Animal Rescue Game Free

Posted By admin On 12/01/22
Animal Rescue Game Free
  1. Animal Rescue Game Free Download

Animal Rescue 3D is an online 3D game and 81.6% of 27 players like the game. Animal Rescue 3D is actually another arcade game which it is full of cute cartoon art animation. The only goal in this game is to help all the animals pass the traffic flow and go inside the final farm safely. Play the Pet Rescue Saga game online and save the pets from the evil Pet Snatchers! Use your puzzle-solving skills to lead the cute animals to safety. How to play Animal Shelter Use your mouse to select animals and whether to give them food, medicine, play with them, or look at their information. Click the icons on the bottom of the screen to open the menus for advertising, shopping, your inbox, and your agenda. Keep all the animals happy and advertise them to get them adopted!

Animal Rescue Game Free Download

The animals have escaped! Help round them up in this matching card game, so they can be returned safely to their homes. Preschoolers can have fun finding matching sets of animals. They're rewarded with gold coins for each rescue, and can save their coins or redeem them for upgraded animal cards—extra bones for the dog, a ball for the monkey, a funny hat for the pig. Older children (and young-at-heart adults) can try to master a strategy to gain the highest scores. Rarer animals provide a bigger bonus, but are less common in the card deck. And larger sets earn more rewards. Should you rescue your set of 4 dogs now while you can, or wait and try to get more? Try to save up your uncommon monkeys, or maybe a rare set of penguins? The choice is yours. Find a winning strategy, add a little luck of the draw, and you'll be racing to the top of the global leaderboards! Young children can practice matching, a critical pre-reading and pre-math skill. Older children can practice counting, saving their coins, and different strategies of play. And everyone can have fun! Fun for the whole family. Download now and start rescuing the animals!