper lights during filming (2 or 3 scenes are only perfect) and last but not least good sentences. (Just see the page of memorable sentences! The first two parts have dozens, it only has three of them!) The story, well, it's even worse. So I must say, wether Anne 2 is true to the novels or not, it is a whole, compact story and is NOT boring, this sequel is only his own interpretation. After all, we've been waiting for the very last scene since Gilbert first called her 'Carrots'! Could you wait months for that moment? So I ask you: isn't that what we wanted?
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Another Kevin Sullivan masterpiece
I acknowledge the user comments that complain of all that this movie left our of Lucy Montgomery's books 2-4. But I was fortunate to see the movie before I read any of the books. As with the comments I made re: Anne of Green Gables, again it is a matter of story, performances, scenery, and cinematography. The story line here is a person (Anne) developing grandiose ideas of the perfect husband and perfect career; traveling as far as Boston to find them; and finally realizing that both (Gilbert and writing) have been in her own back yard all the time. Megan and Colleen again are superb. This sequel has the added firepower of Wendy Hiller, Rosemary Dunsmore, and Frank Converse. Wendy Hiller makes her great performance look so effortless. And Rosemary Dunsmore pulls off the feat of changing from someone you love to hate to someone you have sympathy for. And several other supporting performers make the very best of an outstanding screemplay.
IMDB, you should allow a 5,000 word limit for comments on movies like this one. performers make the very best of an outstanding screenplay.
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the story goes on
SnoopyStyle12 December 2015
Following Matthew's death, Anne Shirley (Megan Follows) has remained at Green Gables to look after aging Marilla. She's teaching young kids and writing stories. Diana Barry is marrying Fred Wright which Anne disapproves at first. Anne rejects Gilbert Blythe's marriage proposal and then again. With Marilla's blessing, she takes a teaching job at a ladies' college in Kingsport, Nova Scotia and struggles to earn everyone's respect. The snobbish ruling Pringle family do not support her appointment. Jen Pringle is the mean girl of the class. Catherine Brooke is the strict spinster teacher. Anne befriends the sweet student Emmeline Harris and her family.
Anne Shirley's life keeps moving on. The sequel misses the presence of Richard Farnsworth and Colleen Dewhurst has a reduced role. Quite frankly, Anne leaves everybody and everything behind for a long stretch. The story feels a bit different as Anne becomes the teacher. Megan Follows is able to maintain the character and there are a couple of compelling girls in the class. It doesn't have quite the same charm away from Green Gables but it's a nice detour.
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i love anne of green gables
the most amazing movie i have ever seen.But i saw it a long time ago as a television program on hallmark channel.i read anne of green gables the first time when i was 11 yrs old ,and since then it is my favourire book.i have read all the books in the series except for HOUSE OF DREAMS and RAINBOW VALLEY.I think that LM Montegomery is the best writer.Now i am 16 years old but i still read the 'anna books' again and again.please i want to see the movie ANNE OF GREEN GABLES again.
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After 14 years of viewing - Still great!!
IceBoxWoman28 June 2001
I know I could never choose between Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, because in my mind they're just one long epic on the life of Anne Shirley.
This story is so incredibly amazing. Not only does it give you the heartbreak of growing up and changing, but also Anne's unique personality that prevents her from fitting in, and the agony of Gil and Anne's 'will they or won't they?' It's what's kept me watching all these years, knowing I can still relate to some aspect of it.
I always thought the acting was absolutely wonderful all around! Megan Follows and all the others really become their onscreen characters. The costumes make me wish that *I* had lived back in the 1900's. My only problem with the movie is the middle. I find myself bored with Anne's romance with Morgan. I'm sure most people want her to be with Gilbert anyway, and I would have liked it if the movie could have concentrated more on that.
I never really warmed to any of the characters in Kingsport. The movie would have done better to concentrate of Avonlea, or at least make that more of the focal point of the movie.
Still, the movie is wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone! Anne's character is most lovable, as well as Diana, Gilbert, Marilla and even Mrs. Lynde.
My rating: 10!!
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Watch Anne Of Avonlea Movie

Still excellent 32 years later...
emilyleonard-2886527 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished re-watching both Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel for the first time in several years (I have never gotten into The Continuing Story). I grew up watching the miniseries and after all of these years I continue to love them dearly. They have held up very well over time, and all of the elements - characters, scenery, and hauntingly beautiful music - still draw me into Anne's world when I watch them.
So, the main issue numerous reviewers have about The Sequel is its departure from the book series. For the sake of the resolution of Gilbert and Anne's relationship, I feel like this was a good decision. I enjoy the books very much; however it takes a long time for Gilbert and Anne's relationship to progress, a point which I have always found frustrating. (I guess one could say the same about the Emily books, but to me Teddy feels more present in those.)
The Sequel very naturally continues Anne's story, including enough from the books to maintain continuity but giving its own flourish. Well done and well worth watching.
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Umm how do you watch.?
This is my first time using the app and would think it would be very obvious how to start a movie or buy or rent? I see where you add to watchlist but, then what?

Anne Of Avonlea Movie Series

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